Blue Monster Escape Chapter 2 Tips for a Beginner


Blue Monster Escape Chapter 2 is a Horror themed game that Falcon Global has introduced. It was released on 17th May 2022. It's an action game with a mixed taste of scary and joy. This is a free-to-play game that supports on android platform. We hope to share some Blue Monster Escape Chapter 2 tips with you through this guide. 






You will know Blue Monster Escape Chapter 2 tips to level up faster through this. When you begin the game, you will say it's so easy, but the way of escaping is getting complex chapter by chapter. Here you play as a little blue monster, and you have to escape from a laboratory that is full of monsters. Puzzles have to be solved for the escape. Solving puzzles won't be easy here. You should possess an excellent analyzing mind with the skills of problem-solving.


The controls are simple and super easy to handle when talking about the controls. See, it's super easy. We'd rather say this is a challenging game as well as funny. Here are some Blue Monster Escape Chapter 2 tips you were waiting for.


Blue Monster Escape Chapter 2 Tips 

The most advanced and successful; way to start your game with Blue Monster Escape Chapter 2 tips is as follows.


Follow Through With the Hints

In Blue Monster Escape Chapter 2, they give us some hints to complete the chapter. So at first, follow the hints. The hints will display on your screen. 


When you follow those hints, you definitely have to solve the puzzles. As we mentioned above, these puzzles aren't simple as it seems. Good analyzing ability will help you to get rid of those puzzles quickly. If you need to jump into the next chapter so soon, you need to understand the hints, follow through and solve puzzles quickly.



Escaping From Monsters 

Among the monsters mentioned above, the scariest is Mommy Monster Long Legs. Don't let one of those monsters mentioned above touch you or see. Even if you don't, they will indeed find you wherever you are. These monsters in the game are well designed and attractive. Have you seen any cute monsters before? Guess your answer is no. Then you should definitely try the game. 


Monsters here eat decomposed animals and plants. Letting down your guard will make them eat you, and then you are done here. When you see a monster, the 1st precautionary method you should follow is RUN, especially from the Mommy Monster Long Legs. It's the first monster you'll encounter here. When you encounter one, the game warns us to run with a warning sound and sometimes through a voice bot.


If escaping made you hard with those default movements, simply move to the best android emulator: LDPlayer. The feature it has named the Keyboard Mapping will ease you all key bindings by setting some friendliest keys to them, and you will be able to escape them much quicker. You only get this chance with the best emulator: LDPlayer. 


Collect Toys

Collecting toys plays an essential part here in our Blue Monster Escape chapter 2 tips guide. Even if you don't want to collect these toys, they will automatically be added to your toy collection shown in the display's top left corner once you pass through them. When you finish a chapter, you can jump into the next. When you jump into the next chapter, toys will be helpful to unlock it. 


You have to use your collected toys to unlock the chapter. If you do not have enough toys, you have to go to the same chapter, collect some toys, and come back. So before it happens, we tell you to collect as many toys as you can.  



Now, Through This Blue Monster Escape Chapter 2 tips guide, Let's focus on some common things we find in this game.


Objects You Encounter In This Game

Wall Secrets

This playground is just like a maze. You have to walk through so many passages. When walking through such passages, you will find new doors, and you have to open those doors on your own. Every door has its unique way of opening. If the door needs to be unlocked by a password, you can check the walls around you. Because the hint to open the door is written on the walls. These walls are full of mysteries. If you neglect to look around your walls, it will affect your time spent in 1 stage.



Palm Unlocking

In your journey in this game, you have to unlock more doors that do not have a password. You'll be confused about how I can unlock a door that does not have a password. This unlocking method is Palm-Unlocking. No need to look around for passwords. You have your palm with you. You extend your hand pointing at the palm mark, and when it reaches the mark above the door, the door processes, and it will unlock. But before, you should check if it is a blue or red palm mark. 



Mini Gaming Items

Here, you find rock paper scissor games and wheeling games. You have to win three times in each game to go further in. you have to play with a bot here, and once you win three times, you will be given a new task to complete. 




Sometimes you need to go to a machine and prepare your arms once you lose them. First, you need to activate the machine by pulling a lever. Then you have to input several materials into the machine to get the output you need. 


Batteries and Switches

The passages in this game are so dark. So you have to switch on the lights. In every stage, you need to do this. And the other thing is collecting batteries. These two tasks are like your daily routine. Wherever you go, you have to switch on lights and collect batteries. You can use your two hands to grab some batteries and switch on the lights.



And one more thing we have to remind you in this Blue Monster Escape Chapter 2 Tips, you should have an excellent memory to memorize the password hints written on the walls. 



When you start playing this monster hide and seek kind of game, this guide, the Blue Monster Escape Chapter 2 tips for a beginner, will be helpful. If you start playing, you'll know what kind of fun and fear it has, and you'll even get goosebumps to its horror-themed music.

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