Diablo Immortal All Classes Guide [June 2021 Update] Choose your Best Class

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Diablo Immortal consists of 7 different classes, with each having its own nuances. Each class has its own strengths and weaknesses that differentiate them from one another. This article will talk about everything you need to know about each class and which ones we recommend playing. If you haven’t already, here’s how you can download Diablo Immortal on PC.


Tier List Explanation:


Diablo Immortal has a set of different classes, with each having its own nuances. Here is a list of all the classes in the game.

  • Crusader
  • Monk
  • Demon Hunter
  • Barbarian
  • The Wizard
  • The Necromancer


We are going to be adjusting all of these classes in a tier list. Since all of the classes are relatively powerful, they will either be put in an S, B, or A Tier. With the S tier being the most powerful and the one that we recommend for players who are serious about the game to grind.




Diablo ImmortalTier List [June 2021 Update]


This class is an area of effect damage monster. Utilizing these skills available, and there are a lot of different variations you can use; you can really do massive amounts of splash damage or area of effect damage on one specific spot on the battlefield. You can utilize multiple skills all in one area while attacking at one time. Then you can throw in some ranged attacks as well, such as the Holy Banner has a shot with some range. So, you can use go ahead and get a ton of damage in an area of effect with a ranged pedestal.


However, it is not only just about the AoE damage, which we feel like the Crusader class does best in all of Diablo Immortal. It is also about the speed that Crusader has. Since you are on horseback, you can move extremely quickly and get things done really fast. Not to mention, this is an amazing-looking class. Is it currently overpowered? Well, at this current point, we are in a closed alpha. So, the game at this point in time has still not been released. Balance changes can happen. But currently, it seems like, in terms of PvP, the Crusader is the best and the strongest in the game.


However, at any point in time, balance changes can happen. The Crusader is an excellent class in Diablo Immortal. In a nutshell, we feel like the Crusader is the best class if you are looking for a damage dealer who can get right in front of their opponent and slam them with skills while also absorbing most of the damage.

As such, we’re currently putting the Crusader in the S tier.




Diablo ImmortalTier List [June 2021 Update]


There are going to be tons of classes that are ranked high on the list since all of the classes are pretty darn incredible. The Barbarian is very strong and is the tankiest of all classes inside the game. With some amazing skills as well, very different from the Crusader but also brings in some AoE spells as well. You can also bring in your buddy or Guardian that you can also use to deal even tons of damage.


The Barbarian seems to move a little bit slower than the Crusader and is one that most players are used to. The Barbarian is very well known inside of Diablo, so it's one that just feels a little special, while the Crusader one is the newest and strongest one which makes the class look more special. Does that mean the Crusader is better than the Barbarian? Well, if you want to play a tanky class, that’s a choice you have to make. The Barbarian is a better tank, but the Crusader is going to offer a bit more AoE damage while being an excellent tank.


So, if we were to go and give Barbarian a rank, it would definitely be an S tier.




Diablo ImmortalTier List [June 2021 Update]


The Monk jumps around across the map, melee attack damage with some ranged attacks as well, and also a tanky class. Is the Monk as tanky as a barbarian or Crusader? Not even close. But, the speed of this Monk, the effects and the damages, and the skills that it can do are pretty incredible. You can also use some skills that will literally teleport you from here and there with very fast movement.


Now, not as strong as the Crusader as the Barbarian, but some really unique attacks, and also you can spawn yourself, two different guardians, to join along with you that can help with the fighting just like the Barbarian. Obviously, the skill has its own different flair to it. However, if you prefer a more in-your-face class, then the Monk just makes sense.


The Monk is extremely fun to play once he gets a Paragon. Is he deserving of an S Tier, though? However, he isn’t really perfect in all of his aspects. So, he belongs to the A Tier.


Demon Hunter:


Diablo ImmortalTier List [June 2021 Update]


The Demon Hunter is the most anticipated class of Diablo Immortal. He is a ranged class and is generally not as powerful as Melee classes like the Crusader Monk and Barbarian. But, at the same time, this is a really great ranged class if you enjoy playing ranged classes. This is all subject to the type of gameplay you enjoy.


If you enjoy ranged and like scraping behind your tasks, then the Demon Hunter is good for you. Great skills as well as mobility. That’s where we think the Demon Hunter does better than the Wizard. You have ways of dealing with damage while evading skills. The Demon Hunter is fun, has a dark backstory, and is a class you can’t go wrong with. The game has tons of Area of Effect damage, and the Demon Hunter deals tons of it.

Therefore, we give the Demon Hunter in the A Tier.


The Wizard:


Diablo ImmortalTier List [June 2021 Update]


The Wizard is the favorite class of many in Diablo Immortal. However, it is not the best class in the game. It is probably one of the weakest as it has the most disadvantages. Compared to the other ranged class in the game, we do feel that the Wizard lacks a little bit in the strength area.


This means is that the Wizard is squishy and can deal a lot of damage but can’t sustain a lot. In better phrasing, the class is a glass cannon. What this means is that if the Wizard gets hit, he is in trouble. He’s going to get a lot of damage done to him. So, you need to stay out of your arm's length away, which means you will need to play with Tanks to protect yourself.


You will really need to run away from people rather than towards them. But, this is typical of a Mage Style class in other games and Diablo Immortal. However, the class still does not do tons of damage. We believe that the Wizard ranks up as B because we feel like he does not stand well against most of the other classes in PvP.


The Necromancer:


Diablo ImmortalTier List [June 2021 Update]


The Necromancer is not released in Diablo Immortal yet. However, he will be coming out soon. This is the class that is going to be categorized as a Ranged class that allows you to summon the dead and have them fight for you. Considerate it a ranged class but very different from the Demon Hunter and the Wizard.


We anticipate this class to be extremely powerful, and when the next version comes through, this class will be what most players will be playing. You will need to put in some serious time in the hero. At the same time, it is hard to give a rank on a class that is yet to be released. But, that class is already available in Diablo 3. So, we can use comfortable rank it.


We’re going to rank this class as to how they would match up to the Crusader and Barbarian class in PvP. So, we do feel like the Necromancer will struggle like the Wizard and Demon Hunter. So, based on that, we’re going to be giving the Necromancer an A tier for now.

However, we’ll definitely be providing you with more insight once the hero is finally out.


Class Guide:


Now that we have all the information regarding each class and what they do generally, understanding which ones you should go for is of pivotal importance. Like any other MMORPG game, most of the time, this is entirely dependent on your personal preference and what you feel is the best fit. However, we’re going to be talking about what we feel are key factors that should act as metrics for you when deciding what class you should pick up in Diablo Immortal.




In general, classes that are the most popular have better builds for them, are generally stronger, and have better community support. This is absolutely true for a game like Diablo Immortal too. Even though the game is still in its closed Alpha stages, most playtesters have already picked out their favorites either due to past experiences with the class from previous Diablo games or the overall strength a class has in its entirety.


Currently, the newest released Crusader class is deemed to be the most over-powered and therefore the most popular amongst players in Diablo Immortals. Due to the high amount of AoE damage the class dishes out and the fact that it is relatively tanky, it has quickly caught on popularity and seems to dominate high-rank matchups.


Not to worry, however, the Barbarian comes in at a close second since the class was previously the most popular in the game. While many have tried and have fallen in love with the Crusader’s versatility, many prefer the way the Barbarian class worked. It is still the tankiest class in the game and is able to sustain the most damage. Plus, the Barbarian is no slouch when it comes to dealing damage to each other dishing out tons of AoE damage with respectable cooldowns and a wide array of Legendary Items and Weapons that can take his gameplay to the absolute next level.


Plus, since the class was previously popular, you should be able to find tons of players with a lot of Experience in the class who have made up wonderful skill builds and guides that you should definitely be checking out as they help you learn the nuances of the class.


All in all, the Barbarian is an absolute joy to play. Both, the Barbarian and the Crusader retain the Crown as the most popular classes in the game and are thus well-documented.


For New Players:


We get it, you are a new player, don’t know a lot about the game and are in it for a good time, and want to get the hang of the ropes first before you move on to the more advanced tactics. For those, we recommend going for the Monk or the Barbarian. Why not the Crusader? Well, the class has its nuances in terms of efficient playmaking.


The Crusader’s skills are relatively harder to land and he is a bit less Tanky as compared to the Barbarian. In that case, why is going for the Monk a good option too? He is extremely mobile, can deal tons of damage, and is able to weave in and out of the battlefield providing players with a sense of the damage. Plus, while he may look complicated, he has simple and easy to memorize combos with a low cooldown.


So, if you are a new player and want to learn the game before you get very serious about it, go for either of these classes, you definitely can’t go wrong!


For the Early Game:


If you want to grind the Early Game extremely quickly, no one does it better than the Demon Hunter. The class does not a lot to scale and deals with a lot of single target DPS which is quite important in the early stages of the game when there aren’t a lot of mobs spawning just yet. If you do go for the Demon Hunter, make sure to read up on his spells and abilities so you can efficiently get through the Early Game.


While he is still viable in the late game stages too, he does fall off as compared to the likes of the Barbarian who are still easily able to complete with him in the Early Game. But, if you want a class that absolutely ploughs through Early Game Dungeons, the Demon Hunter is definitely the class to go for.


For The Late Game:


It may come to one’s surprise that the Crusader is once again the best class for the Late Game. With an overpowered balance between both HP and Attack Damage, the class can be absolute to deal against for PvP players and is an absolute menace in PvE situations. So, if you want to grind the late-game dungeons and want to get the best build and DPS numbers in the game possible, you should definitely be going for the Crusader.


LDPlayer Features for Diablo Immortal:


LDPlayer is arguably the best Emulator out there. With access to tons of features that differentiate it from any other platform, you should definitely be playing the game on the Emulator as it provides you access to many features that are worthwhile in an MMORPG.


For example, you can play the game exactly as you would on a PC by changing your key binds and remapping them accordingly. Plus, you’ll be experiencing high FPS gameplay with the ability to change your resolution accordingly.




That’s everything you needed to know about the Tier List for Diablo Immortal. All classes in the game are relatively balanced, and you can’t go wrong with any of them. However, it is quite apparent that the ranged classes are a bit weaker as compared to melee classes since they get absolutely thwarted in PvP.

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