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Last Updated: 2022-10-13 Current Version: 10.4

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Somethings wrong with the game. Every time I try to open it is emediently closes. It says there's a bug in it and I need to update my game even tho there are no updates. Before this started happening random ads start popping up whenever I select clear everything and I repeatedly get the same ad over and over again. One of the ads is the most inappropriate thing ever seen. It is not meant for kids under 17. The ads and bugs ruin the game.


The update 13.0 came out today but for some reason the game wont boot up? As soon as i click, "play", it crashes me out of the game. It might just be my device but now I can't get in the game period. But besides that, love the game and provides a great stress reliever! It's also very creative in its features because it allows you to create different things with the objects on there. I know it's a knockoff of people playground but I would say it's better than people playground entirely.


The app has been working and a fun experience for the past 6 months, but about last month, the app stopped working all together. I've cleared the cache and uninstalled and reinstalled, and checked to see if anything is wrong with my phone. Nothing worked, and it appears others are experiencing a similar launching bug. Please fix the game, it deserves more than a one star.

Game inspired by the popular sandbox.

Not supported for emulators.
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