A Beginner's Guide and Tips to Play Amikin Survival: Anime RPG with Best Tricks


Would you love to enter a world of magic where your companions always become unique creatures called Amikins? If your answer is gonna be yes, Amikin Survival: Anime RPG is the top destination for you. This game offers you a combination of survival, building, strategy, exploration, battling, and, altogether, creating a masterpiece. Once you start playing the game, your ultimate goal will be creating your empire with the help of your cute companions, Amikins. For more tips and tricks to achieve this goal, read this beginner guide before you play Amikin Survival: Anime RPG

A Beginner's Guide and Tips to Play Amikin Survival: Anime RPG


You will progress in the game by following quests till the end, and these quests act like mini-goals to achieve here. The quicker you complete them, the quicker you level up, unlocking more things for you in the gameplay. Besides this trick, you have to learn more before you start playing this game, and therefore, go through this beginner guide, help yourself to find out the top tricks, and then you can play Amikin Survival: Anime RPG on PC with LDPlayer 9. 

Adventure into the Wilderness

You have a whole world to explore from the beginning to the end. Therefore, take advantage of it and adventure into the wilderness in this game. When you start your adventure here, you will see how awesome this world is. It is filled with green color where you can see beautiful scenarios everywhere. 

Adventure into the Wilderness

But besides those beautiful things, you are going to meet danger too. Yes, many enemy creatures are wandering everywhere, and if they spot you, they will chase after you, trying to attack you. Also, you are going to find Amikins here in this world, which will help you out in your adventure, and not just that, you will build your base in this wilderness. So, adventure into the wilderness in Amikin Survival: Anime RPG and unveil amazing things. 

Hunt Down All Amikins and Collect' Em All

Hunting down Amikins is one of the best tips to follow in this game because these Amikins will be your companions during the battles. When the tough time comes when you have to deal with powerful enemies, these Amikins will be your number one hope to get rid of all those enemies very quickly. 

Hunt Down All Amikins and Collect' Em All


Therefore, while you are going on the adventure into the wilderness, as said earlier, ensure to hunt down all Amikins you may spot and collect them all. In order to hunt an Amikin, you have to use Amidices, and with sufficient amounts of Amidice, you can hunt down the Amikins. 

When you try to hunt down Amikins using Amidice, it will show you the success rate of the procedure. If the success rate is too high, then there is a higher chance that the Amikin can be caught, but if the success rate is too low, then there is only a little chance that the Amikin can be caught. At such times, you can increase the success rate by using more Amidices. So, whenever you spot an Amikin, try to hunt it down because they will be your faithful companions during the battles

Gather Resources in Amikin Survival: Anime RPG

Gathering resources is one of the top tricks and strategies every player can use in this Amikin Survival: Anime RPG. If you wonder why you need resources, to be honest, you need various kinds of resources for most of the things in this game. Therefore, it is an essential part of this game to gather resources. 

Gather Resources in Amikin Survival: Anime RPG


Resource gathering is quite easy because all you need to do is look at your surroundings, and you will easily spot the resources everywhere on the ground. Pick them up, and you will collect more and more resources. With those collected resources, you can do greater things in this game. So, roam everywhere and pick up all the resources as they will be important to you someday in this gameplay. 

Base-Building with Building Mode

In addition to the adventure, explorations, and battles, there is always the base-building feature added to this game. So, with the building mode, you can start building your base. When you begin the game, you only see a world of green grass, and then, gradually, you get the chance to build your base with what you want. 

Base-Building with Building Mode

The first thing you will add to your base is a workstation where you can do many things, including crafting items. And then, you will gain opportunities to develop your base with more useful facilities. Whatever facility you will build in your base costs you various resources. So, whenever you have enough resources, you can build facilities in the base. It takes some time, but it is worth waiting because your base will be advanced with all these facilities. 

Survive in the Open-World in Amikin Survival: Anime RPG

It isn't easy to survive in the open world in this game because, more often, you will encounter troublesome creatures trying to hurt you. At such times, you can summon your Amikins to the field and fight against enemy creatures using them. 

Here, the Amikins will fight on their own while you have a set of controls to handle the movements of your character during the battles to attack enemies. If you use the skills perfectly while dodging the attacks of enemies, there is always a higher chance for you to win the battles by defeating those monster creatures. 

So, for great battle control with exact victories, make sure you play the Amikin Survival: Anime RPG on your PC using LDPlayer 9. With LDPlayer 9, you can assign shortcut keys for all the controls in the layout using its Keyboard Mapping feature, and then, you can press the key to handle your character when battles happen. By doing so, it will always be easier to survive in this open world full of danger

Crafting Makes Things Easier

Crafting makes your gameplay much easier in several ways. When it comes to hunting down resource items such as wood and stones, you need tools, and when it comes to dealing with enemy creatures, you need weapons, and the perfect way to obtain what you want is the crafting system. 

Crafting Makes Things Easier

The crafting system allows you to craft various items and in order to craft what you want, first you should gather resources and after having enough of them, you can craft items you want. Crafting items takes some time here, but it is okay if you get what you want. When you open the crafting menu, it shows you what you can craft through it. So, check on the resources needed for each item, find them, and craft things to survive much better in this game. 


In the Amikin Survival: Anime RPG gameplay, you will enjoy wandering around a wonderful world where you can do things freely. Yes, at first, you only hunt down Amikins; next, you will build your base with the resources you gather. And when you go deeper into this game, you will unlock more fascinating things to do. So, now, play the Amikin Survival: Anime RPG on your PC with LDPlayer 9 and enjoy your gameplay with powerful Amikins. 

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