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Last Updated: 2022-12-09

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Edit: It's fun again! They brought back the ads and it's easier now. It will take time, but it's not as impossible and is enjoyable again 🌟 But still it gets really hard to level up after Silver 3 because of Training Books that are impossible to gather. I just want improvements on the requirements needed to level up.


It's a cool little game. I like it, but I don't like the fact that everything gets so expensive as you move up. I'm on silver level 2 and I've already paid around 30 bucks just to get there with money and diamonds. I mean 200+ grand for a table.. please. Be reasonable! Make things more affordable, otherwise people are just going to uninstall when they hit this point. No one wants to waste real money with no true reward and no real help from the game honestly.


Used to love this game! I've had it for quite some time. They just updated it and took away the ability to watch ads for gems - now they only have the option to purchase them. Which is a real bummer. Such a gorgeous game, and they're turning it into a money grab. Also, watch 600 ads to win the first tier of level 1 rewards? Unless you purchase something, then you can skip 500 of those. Of course. Shame. Will be deleting.

My Hotpot Restaurant is a Restaurant Management game.
In this game you will play the role of a hot pot restaurant owner, developing various hot pot dishes, making daily purchase plans, serving customers, training chefs and waiters, purchasing restaurant stuffs, opening a chain of stores, etc.
Game features
1、Multiple ways to run the business freely.
2、Feel the fun of running a hot pot restaurant and enjoy all kinds of delicious food,Especially Chinese ingredients.
3、Decorate the store to have your own hot pot restaurant
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