League of Legends Wild Rift: Jungle Rotation and Smite Guide

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Hey guys. We are again with another League of Legends Wild Rift guide. Welcome here to learn about how to jungle rotate incorrectly and the smite spell. Be a part of the universe in wild rift Runeterra and defeat the jungle monsters with your favorite champions. Earn buffs and be powerful for every situation you going to be faced.


League of Legends Wild Rift: Jungle Rotation and Smite Guide


Be a team member of an online multiplayer video game that engages within the battle arena. In today's guide, we are covering up all the basic facts about smite, jungle rotation, and how they will be worked. So why waste any seconds here. Let's start the points.


Jungle Rotation of Wild Rift 


In general, the league of legends wild rift jungle rotation has no specific ways to determine your path. Of course, you will be going to see that there are so many factors affecting the jungle. But they clearly don't show you where you want to rotate and how you should gank. This whole procedure is going to depend on your chosen champion, playing style, and teammates.


In jungle rotation, the very first thing to remember is the side. You have to identify the path which can quickly be cleared by yourself. So if you have chosen a champ that does good splashing damage or multi-targeting skill damage, it is better to start on the red. But if you haven't got a champion like this, you can start on blue.


League of Legends Wild Rift: Jungle Rotation and Smite Guide


And also consider the ally. It will help if you think twice about what alley is the one that has been counter picked. If the lanners in your mid and the tops will lose in matches and if they are going to defeat lanes, you have got a big job. You should prioritize these lanners lanes to clear the path to go straight in the gameplay smoothly.


When you meet in the river objects, I the jungle parts you have to be more smart and intelligent to play in that area. There are several river objectives as drags, herald, and scuttle. Be knowledgeable about them and know where and when to pick them. You have to be quick before your enemies take action to pick these river objects. So be fast every time you can.


As the last point, keep in mind which side you are going to clear at first. Either it might be red or blue, but this decision should always come with the strength of your champions. Be more concerned about your champions' capabilities and choose wisely to select red or the blues. The jungle is more suitable to select a winner that can act quickly and forcefully to defeat enemies.


And also consider the lanes at jungles. Find out what lanes are helping to go fast for your champion. So it will need good mapping knowledge. But being aware of these small details can make your jungle rotation super successful.


Smite Guide of the League of Legends Wild Rift 


Smite is one of a spell that is used in league of legends wild rift. But what is a spell?


League of Legends Wild Rift: Jungle Rotation and Smite Guide


Summoner Spells 


There are many numbers of summoner spells available in the wild rift. They are initially playing a vital role to grant skills for players throughout the gameplay. These spells are the ones that activate during some unique situations for the help of your champion. So these are playing a benefited role in the champion.  


League of Legends Wild Rift is always presenting you with the summoner spells by presetting. But all of these are not going to work on every occasion of the game. You have to use those spells in the right way at the right time wisely so that a spell can automatically help you to improve your gameplay.




Smite is a summoner spell available in the league of legends wild rift that can help a player improve his performance throughout the game. This spell is exceptional in the jungle. So it is a central role for the jungle.


Smite is a spell that can cause massive damage to the monsters and also to the minions. When judging, you know that you are going to meet several monsters in the gameplay. As you must destroy them, smite going to help you in a very way to make that process easier.


This spell is not something that only does damage to minions and jungle monsters. It also heals the payer in a little amount.


Smite spell is highly capable of defeating the large monsters in the gameplay. This is not a spell that lasts in the same state. This spell is one you can upgrade into high. An upgraded version of this smite spell is known to be challenging smite, and the chilling smite.


  • Challenging Smite


Challenging smite is also known as the Red smite. This type of upgrade of the smite is available for you when you kill four large monsters by using this spell. When you use this challenging smite all of the damages you deal with yourself os going to be reduced to a certain point.


And at the same time, the damage you will do to the enemies is increasing from a certain level.


This type of Smite is the leading choice for the jungle champions to deal with more damage and secure the killings.


  • Chilling Smite


Chilling Smite is the Blue Smite. It is the version that has upgraded as the second of the summoner spell Smite. You can make use of this upgrade after killing four large types of monsters. Chilling Smite reduces the speed of the movement by 20% of an enemy, and your movement will be going to speed at the same time this happens.  


Usually chilling smite is very useful for a player where he seeks more support from his team and increases his speed in the movements.


Smite Usage 


A smite is a primary summoner for a player, and they usually appear at the beginning of a game. As Smite is useful to trounce monsters, it also helps a jungle game forward without being worried about his HP value.


And again using smite is allowing you to be away from stealing your jungle camps by the enemies. So as a summoner spell Smite is quit playing an essential role in the jungle's success in the game.




Jungling and the jungle's role is the most complicated role to play in the League of Legends Wild Rift. It can put a player into a more challenging mode. As this phase consists of so many strict paths and ganks, it is difficult to defeat these sections in the wild rift. As a beginner, you may not know how to act in the Wild Rift jungle rotation phase.


The right kind of knowledge on rotating in the jungle and the right way to knowing on using spells is helping you to become a success through the game. It doesn't cost so many efforts. You should only follow the guides we provide you here.


Make use of your summoner spell Smite in the right way. So the proper method can take you into victory in the league of Legends Wild Rift. So be a part of the victory while you can.

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