Whiteout Survival Reroll Guide to Earn the Best Heroes - March 2023


Do you want to become better at Whiteout Survival? Then you better focus on getting the best heroes to handle your gameplay from start to end. Since you need to make a better defense for that fatal cold environment you face and have your survivors better aligned with some better roles, it is always good to have the best hero with you because they are playing a major role in the progress of your gameplay. And you will have to focus more on earning the best of them through the Whiteout Survival reroll.

Whiteout Survival Reroll Guide

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If we talk about Whiteout Survival, it is a survival strategy game where you have to face brutal cold weather. The global temperature has been really messed up here, and now we have so many challenges to live as a human society. You will have to do your best to survive and find more and more survivors to give them a better environment, and there are also many farming methods that reassure you that you are establishing this civilization again.

But after all, we need some better heroes here because there are many tasks we have to do in order to progress through the game, and that can only be done when you have the best heroes with you. And don’t forget about the PVP and PVE battles as well in this game because those cannot be beaten when you don’t have the right heroes with you. So, keep reading and play Whiteout Survival on PC through LDPlayer 9 if you want a better Whiteout Survival reroll method to earn your top heroes.

Whiteout Survival Reroll Method

Rerolling is a method by which you can earn powerful heroes, and this will flow like a cycle. You will follow through some steps and then go for the heroes, and if you haven’t gone for a desired goal, then you will have to repeat the cycle again. This is called a summoning system, and this method is going to be varied from one game to another too.

So in Whiteout Survival reroll, you will have to follow through some dedicated steps as well, which are relatively easy to follow up. They are very simple, and you can follow through them as follows.

  • Start the game as usual and you must ensure that you have started it with a guest account.

  • Go through the tutorial and finish it up.

  • If you have pre-registered for the Whiteout Survival, then you can visit your mailbox because there can be some of the pre-registration methods offered to you.

  • If you have earned any key from Hero Hall when you do Epic and Advanced Recruitments, use them here. So you can earn the heroes.

Whiteout Survival Reroll Method

  • If this allows you to earn the hero you have aimed for, you can stop the reroll and continue with the gameplay. But if you haven’t, you must reset the game. It can be done by logging out of the game and deleting all the app data. Then you can repeat the same reroll steps as we mentioned before.

How to Do a Speediest Whiteout Survival Reroll?

So, if you see this process taking much time and it makes you struggle through many, you can now do the Whiteout Survival reroll steps through the best android emulator: LDPlayer 9. The Multi-Instance Sync feature is specifically designed for this purpose. Playing the Whiteout Survival game through LDPlayer 9 and following the steps below will give you the speediest reroll.

  • Take LDPlayer 9, download, and install

  • Visit its LD Store

  • Search for your game there and download, install, and keep it without opening it.

  • Go to the LDPlayer menu and then to the feature called: LDMultiplayer. Here you can create copies of the game from different instances of the emulator.

How to Do a Speediest Whiteout Survival Reroll

  • You can create copies as many as you want, but please note that these copies take resources from your computer. It means that depending on your hard disk, you may have to limit the copies you create, and the recommended amount of copies here is 4

  • Then go to the Synchronizer option so that you can start your game from all the copies that you have created to the game by syncing them all together with

  • And now that you are set with all the easiest options for reroll start the game and follow up through all the reroll steps as we mentioned.

This is how you can easily and quickly go for the heroes you aim for to have a quick Whiteout Survival level up, and there is no need to wait longer with the traditional reroll.


And this is how you are going to do your Whiteout Survival reroll, and if you want to make it quick and better, now you know where to look for as well. The best heroes always make you win through the game, and if you know how to earn them quickly, that will be a game changer. So do your rerolls today, and don’t forget to make it with LDPlayer 9.

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