ZIO and the Magic Scrolls Beginner's Guide for Getting Started


ZIO And the Magic Scrolls offered by the Super Planet have crossed 500000+ downloads. Well, launched in December 2021, the game has come quite far and is based on the AFK RPG concept. The main attracting point to the game is its classic AFK game system. Battling against the demons, dragons, and even God, our five heroes keep on struggling and battling to save the world. 




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So, players, the above briefing might have raised curiosity in you about the game ‘ZIO And the Magic Scrolls’, and now if I am not wrong, you might also be thinking to play this AFK RPG. so don’t think more about it and download the game from the Google Play Store. And in the further journey, we would be your guide, who will make sure that you get to know about every basic of the game so the game not only becomes interesting to play but also turns out to be a game worth investing your time and effort that too within very less time. And that’s only possible when there’s an experienced guide. Well, let's begin!


The Kingdom

ZIO and The Magic Scrolls, an AFK RPG game, consists of 4 subdivisions of the kingdom. These subdivisions are The Guild, The Market, The Madonna, and The Lucas Lab. As you progress in the journey, these subdivisions keep on unlocking. For example, Guild unlocks once you clear the stage Ch.12-6, Lucas Lab would unlock on clearing the stage 12-4. As the names suggest, these subdivisions serve particular functions.


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For instance, click on the Kingdom icon in the bottom main panel> tap on the Mandonna> a screen that appears showing various stories. The other subdivision Market, when unlocked, has a lot of items to offer to you for the buying purpose with a price you need to pay.


Tap on the kingdom option> click on Market> a screen appears showing different items> tap on the item you want to buy in exchange for gems or coins. From Aeroks to Honors, Towers to Guilds, and the Soul Stones, the Market has a bunch of items.


The same applies to the Lucas lab, which is meant to offer increases to permanent attributes like attacks, HP, etc.


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The Heroes

The game ZIO And The Magic Scrolls is useless without the characters, in this case, Heroes. Tap on the second icon in the main panel below saying Heroes> screen with scrolls appears showing the heroes.


There the heroes are arranged according to the ranks categorized into B, A, and S. With B being the lowest ranking of the characters while S is the highest. But the S ranking characters can be promoted to S+ and SS rank and can gain unique abilities and other material. Moreover, talking in the context of heroes, there are four types: God, Human, Demon, Immortal, which are simply represented behind the heroes.


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The Story

Next in the game is the third main icon in the panel below, which is Story. Here begins the battle. The map pops up on half the screen, while a battle button is what catches attention. 


Tap on the battle button, and here you enter the field, holding your swords. Agin taps on the battle, and it begins. The battle is an automated one. What you need to do is, use those magic scrolls below at a crucial point to earn the win. Just keep in mind you get to use three cards per battle.


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The Adventure

Adventure icon is an interesting feature in the game, giving a variety of adventures other than the Story Campaign and the missions to go on. The Dungeon Exploration, Duel Circle, Demon King Tower, and Boss Raid are the various adventures offered, but the thing is, they unlock after clearing certain levels.


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The Summon

Tap on the 5th icon, ‘Summon’. Summon is the way to earn and only earn, be it the gems, acquiring the heroes of S grade or be it the A grade heroes that completely depends on the number of times.


Shop and Purchase


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The game ZIO And The Magic Scrolls features in-app purchases like every other game. The shop in the game offers things like Bono’s Bag, Story Pass, Quest Pass etc., for varying amounts of real cash. If you wish to buy them, simply follow: 


Tap on the shop option in the left corner at the top> a screen pops up giving items along with prices.


Whereas there is also a purchase option in the same left top corner, which features some bonuses and characters belonging to various grades. You must be wondering then how is the purchase option different from that of the shop. Well, this purchase option offers things on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.


The Dallies and other stuff

Each and every game spices up things by giving you small tasks with a pool of exciting and cool rewards. The same concept goes for the ZIO And The Magic Scrolls. You just need to know how to have to access those quests.


A list of items appear in the right corner where you could find a scroll-like an icon> tap on the scroll> a series of daily and weekly quests appear>read those and complete them> once completed, return to the same menu and press the Reward button to acquire the rewards.


Moreover, if you see at the right bottom corner, then there is more to discover. Just have a look at them one by one and do acquire the rewards.


Inventory A Must!

The game is AFK RPG., a battle fighting game that really needs to have great weapons, high power shields, defences etc., and for that, an inventory is a must-have thing. 


Tap on the bag icon in the right top corner> choose from the options: equipment, accessory, AFK item, and discover the inventory more.


Ranking and playing with friends

The game becomes interesting only when the ranking concept is there. This boosts the motivation and the craze in a player to make much better progress. In order to check your ranking, tap on the rank option in the top right corner and explore to find out where you really stand. If you are at the top, then that's great, but if you lack in the ranking, then my dear player, you need to buckle up!!


Further, if you wish to include your friends too, then the game gives you an opportunity to do so using Discord.


So, players, this was the guide for the game ZIO And The Magic Scrolls. We hope this will help you to get through and make your performance better.

Download ZIO and the Magic Scrolls on PC