Age of Empires Mobile

The official mobile war strategy game from the iconic Age of Empires franchise.
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Version VARY
Updated on 2024-01-31
Rating 4
Category Strategy
Package name com.proximabeta.aoemobile
Downloads 100+
Age of Empires Mobile Description
Embark on an exhilarating adventure in the brand-new Age of Empires world and forge unbreakable bonds with friends anytime and anywhere!

Dive into an epic war strategy experience with rich real-time controls, stunning visuals and historical heroes on grand battlefields. Seize the reins of your empire, rally allies from every corner of the globe, and reclaim your once radiant glory! Join us on a conquest like no other!

Familiar elements from the classic Age of Empires games merge with brand-new and mobile-specific gameplay. Engage in strategic resource management, develop unique technologies, and train diverse armies to build and defend your kingdom from scratch.

Discover and conquer a vast and lifelike world where you can witness mist rising over expansive seas, the rays of sunlight illuminating snowy mountain ridges, and oases emerging in the desert. This vividly realistic world is also rich in resources for you to develop your nation and fuel your ever-growing armies. But beware, hidden dangers lurk in unexpected places – enemies could be waiting in ambush in the woods nearby!

Experience glorious medieval cities turned battlegrounds. Strategize with precision, targeting archer towers, breaching gates, and capturing central edifices. Engage in grand alliance battles with thousands of global players in real-time combat amid dynamic, interactive cities for an authentic medieval battlefield experience on your mobile devices.

Command up to five troops, freely maneuvering them across vast maps and intense battlegrounds. You can also control siege engines, aiding your alliance to gain the upper hand in fierce combat. Mastery of controls is crucial here!

Choose from over 40 epic heroes spanning various civilizations. Familiar faces like Joan of Arc, Leonidas, and Julius Caesar are joined by intriguing new allies such as the Queen of Sheba, Khalid ibn al-Walid, and Rani Durgavati. Combine the unique attributes of different heroes to create your own powerful and unique force!

Choose from civilizations like the magnificent Chinese, the grandiose Romans, the elegant and solemn Franks, or the glittering Byzantium, with even more civilizations set to debut. Experience the medieval era with high-definition graphics and richly detailed environments.


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