League of legends Wild Rift: is it possible to solo Baron with Olaf?


Welcome to the most awaiting game playing of 2020 League of Legends Wild Rift. Have you ever wanted to play the PC version of League of Legends using consoles like Android and iOS? So here you got the chance.


League of Legends is coming to you with a mobile version as League of Legends Wild Rift. Join the party of champions with so many battle arenas with excitement.


While you are playing the game League of Legends Wild Rift, there are so many things you are going to see in the game pay. There are monsters, jungles, battles, and so much to deal with. And also there are lanes and roles for their perspectives. How would they be going to act in this game and is it possible to solo Baron Lane with the Olaf? Let’s discuss all of these by now.


The Baron Lane 


Before you get into knowledge about the possibilities of the solo in the Baron to Olaf, you have to get an idea of this Baron. There will be three main lanes available in the League of Legends Wild Rift as follows.


League of legends Wild Rift: is it possible to solo Baron with Olaf?


  • Top Lane
  • Mid Lane
  • Bot Lane (Dragon or the Bottom lane)
  • Jungle


So in here, the top lane is known to be the baron lane. Usually, the lane situated at the top of the map is full in Wild Rift. So Baron Lane is the top. You can identify this lane very quickly due to its purple baron symbol, and this symbol is at the inside of the base marked.


Baron lane is originally known to be a solo lane, and it only allows one player to farm in there. In general tanks and fighters are the ones who can farm in there, and they got the power to roaming through the map by using teleport Enchantment on boots. They use this ability to give intense pressure on the enemies.


In the Baron lane, it will not be too complex to play. But don’t take it so much for granted. Some specific theories apply to this Baron lane to choose whether to do or not.


Baron Nashor


Baron Nashor is a monster available in the jungle of the wild rift, and it spears after 10 minutes of the start of the game. Defeat it and take the ability to increase your damage and recalling the time of channeling.


The Laners in the Top Lane 


It will be better for you to go to the champions like a tank and a fighter. Because they are so durable towards the gameplay and they can survive in more challenging situations. A role of a winner in this top lane is briefly described as the surviving. Champions should survive to become a vital help to their team.


Who is Olaf?


Olaf is the fighter in the League of Legends Wild Rift. So like the other battle games, Olaf is the role that plays the Berserker in Wild Rift. Olaf is quite a strong champion as his speed increases by 1% at every 1% he loses in the fighting. So he is a somewhat strong champion to the gameplay.


League of legends Wild Rift: is it possible to solo Baron with Olaf?


Olaf or the Berserker is commonly played in the jungle, and we can name him as a Diver champion as well. He belongs to tier list A in the tier list of Wild Rift. Olaf is a champion that deals with excellent damage to the physical levels, and we can say he will be the most reliable source for the entire gameplay. He holds up a moderate playing style that challenging to play on.


It is considered ad Conqueror Keystone, Spirit Walker, and pathfinder Minor Runes for Olaf to use as a rune. Here we are going to see whether he is up to solo with Baron Lane or not.


Skills of the Olaf / Berserker


  • Passive skill – 1% of attacking speed in loss of 1% health


  • Undertow as the first ability – throwing an ax to do severe physical damage


  • Vicious Strikes – giving 50 of attacking speed


  • Swing – dash the enemies and showing significant damage. If that enemy doesn’t die, takes 32 accurate damage skills


  • Ragnarok – taking an armor of 20 and a resistance of the magic


League of legends Wild Rift: is it possible to solo Baron with Olaf?


Are you possible to Solo Olaf with Baron? 


Like we said earlier this Baron Lane is the top lane available in the League of Legends Wild Rift. Although Olaf is not dedicated to playing this lane in its build, we have checked him with the baron lane as there was no one to gank on us.


In the beginning, you will not be much equipped with your Olaf or the Berserker, but it is not a problem here. The full equipment process will spend some time. So use Olaf at the stage he is in your gameplay. Do not have to be a wait to be equipped. To Baron Lane, it has a built usual champ to use here. But here we are going to test it with Olaf.


League of legends Wild Rift: is it possible to solo Baron with Olaf?


The solo process of the Baron is not something smooth to handle. It takes a lot of damage to your champion as it initially decreasing your health. The Baron lane is also capable of spiting the poison towards you to deal with the damage you get overtime.


Usually, your lifetime and the life scale will be decreased in Baron Lane as its complexity is so high. So, as a result of this hardness baron holds, it reduces our attacking ability very soon. Once you get your full items as the Olaf, test them on the lane of Baron. You have to keep in mind that lane Baron is becoming more vital as time goes by.


In the gameplay of the top lane, Olaf’s healing boosts are working well with the skills that boosted healing. An also this healing boost becomes useful as your health is reducing. You may need your red buff before you are going to solo with the lane baron.


When the Baron Nashor appears like a jungle monster, it will super hard to battle with it as the Olaf. If you want to beat this monster, you must be fully equipped with Olaf.


In the standard model of the wild rift without using boots and smite and without using the red buff, it will be hard to kill the monster Baron Nashor. But we can guarantee that defeating Baron Nashor is relatively more comfortable with Smite and with the use of the ANDD.




It will not be easy to deal with the champions who are not dedicated to their specified lanes in the baron lane. Soloing in the Baron goes with the real champs and the skills. Sometimes, you can still use the champions like Olaf or the Berserker to deal with this lane. But it will need huge practice and abilities.


We recommend you use the dedicated champions for the top lanes and the baron nashor. It will be the best method to build the victory throughout the game.


But it doesn’t say that you can deal this lane with Olaf. Still, you have the chance with a lot of equipment and strategies. Use the abilities wisely and go for the Olaf only in here if there are no other options available.

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