KAYO: Fitness Boxing Game

The ultimate music fitness game with motion recognition. Punch to the music!
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Version 0.8
Updated on 2023-11-22
Category Music
Package name cm.games.kayo
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KAYO: Fitness Boxing Game Description
Welcome to KAYO, where fitness meets gaming! Our innovative app combines exercise routines with immersive boxing gameplay, utilizing cutting-edge motion recognition technology. Start your fitness journey with fun workouts designed to challenge and entertain you!

Engage in a variety of levels, where every move you make syncs perfectly with the track's rhythm. Our handcrafted track beat maps guarantee an immersive and captivating workout experience, intricately designed to match the pulse of each song.

Explore workouts intricately crafted to match the beat, offering an exciting challenge as you move through the levels. Feel the rush as your actions harmonize with the music, making each session not just a workout, but a thrilling rhythmic adventure.

Key Features:
– Music-Powered Workouts: Experience workouts that harmonize with the track's rhythm for an engaging exercise session.
– Dynamic Track Layouts: Handcrafted tracks designed to amplify the excitement and synchronization of your movements with the music.
– Progress Tracking: Monitor achievements, measure strength and precision of your strikes, and level up your fitness goals.
– Regular Updates: Anticipate new tracks, challenges, and features to keep your fitness journey exciting.

Massive thanks to our early adopters and advisors whose invaluable feedback and support have been instrumental in shaping KAYO from its prototype stage. Your dedication and insights have guided us to create an app that will change the world. Special gratitude to:
Effective Fitness, Bodybuilding, Powerligting and Fitness, Final Form, Paragon Fitness, r/RhythmGames, angelo, not ayo, Pengwin, Drussolini, Dr. Amir, Ognjen, Rex, Eric Malafeew, Pawel, Julien, Dmity Gubanenkov, Alisa M., Dima K., Sergey A., Sergey G., Mash, CM Games <3. And Anton Lapshin, Kostya Kim, Rustam Pallaev for shaping the initial idea together.

Your contributions have truly made a difference, steering us toward a more engaging and rewarding fitness-gaming experience. We're committed to continuously improving KAYO with your input at the core of our development. Thank you for being an integral part of our journey!

Join our Discord: https://discord.gg/fYWMeA4Yqf
Dormant Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/kayo/

If you are experiencing any issues or want to send us your opinion or proposal, please, do not hesitate to drop us a line or two via kayo.club.official@gmail.com

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