StoneAge World: How to Capture Pets and Build Your Best Team?


Stone Age World is a mobile game based on the concept of collecting pets and role-playing. It can be called a kid’s friendly match. Stone Age world is consists of MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online role-playing) experience, and it is available on iOS and Android stores. Your tasks are diverse to collect and tame the 250 types of pets. All the players in this game are known as a trainer, and he is the one who is responsible for collecting, training, and tame the pets to protect the land from threats. All you have to do is save the world of prehistoric Tectonika from the threats of Machine Civilization.

StoneAge World


Pets on this game are spread among dinosaurs, wooly mammoths, wolves, pigs, and much more. Usually, the battles on this game are based on the turn. In their first launch, they offered these events to their players to become fight actively against the machine civilization.

  • Catch Operation event
  • Power Reward event
  • Level Reward event
  • Moga Growth event
  • 15 day Check I Reward event


In here catch operation event is designed to collect stamps from daily missions. So the rewards are gain based on the number of collecting stamps. In a power reward event, it appears when the players reach their line up levels. So they can strengthen the pets and also the trainers. A level reward event is designed to give some more highly rewards like stones, shells, and ropes. But they can only be gained when the player reaches the level 10 to 90.

StoneAge World gameplay


The players of this game can diversify the rewards on growth when they grow the Moga. It happens in the Moga growth event. Finally, when the players able to log the stone age world, they can get gifts every time they check on. That is the 15-day check-in reward event.You can register for a stone-age world game to take the game’s free currency of one million stones. To receive those stones, you will be required to enter the email address on the Stone Age world’s web site.


What are the tips for playing Stone Age World?

Before you become an expert in this game, it is good to know the basic things and play it correctly. It will be easy for a beginner to tell on tips and tricks to play this game to hit on the right point.


So at the very beginning, you will be required to choose your character. Your character is the strongest point that shows your skills and attribution. So there are up to 8 characters in here. You can customize your style as per your wish. You can choose your will for hair color and facial expressions. After that, name your character. When you play in a PC with a NoxPlayer, you can observe your character on your screen.


After all, that select your village to start the game. There will be villages named Marinus, Shamigir, Jaja, and Kartana. These four villages have their kind of features, merits, and inherits. They have an old history with them, along with a storyline. They can be described as follows.

StoneAge World gameplay show


  • Marinus – this village has a warm temperature, and they have a clean ocean
  • Shamigir – it has a unique kind of feature to stand within the dangers of clouds.
  • Jaja – it has a hidden secret with it, and most of the players are trying to discover what this hidden secret is
  • Kartana – this village has an advantage of using a barrier to protect Sea Urchins


Remember that all of your pets are for the team to start the adventures. Be sure to customize the formations of battles for the attack to defeat the enemies if you want to get more special pets to finish your storyline. Complete quests and claim some more money and awards; you can level up and upgrade your pet to unlock more levels. Try to catch more and more pets.


How to catch a Pet

If you need to collect a pet in Stone Age world catching is the best way to acquire that task. First, you have to find the pet you want and tap on it. Thee you will see two options as capture pet and fast capture. If you select the capture pet method, you can attach the pet you wanted, and then you can use a fence with unleashing skills to capture the process in tame. But be careful not to attack too much. If you attack the pet more, it can run away. It is better to attack only one or two times. After that, you have to use a fence to increase your capturing rate. After that, use the skill of capture. This type of method always requires the points of vitality.


But if you choose the fast capture method, you can use the trainer’s rope item to catch the pets. You will not take so much time in this process. You can search for pets on the map by touching the location map label. See the main menu button and select a location to visit. Or in other ways, you can tap on the get pet button on the screen and move on.


Understand the pets to beat on the exact point.

In this game, your pets are usually divided into five main categories, like 1 star to 5 stars. There are five types of pets: Heal-Type, AoE, Suppress Type, Attack Type, and the Defense type. You can restore your health by Heal type pets. AoE types of pets are exposing damages to a large area and in all enemies. Defense types of pets have a high defense ability, durability, and survivability while they suppress type pets are consist of freezing capacity. Inflicting the more significant damages is doing by the attack types of pets. These kinds of pets belong to elements like earth, water, fire, and the wind.


Building up the best line up on pets

This Stone Age world gives you the ability o put five types of pets in a one-set lineup. So to gain a victory, set the pets in high grades as 3-5 stars. And then build your line up in a balanced way. Before you make a line up check on your pet’s abilities. Their type and skills can help you battle easily among enemies. So please get familiar with them carefully. So make a line up in a balanced way.


Ex: two defense type pets, two attack pets, one healer type of pet, or a suppress type of pet. It is a balanced lineup.

StoneAge World gameplay show


When you are lining up, you have to concern about the elements of the pets. Usually, pets are divided into four types of elements. Earth element based pets are giving some damages to water element based pets in the same way water element damages the fire elements.


So like that, if your enemy uses the fire element pet, you should use a water element pet to attack with them. So you can do some extra damages to all your enemies. Use pets like earth into water, water into fire, fire into the wind, and wind into earth strategy. In the battle of the game, use the skills of the pets. So the right kind of power can give you more strength to fight on the ground.



So this is the brief description to the beginners on the Stone Age world game and wisely go through the introductions and the tips. Before playing the game, understand clearly the game, characters, and your pets. Verify them advance to get more advantages on your side. You will be able to battle against your enemies more efficiently to get exact winning.

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