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Very easy game to play, but full of challenges.
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Package name com.minigropstudio.trend.lulucapianogametiles
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Luluca - Piano Game Description
Learn piano with the songs you love!
These piano tiles are a fast, fun & easy way to learn piano. You will be amazed how much you can achieve with just 5 minutes of practice per day,
at your own pace and time.
playing while learning is very fun you can listen to your favorite songs,
This piano is one of our creations and works which is very easy to play and understand,
we have also developed a piano app which contains piano tones, drums, melodies, rhythms, even songs that you can sing,
in a short time we have selected this piano application for you, so that you can learn and play the piano, wherever you are,
because of this game, you can use online and offline modes

* How to play it
It's so easy to play this piano game, you open the application that you downloaded,
and choose one of your favorite songs, by pressing the play button,
you will immediately find a piano display along with tiles that are ready to be pressed,

Start by pressing the first tile, then the piano tiles will move automatically to the rhythm of the song and the music.
keep tapping the moving tiles until the song runs out and you finish one song in the piano challenge.
what you need to know, the more piano tiles you press, the piano tiles will move faster
so, you have to stay focused and agile so you can finish the game well,

We have provided several features in our application, such as.
- Attractive piano display
- background that you can choose
- the best songs of the time
- Names of artists you like
- Complete and attractive menu icon

You can collect your highest score and compare it with your friends, start to become a professional piano player.

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