AVATARA Classes Guide for all the Beginners


Hello to all MMORPG lovers. We have a new game for you named AVATARA, which makes you fight with many bosses continuously with all your powers. This is a top game with top actions, and here you are going to meet so many bosses to fight and hunt with. But know that these bosses won't be sitting and waiting until you hunt them down because they will fight back, and to make it easier, you need to know the best AVATARA classes with their powers.

AVATARA Classes Guide


As an AVATARA beginner, it will be hard at first to know which class you have to go along with because bosses in this game make you have a challenging time in the game. You need to become stronger as much as you can as it is the only way for a player to become more skillful at their battles. First of all, there should be a full understanding of each of these AVATARA classes.

So this guide is made to make you know each class properly, and we will give you the much-needed information to see how their roles are going to help you too. By playing AVATARA on PC, you will be able to make much progress with all these classes with their strengths, and let's get to know them one by one as follows.

AVATARA Classes – Overview

We have 4 AVATARA classes in the gameplay, and there is one thing that makes them so special in this game: they can be advanced with two choices. To have this opportunity, you need to go for level 50 with your classes and if you want to make it the best success form the game, know that you have to work properly with their stats too. Each class comes with its own skills, and all your stats need to be adjusted based on that as it becomes the only way to make it a top performer in the game.

So, let's get to know each class of our game as follows.

Half Elf Archer

Half Elf Archer

Archers in AVATARA classes are half-elves, and they are going to be extremely useful in your battles with the best use of their long-range attacks because they have a great speed for these attacks. Those attacks also have a great run too. You can easily hinder your opponents' movements easily with this Half Elf Archer, and their run tactics, as well as the long-range hits, are the best. The crossbow, as well as the bow, will be used as weapons by the Half-Elf Archer. We have two roles to choose from when this job reaches the 50th level as follows.

  • Scout – scouts are great at handling several enemies at a single time, and they have the best strength to beat opponents as they are specialized for wide skills.

  • Hunter – the second form for Half Elf Archer is the hunter, and this is based on power. They can surrender the enemies easily because of their best movement speed as well as with the greatest damage.

Human Knights

Human Knights

This is the second one from the whole AVATARA classes that we want to introduce to you, and these are the heroes who are doing the best in close-range combat. They have the best defense as well as the physical strengths with them, so they find it easy to deal with the bosses.

Human Knights can make it a great success from the defense and the offense, and they will make it a top if you select them with accurate protection and destruction gauges. They wield the shield, daggers as well as swords as their weapons. The two choices you get when Human Knights come to level 50 are the Defender and the Guardian, and the way they operate will also be different from one another as follows.

  • Defender – the knight acts in a defensive role here and will use the best use from the guard gauge. If you want to ensure your survival in the battles, then you must rely on these knights.

  • Guardian – the guardian knight serves in an offensive role, and they will be doing their best for 1 to 1 combat. They are the superiors for using the destruction gauge.



Rogue is the next one for the classes, and they are most likely the heroes who do their best from behind. The reason to say this is that they are acting behind the enemies and then making their best attacks to beat them to the top. They will attack the enemies with the use of stealth, and the damage that comes from this cannot be counted. It is the highest, as we say, and we will do it quickly for you. The Katar and Dagger will be used as weapons by Rogue. The two versions of Rogue are:

  • Striker – the strikers will disturb all the actions of enemies, and these are the ones responsible for giving the best ever damage.

  • Assassin – the assassin will be very useful in your combat with the best power. And they will also be doing great for the 1vs1 battles because they have the most damage to offer for.

Dark Elf Mage

Dark Elf Mage

The last class to describe from the AVATARA classes guide is the Dark Elf Mage, and they are the best for using the magic power. With that power, they will make the best magic attacks at their enemies and do the best at multiplayer combat in the area of debuffing their enemies. Since this class specializes in magic, they will be making the best magic attacks and have the best abilities for self-healing. The staff and the wand will be used with the Dark Elf Mage as their weapons. Their two forms are as follows.

  • Wizard – wizards are going to handle several enemies at once, and they are so specialized for it too. So the enemies can be beaten easily with the best skills for action disrupting as well as with wide area skills.

  • Warlock – and we have the second option for Dark Elf Mage as the warlock here, and it will be doing its best to reduce the abilities of your opponents

If you are using these classes in the battles and expecting their best to perform for you, it is not solely relying on their skills. It will also be based on how you handle them; there should be clever moves and the right actions at the right time. To do this, you have only a joystick provided by the game, and if it makes you uncomfortable moving through the maps, there is no higher output that you can expect.

In such cases, we have the best android emulator: LDPlayer 9, as the best option because you have the Keyboard Mapping feature here. This keeps you simple with the controls and movements as it allows you to set keys for your actions from the keyboard, and nothing can stop you from mastering the battles anymore.


So here are all the AVATARA classes, and now you know how they will be turned up with level 50. Choose one that suits your needs in the situational uses of the game, and then you will be able to do the best for sure. And we hope that these details will help you to make it a success as well.

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