Aura Kingdom 2: Beginner's Guide and Tips to Get Started

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Aura Kingdom 2 is a newly launched Android game. As it is new, so you don't know how to play. For this, we have made a beginner's guide for play Aura Kingdom 2 on PC. You have to simply follow these guidelines to start off in the game.



Aura Kingdom 2 has four classes. Each class has a different view and different properties. We will discuss every class in detail.

  •  Shinobi
  •  Dragoon
  •  Elementalist
  •  Nymph



Shinobi is the first class in the game Aura Kingdom 2.

Aura King 1

Its attack power and crit rates are high.

It is best in PvP. It performs well in boss battles. It has the ability of poisons and swordplay.



Dragoon is the second class that has the ability to wield a spear for maximum injury. 

Aura King 2

Dragoon have high HP they have the ability to counter attacks. It has ability to sneer enemies. Dragoons have high attacking power.



Elementalist is a third class that has magical abilities to wield elements.

Aura King 3

It has great powers of attack and defense. It has the ability of crowd controls and different AoE skills. It has healing skills and stuns. It performs well in guild war.



Nymph is the fourth and last class of Aura Kingdom 2.

Aura King 4

It is a gender-locked class which has long fighting ranges.

It has high attack power and crit rate. Nymph is a very quick and fast class.


Character customization

After choosing a class, the next step is character customization.

Aura King 5

You can change the gender and aspects of every class. Nymph is a gender-locked class so its gender cannot be changed. Skin tone, eye color, face, hair color, and hairstyle can also be changed. These aspects have five different looks.


User interface

You can see different buttons in the user interface.

Aura King 6


Skills are located on the lower right, and movement controls are on the lower left. The menu bar is located on the upper right, and quest list current combat power rate, and character info is in the upper left. Screen can be made free by collapsing menu bar. You can see the chat-box in the lower center.


Menu navigation

The menu button is located in the upper right section.

Aura King 7

When you press the menu button, you will see a drop-down list of features. Each feature is sub-divided. But these will be locked. You can unlock as the game progress will increase. A list of these features is given below with details.

  • Character

In this section, you will see all the features related to your wings, class, mount, costume, talent, title, emblem and skills.


  • Item

Book of Ramayan, sell, salvage, fuse, and inventory are present in the item box.


  • Eidolons

You can find here different menu of forming Eidolons squads and Eidolons.


  • Equipment

You can see anything concern with your gears which include rerolling, evolve, rank up, inlay and fortify.


  • Social

In social, you will see your rank in-game, and you can manage your party, guild , and friends.


  • Quest

You will see your achievements and story chapters here.


  • System

Here you can change options of the game and set them as you like through the settings menu.


  • Questing

Questing is very easy.

Aura King 8

You have to only chose the quest that you want to do from the list and auto feature will complete it. It includes poison consumption, kills execution and navigation. Eidolons will attack target enemies. You can change your target by the switch button. The maximum process is auto, in some points have to use hands to go from point a to point b. The main quests of the game are subdivided into different chapters.


Aura King 9

You need to finish these chapters to unlock other different features of the game.


  • Mounts

Mounts can help you to play games faster.

Aura King 10

You cannot have mounts more than 20 at a time. If you do not have a mount of your choice, you can salvage it. It will come back to its unwakened stat if it is unique mount came from gacha. A mount can have inherited properties. Each mount cannot have more than 3 inherited properties. But these properties can be changed with other mounts.


  • Book of Ramayan

The Book of Ramayan plays a vital role for you.

Aura King 11

It keeps records every creature that you defeat, and you get a bonus. If you defeat many creatures of the same type, you will unlock better bonus stats. You can check in this book that how many creatures you have to defeat to unlock your next bonus stat. If you defeat many creatures, you will get more bonus jewels displaying on the right side of the Book of Ramayan. It serves as a monster codex for user.


  • The Gild System

The Gild System is the most crucial part of Aura Kingdom 2.

Aura King 12

It offers a lot of features when you join it. But, if you want to join you need 10,000 gold. After joining, you can participate in different modes like territory war, quests and guild war.



Aura Kingdom 2 offers various modes that are available in the Events section. You can see the Events button located at the top right corner.

Aura King 13

You can unblock these offers by increasing game progress. These modes include arena, bounty and many more. You have to complete main quests to unblock these avoiding the various quests displaying on the sidebar.


  • Life skills

There are some life skills that you will learn the Aura Kingdom 2.

  • Fishing

Fishing will be unlocked when you will reach level 20. This stage, you can get some jewels.

  • Cooking

You can unlock this life skill when you reach level 30. You can earn bonus stat by eating cooked food. You can find a lot of dishes in Aura Kingdom 2.

  • Mining

Mining will be unlocked at level 35. Here you can mine many defense stones and attacks in the minerals.


Game Modes and How to Unlock Them

There are five game modes given below.

  • Eidolon Temple

Eidolon Temple will be unlocked when you will reach level 11. You will see some illusion in the temple, but you have to defeat them to get Eidolon Souls.

  • PvP

PvP will be unlocked at level 15. Here you can see your strength by matching your self against other players.

  • Infernal Abyss

Infernal Abyss will be unlocked when you will reach level 25. When you finish 25 stages of Infernal Abyss, you will get a new companion.

  • Templar Dungeon

Templar Dungeon will also be unlocked when you will reach level 45. You can win and collect powerful cards by fighting against templars. You can use these cards in the card arena.

  • Card Duel

You can unlock Card Duel only when you will reach level 45. Here you can make your deck by collecting all battle cards.


These are essential and necessary features that you must know if you are a beginner in Aura Kingdom 2. After this guide, you can quickly start your journey towards Aura Kingdom 2. Click here for more information about Aura Kingdom 2: In-game Classes and Characters. Please visit our platform regularly to get more guidelines for more games.



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