Aura Kingdom 2: In-game Classes and Characters

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X-Legend Entertainment, the Taiwan-based MMORPG research and development company is responsible for the hit PC MMORPG, Aura Kingdom. It has come out with its sequel, Aura Kingdom 2. The game features a brand new story while retaining most of the familiar and unique features of the original title. This article will look at the classes and characters that the game has to offer so that you can choose the class that suits your game style the best. Here’s what you should know about the in-game classes and characters in Aura Kingdom 2.

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Aura Kingdom 2 supports 4 distinct classes. These are as follows:

  • Shinobi – Assassin Class: They come from the cold nation, and are known as the top assassin masters when it comes to poison and swords.

Stages: Genin | Anbu | Shadow Warrior | Luna's Raven

Position: Melee | DPS


  • Dragoon – Warrior Class: Known as the great warrior that carries the halberd, inheriting the willpower of the dragon to protect Ramayan.

Stages: Dragoon | Dragon Soul | Wyvern Knight | Dragonfire

Position: Melee | Tank


  • Elementalist – Mage Class: The envoy is in control of the elemental, and for them, there is nothing that is not possible to achieve.

Stages: Magic Apprentice | Conjurer | Magister | Morning Star

Position: Ranged | Crowd Control


  • Nymph – DPS Ranger Class: The Nymph arrives from the unknown otherworld, and stands tall as the exemplification of the nature spirit.

Stages: Ranger | Windrunner | Flower Whisperer | Zephyr

Position: Ranged | DPS


The classes are described in details below:


Aura King 2 Shinobi

This assassin-type class slashes the target with his high DPS and CRIT skills. Shinobi is well versed in battles of mid and close-ranges. If you prefer a melee DPS class, Shinobi would be the best choice for you. Here are his skills.

  • Falling Sakura – gets closer to the target, inflicts attack damage
  • Toxic Cross – slashes through enemy defense
  • Tsukikage – blocks all kinds of x3 attacks of the enemy
  • Nijikage – huge attack damage, can shock the target and increase their critical damage
  • Misty Cut – inflicts continuous damage



Aura King 2 Dragon

The warrior class Dragoon is outstanding in doing melee attacks. He is adept in immobilizing the enemy forces and decreasing their defensive capabilities. Compared to Shinobi, Dragoon has more defense while Shinobi has more DPS.

  • Dragon Charge – charge damage crushing the enemy target as well as decreasing their defense and stacks
  • Wing Buffet – increases attack, and gains one Dragon Soul
  • Dragon Swipe – reduces the enemies’ attack, inflict attack damage, and gains one stack of Dragon Soul
  • Hundred Halberds – massive attack damage



Aura King 2 Elementalist

This class of mages are skilled in freezing and burning their opponents. As mages, they also possess healing skills, which are very useful, especially when you are fighting a strong enemy and require healing at regular intervals.

  • Pyrobomb – causes damage and burn
  • Freezing Ice – this will freeze the target
  • Meteor Shot – lowers enemy defense and does damage
  • Storm Curse – strong winds inflict damage on enemy
  • Lightning Zap – causes collateral damage to the enemy



Aura King 2 Nymph

Nymph belongs to the class of rangers. They are able to inflict a good deal of damage to the enemy from a considerable distance. Nymph class carries suitable long-range weapons that can help them attack the enemy from such a distance. If you prefer inflicting damage from a distance than engaging in close combat (like you would do in a Shinobi class), Nymph is the one you should choose.

  • Triple Shot – this skill increases the player's own CRIT and also inflicts damage on the enemy
  • Diving Strike – this is an ability that will increase the player's own damage but will also knock back the enemy target and damage them
  • Blood from the Beyond – player will have his/her CRIT increased and can inflict a good amount of damage to the opponent
  • Arrow Storm – this will increase the damage inflicted on the enemy



There are 6 new Eidolons that have been added to Aura Kingdom 2. They are described below in detail.

1. Ramayan, Goddess of Creation

“I do not accept a boring future”

Aura King 2 Ramayan

Ramayan was created by the highest power, perhaps to be the world’s original conscience. She looks down on all creatures and cares only about those things that pique her interest.


2. Alucard, Dragon Tyrant

“Nothing can separate us, even fate”

Coming from a dimension unknown to others, rumor has it that Alucard will appear only when the doomsday is near. He carries a huge blade that can split time and space, with power that is beyond the reach of other Eidolons. Once Alucard has made a pact with someone, he will cross over the dimensions to and enter the current world.


3. Serena, Moonlight Maiden

“Serena is master’s favorite, am I”

Aura King 2 Serena

Serena enjoys going around the moon at night. She’s an innocent Eidolon who loves getting pampered by the Master. She has this unknown conflict with her brother that goes way back.


4. Kotonoha, Nine-tailed Vixen

“Tofu-skin Sushi and fried Tofu are the best”

She is a beauty transformed from a nine-tailed vixen. Kotonoha has chosen to be an innocent witch and can see through all their emotional conflicts.


5. Michelle, Guardian Angel

“Being your guardian is my fate and my decision”

Michelle is responsible for guarding the heavens. She is silent and hardly expressive of her emotions. With the power of the holy light, Michelle slices through all the evils of the world for justice.


6. Harmonia, Goddess of Love

“I see the beauty in your eyes”

She is the Goddess of love and beauty who is gifted with magic. Harmonia loves all beautiful beings. However, there is only one thing she will truly care about and will do anything for it.


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