Picus Piano Game

Enjoy the fun songs while tapping the tiles
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Category Music
Package name com.backupesotech.picsbkkto
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Picus Piano Game Description
For those of you who are fans and like to hear songs and music
we have created a game to support your dream of becoming a pianist
This game displays the song Picus Piano game so that it's easy for you
to remember and memorize it while pressing the tiles that we provide.

This game is easy to play with a simple display with appropriate music.

How to Play it
- Select the song you want to play
- Start by tapping on the black tiles
- Stay focused don't hit the wrong tiles

Perceived benefits
- You can remember and memorize music and songs
- Train your finger speed
- Train concentration
- and many more perceived benefits

- There is background music
- Can choose the background display
- Collection of songs and so on.

Good luck getting started.
Thank You

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Currently, Picus Piano Game APK download is not available. Please proceed to download from the Google Play Store.
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2. Download Picus Piano Game from the Play Store
3. Launch and enjoy Picus Piano Game
Picus Piano Game APK FAQ

Is Picus Piano Game safe for my device?

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What is an XAPK file, and what should I do if the Picus Piano Game I downloaded is an XAPK file?

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Can I play Picus Piano Game on my computer?

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