ZIO And The Magic Scrolls Tips and Tricks for faster progress


ZIO And The Magic Scrolls, a creation by Super Planet is an AFK RPG-based game with the latest strategy. In an idle strategy-based game, there is an automated battle and skill use in the game. It’s all about becoming a magic scroll master, and when the battle situation starts to turn to dire, you just need to activate magic scrolls and there you go!! The enemies a high risk, hence you get an exhilarating special move to have the upper hand.




Originally, the game is based on one of your favourite webtoon series, “ The Magic Scroll Merchant Zio”. The main protagonist, ZIO although is an ordinary one yet extraordinary. The game is a journey of Zio to find out his actual identity, who is right now an ordinary scroll merchant. He goes on to explore the world map, basically the land of Aerok, which is full of magic wielded by wizards, sorcerers as well as rich people, which is subdivided in the game into four chapters, 22 episodes with fascinating and adventurous stories.


Moreover, level up the heroes with your teamwork and break the limit. Begin the adventure of unlocking the additional abilities by completing the heroes collection, but players, the collection is quite vast. The game also has some quirky features like the Madonna, the Lucas Lab, The Magic Guild, the Mage’s Tower, Duel Circle, etc. All of them have different functions to serve, and to know that you need to download and play the game from the Google Play Store. 


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The interesting fact about the game, which you must know, is that having ZIO in your team is completely your call. You are free to form your team. That’s cool!! And yes, how can we forget that the developers have paid great attention to the problems faced by the newbies. Keeping that in mind, there are tutorial sessions for you too. 


Now when you download the game and begin to play, the first step is to understand the game, its gameplay, and the mechanics. Once you begin to understand the game well, you want your progress to be efficient and a bit faster. Well, for that purpose, you need to know the secret tips and tricks. And it seems that you are at the right place. So in this article, we will be discussing the tips and tricks for the RPG-based ZIO And The Magic Scrolls. Let’s begin!


Join The Guild!

Joining the guild must be the foremost step you should take as soon as it is possible. It is really beneficial as it helps you get more privileges, more rewards and more events. The main thing you get from joining the guild id your stats really increase for the heroes through the training and the guild supporters.


Once you are a part of a guild, you become eligible to acquire six guild skills which are Combat Readiness, Warrior Training, Defense Training, EXP Acquisition 2, Gold Acquisition 2. Moreover, the guild members are a helping hand to perform better in the game, unlock guild levels and perform magic research. 


Well, we mentioned about the guild supporters. So once you unlock guild level 15, being a guild member, you become the guild supporter.


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Prioritise playing Dungeons, Dual Circles, Demon King Tower

This is a pro tip to the players that never miss out on the Dungeons, dual circles and the demon king tower. Well, as you tend to play more and more, you go on understanding the importance, but as a beginner, players often forget this attribute of the game. If you are thinking why is it important so you must know that these events really have a pool of rewards that too those which are quite rare. Moreover, every floor and level has a variety to offer. So just keep a check on them after a regular interval of time to beat the other players.


Recruit and Rerolling best heroes

The RPG based game ZIO And The Magic Scrolls has a wide range of heroes to prefer, but you may have discovered that the heroes are subdivided into 3 grades, where S grade is considered to be the highest. Well, you play the game, finish a battle and get a reward. Now here’s the twist!! Do you know which unit is going to be revealed as a reward? No!! This is where the game turns the level of excitement and curiosity. So here the trick and even a tip is that keep on shuffling and rerolling for the better grade hero as you receive them because  


You must very well know that the high-grade units have low chances to come as received. But whatever it is, you need to focus on recruiting high-grade units.


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Keep a balance 

What’s meant by balance? The balancing here refers to recruiting various types of heroes serving different functionalities. However, developer’s tend to form characters in such a way that each possess their own rare features, and that is what makes them unique in their own way. Similarly, in the case of ZIO And The Magic Scrolls, decision making is an important thing in forming your own team.


Although at the beginning of the journey you may realise that any hero in the team could be recruited, but this is not the scenario. As you will move forward in the game, you will soon start to realise that having the right heroes in the team is what really matter for your further progression.


Some more tips and tricks 

When you begin, you start with the tutorials, and hence once you are done with it, you are given 3000 diamonds as a reward. Try using those diamonds wisely because if the start is good, then it becomes easy to continue the journey. Spend them on the summons of 10times+1, focus on getting S rank heroes, try to acquire magic crystals EXP potions and keep on upgrading. Keep a check on the Bono Bag in this AFK game to get rewards like Gold, Magic Crystals etc.


Focus on increasing the grade of existing heroes using the team buff system. So, players, this was all for the article. We hope these tips and tricks will help you get through the game quickly.

Download ZIO and the Magic Scrolls on PC