Lunomosik Piano Game

Who wants to look like a great piano player, play this game.
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Category Music
Package name com.okioki.dpsgamedev.lunomosikpianogametiles
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Lunomosik Piano Game Description
You don't have to know anything about the piano. All you ask for is a fun piano playing, are you ready to become a pianist.?

We developed this game for those of you who like playing music or the piano, if you are a pianist,
then you will love playing this.
We have completed this game from several combinations of musical instruments such as drums, guitars, and so on,
so you can choose, we also prepared a classic piano that can be played,
In this game, we also provide a little challenge for you, if you want to start this game you can choose your favorite song,
start by pressing the black tile that wants to move, follow each song and the tempo of the song, then you will be like a professional piano player,
After that we also give rules to play it, if you press the wrong piano tiles, then we make sure you will lose, and restart the game,

We also complete several features in our application, such as:
* Latest songs
* Top artists you like
* Colored tiles
* Attractive backgrounds
* Complete menu button
If you have finished playing it, achieve the highest score, and compare it with your friends,

If you have any problems with the app, feedback or suggestions, feel free to contact us

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