Diablo Immortal – Game & Class Review and Best PC Controls Setup!


Diablo Immortal is the new (02 June 2022) released Blizzard's game for the Mobile market, after a long waited release (nearly 4 years of pre-register and beta testing) it's finally here! Let's find out which is the best class you can like and play!





What is Diablo Immortal?


The Diablo series is probably the most famous Dungeon Crawler series in the last 20 years when looking at dungeon crawler games. Starting with “Diablo” released on 31 December 1996, followed by Diablo II on 29 June 2000, the latest one was Diablo III released 15 May 2012. This mobile title is a “spin-off” of the PC series, and its story is just a sequel to Diablo II story. You will start your adventure in Wortham, and as you progress through the story you will find old friends from the other Diablo series. 


Game & Class Review


At the start of the game, you need to choose your class from a list of 6 playable classes. 


- Barbarian, a physical melee character who unleashes devastating attacks with rage power.

- Wizard, a ranged magical class that can hit multiple targets at once with different magical spells.

- Demon Hunter, a ranged physical character who prefers long range fighting style with high mobility, traps and tricks.

- Monk,  a sacred martial artist who fights in melee range, even if he has weak attacks, he can easily dodge incoming attacks while protecting his allies during difficulty fights.

- Crusader, the “Tanky” class with high armor and magic resistance who slash foes in melee range with the help of the sacred fire and light

- Necromancer, a magic summoner who loves to fight from afar while commanding an army of undead skeletons


Classes are not gender locked, so you can choose between male and female with any class. Also the character creation is enough customizable, with a different variety of hair, colors, tattoo and physical adjustment making your character unique.


After you enter the game, you will be guided by the tutorial, showing you the basics of the game.



1: The mini-map that you can click to reach different zones

2: The main menu with all the options for the game

3: The inventory tab, to change your gear and check your drops

4: HP Potions. They have up to 3 charge x time, slowly recharging when you damage enemies

5: Your base attack + 4 maximum abilities you can select from your list of character abilities.

6: Main Campaign and sub quest tab, guide you into the game


It takes at least 30 minutes of play to complete the tutorial. Once you finish it, you will unlock the long campaign, and many different PvE and PvP content. Here's some of the content you can play in  Diablo Immortal:


For PvE players:

- Main Campaign: It's the entire story of this Diablo Spin off, with a lot of voice acted dialogue, bosses to kill and zones to explore. Also, you can complete it entirely alone, or joining a party when needed, since the game is totally multiplayer


- Dungeons: The name says it all. Dungeons are unlocked during the main campaign and it's the main source of gear for your character. High level dungeons can also be completed in different difficulty, with rewards according to it


- Bounty: Once you reach the first big city, you will unlock bounties. You can accept up to 4 bounties at a time, with a maximum of 8 x day. If you don't complete all 8 bounties in the same day, they will be stored up to 24, but resetting to 8 every Monday, so you need to complete them before reset if you don't want to lose the rewards. 


- Elder Rift: The “Dungeon to Crawl”, literally. This is your main source of Legendary Gems, a socket-able gem that provides you strong buff when socket into your gear. Elden Rift scales with your level, up to 60, so you can join it anytime you want during your campaign. Elden Rift can also be enhanced with “Crests”. Normal crests can be looted in game content, while legendary Crest is real money shop items, and both enhance your drop rate in Elder Rift. Also farming them in groups slightly increase your drop rate


- Challenge Rift: It's somehow similar to Elder Rift, but with 100 floors of rewards for both solo play and multiplayer play. The more level you complete, the more challenging the rift will become. The leaderboard is updated every week, showing the best players for both solo mode and multiplayer mode, with rewards sent at every reset. Also Challenge Rift is one of the best way for free-to-play players trying to receive a legendary crest for free.


Helliquary: After completing the zone of Libary of Zoltun Kulle, you will unlock Helliquary. This content will require you to defeat powerful bosses and collect rewards for leveling up the Helliquary power, providing you with more challenging bosses in exchange of passive bonus stats for your character. 



For PvP Players:

Battlegrounds: Unlocked after reaching level 55, battlegrounds offer players who like to fight others player the perfect place to test their strength. You will be able to collect battle-point and different rewards participating in battlegrounds. Once you join the queue for a battleground, you can select your role as Defender or Attacker, or just let the game choose for you randomly. Defenders must stop an attacker from killing the Guardians, while attackers must score kills to achieve the victory. In Battleground you need to change your character build according to it, so skills that can stun/disable/move fast is favorable over your normal PvE Build. The potion is also replaced with Bandages, that require you to stand for a couple of seconds to use it, instead of being healed instantly. 


Cycle of Strife: Once you start playing Diablo Immortal, you will become an “Adventurer”, literally joining the first and the biggest faction of Diablo Immortal, but there's 2 other factions in the game. The Immortal, who are the most powerful players on the server, and the Shadows, who wanna destroy the immortal and steal their power. If you decide to change your faction from Adventurer to Shadow, you will participate in the Cycle of Strife PvP, an event that takes place once every some time, with a battle of 8v8 PvP in 10 Battlegrounds simultaneously. If Immortal defends their power and position, the shadow must wait another cycle trying to win against them, if Shadow wins against Immortal, the Cycle of Strife will end, and Immortal will need to try to fight Shadows again after some time to regain their position.



LDPlayer Best settings for PC


If you are questioning yourself about “Why play Diablo Immortal with LDPlayer if there's a native PC client for it?” I'll give you the answer!


The native PC Client is a porting of mobile, and it's not fully optimized for playing with Keyboard or Controller. After testing it myself, the controls of the game feel very unresponsive, the character takes some seconds to react, and we know that both in PvE and PvP in a game like Diablo is very important to feel the character being super responsive.


LDPlayer 64 Bit Version with the latest update, is the solution to the problem. Being fully optimized for playing Diablo with both Keyboard and Controller, you will feel like playing your title on a mobile device, but with Big screen and no battery drain! 


After installing the Emulator, just log-in with your Google play account and download Diablo Immortal from Play Store, install it and press Play



After launching the game, you can press the “Keyboard Mapping” button (1) and choose if you wanna customize Keyboard button map or Controller button map (2). Even if you don't customize it, LDPlayer will be ready to use with all the controls already mapped on the first start!



Also before starting to play the game, we recommend you to tap on the “Processing File” (1) in the game, and download all the packs before starting, so you will enjoy smooth gameplay. Just enable both “Download on non-Wifi networks” and “Enable unthrottled download” (2)



Wait for all the packs to download and you are ready to go!

Enjoy the Diablo Immortal Mobile Experience but on your PC with LDPlayer 64


Pro & Cons: Should i play it?


Here's some final thought on the game, with Pro & Cons:



- If you love the series, you will like this mobile title for sure!

- Enjoy the total solo play or play with friends!

- Variety of classes

- Nice Graphic

- Voice acting with different languages ( Japanese too )

- LDPlayer controls are smooth as mobile!

- F2p Friendly if you just wanna enjoy the story



- You will need a lot of time grinding for gear (or spending!)

- Skill tree are not immersive as others Diablo titles

- At 60 Fps with Full graphic, the battery drains super fast

- Native PC Client with controller feel unresponsive and laggy

- Legendary gear is nearly totally money gated

- Very repetitive if you don't like the genre

- Not F2P Friendly if you wanna compete in PvP!


See you all in the Diablo Immortal Universe!

Download Diablo Immortal on PC

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