PUBG Mobile Metro Royale: How to improve your game style?

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PUBG Mobile is one of the most famous Android and iOS games. PUBG Mobile is an action game developed by Tencent Games.


PUBG Mobile Metro Royale: How to improve your game style


Almost everyone knows about PUBG Mobile and how this game works, so we will avoid all the introduction and give you the most crucial tips to improve your game style. It might seem like a waste of time, but you will start seeing improvement in the long run.


The wise choice is to record your current game, apply the given tips, and compare both games to notice your movement and recoil. So, without further ado, let's dive right into how to improve your game style.


Focus on Movement:


Believe it or not but your movement matters. You might have noticed how fast your opponent or your teammates move. It seems like they are running PUBG Hacks, but in fact, they are just using their joystick so fast.


The movement matters, and that's how you win a close-range weapon. If you are already a player, then you know how powerful UZI is in close range but what if we tell you that you can beat UZI with a Shot Gun or an Assault Rifle. Yes, you can do it because it all depends on your movement.


The faster you move, the higher your survival chances will be - if you watch PMCO or any other international game, you will realize their movement and what they do. You can also improve your movement, but trust me, it's not improving if you are playing Classic games.


PUBG Mobile Metro Royale: How to improve your game style


The reason is you are probably pushing rank, and you won't be as confident as in other game modes. Play Arena matches, Arcade Mode, etc., as much as possible and improve your movement there. Now, we all know how fast TDM games are and how intense and thrilling fights are - what you need to do is just pick the best weapon you can easily handle and focus on your movement.


Try to move as fast as you can and if your thumbs are sweaty, use Lotion or oil. Oil or Lotion provides your thumbs more friction and allows them to move at extremely high speed.


Understand how Layouts Impact your game:


Layout matters too. If you are new, then you might be playing with the default layout. The default layout is good if you are playing for a few games, but you will have to change your layout if you want to improve your game style.


Most of the PUBG Players play with four claw layouts, but you can adjust your layout according to your style. The recommended layout is three fingers if you are using the default layout. There are four types of layouts you can use in PUBG Mobile:


⦁    2 Finger Layout (Default)

⦁    3 Finger Layout (Recommended for new players)

⦁    Four Claw Layout (Recommended for android users)

⦁    6 Finger Layout (Recommended for iOS users)


All of these layouts are extraordinary except the default layout. Change your layout today and start practicing with the new layout. If you really want to improve your game style, we would recommend the Four-Claw layout.


PUBG Mobile Metro Royale: How to improve your game style


The Four Claw layout provides you a good movement, better scope opening time, faster reflexes, etc. Make sure to turn on the left firing button as it plays an important role in the Four-Claw layout. About Six Finger layout, it's the hardest one to practice, but once you have practiced it, you won't lose a single game unless you are fighting against a really good player.


Choice of Weapons:


This is the hardest one among all of the tips so far. The reason is that many players usually play with M416. Yes, its recoil is easier to control, but how can you compare a better recoil with high damage weapons. The following are some of the most powerful weapons in PUBG Mobile:


⦁    UZI

⦁    S12K

⦁    Groza

⦁    MK14

⦁    M762

⦁    AKM


For example, you are fighting against a pro player who is quite good with M416 recoil. You can kill that player in a close fight if you have any of the above-given weapons, but you must have a great movement and layout. Because these are the two things that add immense power to your weapons and turn the battle's outcome, make sure to keep at least one of the guns mentioned above and never leave it behind because you are better with M416.


Practice all of the above-given weapons in TDM, Arena matches, Arcade Mode, Training Mode, etc. Practice it solo or go to PUBG Mobile Cheer Park and practice with your friends in duo matches or challenges. It allows you and your friend to fight each other with random weapons or the weapons of your choice.


PUBG Mobile Metro Royale: How to improve your game style


Training Mode and different Weapons:


Practicing is the hardest part of improving the game style, and the reason is that it's so boring, which is why you should put on good music and focus on your practice.


You don't have to spend hours in training mode; all you need is to practice daily for 30 minutes and then play Classic games as much as you like. Think of this training as a warm-up for the real games. You will start seeing improvement in no time.


While you are in Training Mode, make sure to keep moving while firing. Start with a red dot and increase the scope as you get better with the current one. Try single taps, multiple taps, and full spray to see how much you need to focus on your recoil.


In training mode, you can pick any weapon, attachment, and scope you like but do not get over-excited. Make a list of the best weapons and the worse weapons and then pick the weapons you are bad at and start your practice.


The reason to do this is that a lot of players don't usually consider Shotgun or any other weapon as a good weapon unless they have M416. You can't become a pro player if you think learning one Weapon is enough. In PUBG, you have to learn every weapon; believe it or not, the Pistols are also included.


Go into Training Mode or Cheer Park and start practicing. The recommended way to practice is to start with one type of Guns; for example, pick Groze with MK14 and use only Red Dot.


Try to take down as many moving targets as possible in one spray. The first spray will tell you all about the weapon's recoil, and then you can move to single taps or full spray, or you can pick higher scope.


PUBG Mobile Metro Royale: How to improve your game style


Focus on low scopes along with Sensitivity Settings:


Do not try to check your long-range spray on the first day; just focus on the red dot, 2x, and 3x and practice with it for a week. Also, adjust your sensitivity settings according to your device. You can copy someone's sensitivity settings, but it won't help you unless you have the same device they have because every mobile phone has different touch sensitivity.


All you need is to understand how the sensitivity setting works. If you go to zero, your recoil will go down, and if you max it out, it will go upward. Keep that in mind and start finding your own sensitivity setting. Trust me, your game might improve slightly with other person's sensitivity settings, but it will drastically improve with your own sensitivity settings.




30 Minutes daily are worth in the long run, believe it or not, but you will start noticing an improvement in no time. According to most pro players, if you keep training 30 minutes daily for a week, you can shoot enemies from quite a distance without a high scope.


Training doesn't just improve your gun skills; it also improves your movement, recoil, and a better understanding of weapons. The above-given tips and tricks are right from the book of a pro player. Every player starts as a newbie, and it's up to them to improve their game or stay the same. Make a wise choice and make your gaming sessions more pleasant with more wins.

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