Tarisland, a new cross-platform game that brings back the fun of iconic MMORPGs
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Version VARY
Updated on 2023-11-13
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Category Role Playing
Package name com.ld.trssjhw
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Tarisland Description

The Black Tower descends upon us, and the Monarch is coming. Tarisland, a new cross-platform game that brings back the fun of iconic MMORPGs, will launch soon. Recreating the challenging dungeons and immersive exploration experience with a classic fantasy art style, Tarisland will be available on both PC and mobile with data-sharing enabled. You may choose from 9 classes and 18 specializations to customize your own builds. Raid with your group and take down epic bosses!

[Class & Talent System]
Inspired by the classic trio of warrior-mage-priest, the game offers up to 9 unique classes, each with 2 specializations for you to choose from.

[Create Your Own Build]
Each class features a flexible and extensive talent tree system, which can be easily customized for different battle scenarios and allows you to find your signature builds.

[Challenge Various Dungeons & Raids]
The game brings back the classic raid & dungeons system, allowing you to work with your team and take down formidable epic bosses.

[Explore the Vast World]
Explore the boundless game world, solve all kinds of mysteries, and enjoy your unique adventure.

[Enjoy the Game on PC & Mobile]
The game is available on both PC and mobile, allowing you to challenge dungeons and raids with your team anytime and anywhere.

[Trade in Auction House]
You can boost the development of your characters via collecting, mining, crafting, and other professions and earn gold coins by listing your items in the Auction House.

[Contact Us]
Official Websites: https://tarisglobal.com/en/home.html
Discord: https://discord.com/invite/yEvyYmShYT
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Tarislandofficial/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Taris_Official


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