Ace Fishing: Crew Beta

Last Updated: 2022-11-01
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Enjoy fishing and the underwater scenery with your Crew! Ace Fishing: Crew!

Spice up your fishing adventure with crew members!
Go on a new fishing trip you've dreamed of with various crew members.

The thrill at hand remains, with many different contents added: Investigation, Requests, Crew Member Dispatch and Challenges.

1. Exciting thrill at hand, just like handling real gear!
Control your strength left and right to adjust the tension of the line against the fish.
An underwater camera will directly show you the movements of fish, adding to the liveliness.

2. Find the effective crew combination to fish in new fishing spots.
In Ace Fishing: Crew, fish of different attributes appear in different regions.
Organize the party efficiently by combining crew members with various special abilities.

3. Add variables to fishing by using various crew skills.
You can add strategies to fishing by using the skills of the crew member.
Increase the Attack power every time you inflict damage and become stronger!
Add to the joy of feeling the liveness with the Hook setting Damage UP skill, or redeem yourself with the HP Recovery skill at a dangerous moment of losing all your HP!

4. Enjoy the view with the help of Auto Fishing.
Do you want to feel the joy of fishing a big one, even at home?
You can now enjoy the underwater scenery using Auto Fishing, with the smart and automatic Skill ON/OFF function!

5. Easy & fast upgrade with rewards accumulated automatically over time!
Kick back and relax, you don’t have to do anything for various rewards to accumulate over time. It’s all taken care of automatically!
Check out how easy and fast you can upgrade at Ace Fishing: Crew.

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▶ How to remove access permissions
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- Device Settings> Select the corresponding app> Choose either to enable/disable access

* You can play Ace Fishing in English 한국어, Indonesia and ไทย!
* If the language used on the device is not Indonesian, the text in the game may be displayed in Thai. Indonesian users can change the language of their device to Indonesian before downloading the app, or change the game language to Indonesian in the game menu > Settings > Settings > Language.
* Items are available for purchase in this game.
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