What is the Best Healer to Use in Cookie Run Kingdom


The Cookie Run Kingdom game is an Action Role-Playing Game (ARPG) mixed with gacha aspects that make any game very interesting. As its name says, the game is about many cookie heroes with unique abilities that make the battle easier. Since the game has many cookies in different cookie classes, Defense, Healer, Bomber, Charge, Magic, Support, and Ambush, we have decided to tell you about healer class cookies that can be selected as the Cookie Run Kingdom's best healer. 





Healers are very important on battlefields because once the cookies in the team get attacked, players can heal the teammates with their inherited primary skills. The healer cookies are mainly used to increase the health points (HP) of the other cookies in the team, and also they can activate shields that can absorb the damage by others. So, it’s better to know what cookies can be nominated for the Cookie Run Kingdom best healer. 

After this guide, we know the knowledge players can get about the best cookie healers in this game and how to improve their skills by applying several toppings. But the best way to play the game with boosted gaming experience in all the battles is playing it through the best android emulator LDPlayer. Now, it’s time to see what cookie has the higher qualities to be the Cookie Run Kingdom's best healer. 


Pure Vanilla Cookie for the Cookie Run Kingdom Best Healer

This is the ancient cookie that wears the crown of the Cookie Run Kingdom's best healer from the beginning of the game. This cookie is hard to find and obtain, but once you obtain it, it’s your luck. The Pure Vanilla Cookie needs good battle coverage if the players need to unleash its full power. 



This cookie has a 19 seconds cooldown which does not seem reasonable. But forget about cooldown time because the Pure Vanilla Cookie plays a massive role in battles. We will explain more about his abilities. 

He can heal 99% of the attack damage done to his allies and heal everyone’s health points within three seconds while shielding them. So, try to get the Pure Vanilla Cookie to your team to have lots of advantages on the battlefields. 

Players can try the Swift Chocolate and Solid Almond to this cookie as toppings that help reduce the cooldown time. 

As we talked about how hard it is to obtain this cookie, we will explain to you how to get them. Players can obtain Pure Vanilla Cookies by collecting their soulstones, and obtaining these soulstones can be done only through the gacha system or arena store. 


Sparkling Cookie for Cookie Run Kingdom Best Healer

The next one we selected to be in this guide is the Sparkling Cookie, which is expensive to buy in the game. This cookie has a speed cooldown of thirteen seconds which is so quick and beneficial. 



Undoubtedly, we can recommend all the players to put this in any team, and this cookie hero won’t regret you with his unique skills. The Sparkling Cookie has the ability to heal the damage done by attacks for 139%. He can heal the two of his team members entirely even in his lower state of health, which is incredible. 

His healing skills can boost the hit damage of the entire team by 25% for seven seconds, and the best topping for this cookie is the Swift Chocolate, which can increase the attack damage. The players can collect this cookie by the gacha system or by collecting soulstones.

Herb Cookie for Cookie Run Kingdom Best Healer

This is a pretty and cute cookie the players will find in this Cookie Run Kingdom game, and he’s the one who always maintains the kingdom more greenly. Not only is he cute, but he’s also a good healer player who can use it in battles. If the player needs to maximize his skills, you can couple him up with Clover Cookie, his best friend. 



Herb Cookie has a cooldown time of 17 seconds and can heal the 44% of the attack damage done while removing debuffs. The most remarkable thing Herb Cookies do on the battlefield is, spreading healing seeds that can heal the entire team. 

The best toppings for this cookie are Searing Raspberry and Solid Almond, which will help increase the attack speed and damage resistance. 

Custard Cookie 3 for the Cookie Run Kingdom Best Healer


According to the information, Custard Cookie 3 is not easygoing and always wants to be treated like a king. Also, he’s charming when he acts like a child. Custard Cookie 3 has a cooldown time of 16 seconds and can heal 113% of the attack damage. 



He can also perform a shield that can absorb enemy health points for three seconds and heal the two allies with the lowest health status. Searing Raspberry is the topping suitable for this cookie that increases the attack speed efficiently. Players can access this cookie freely at the beginning of the game, and considering the overall performance, Custard Cookie 3 is an excellent healer to use as a starter. 

If you need to improve this cookie, upgrade him with the soulstones to affect battles efficiently. 

Angel Cookie for Cookie Run Kingdom Best Healer

When considering the other healers mentioned in this guide, Angel Cookie is no match for them. She has a 15 seconds cooldown time that is quite interesting, although she can only heal 50% of her attacks. That’s something sad about her, and her tier is a common tier that makes her very low in stats. 



But she can increase the health levels of every cookie in the team, which also happens in a lower percentage. But this Angel Cookie looks so pretty and loveable. Players can use Swift Chocolate as a topping to this cookie to increase her attack damage.

If you want to know some more about every cookie in the Cookie Run Kingdom, refer to our Cookie Run Kingdom tier list for this game.

Earn the Cookie Run Kingdom Best Healer With LDPlayer

Earning cookies using the summoning system is not easy in this Cookie Run Kingdom game because of its gacha gaming elements. The players will exhaust themselves by spending more time summoning their favorite and best cookies in this game. But let us give you a simple solution for this problem: the best android emulator LDPlayer. 

There are lots of new tools that will make the gameplay more straightforward and comfier in LDPlayer. The Multi-instance Sync tool here makes it easy to summon the Cookie Run Kingdom best healer faster by allowing the players to run multiple in-game accounts simultaneously, creating clones of the game. 



Cookie Run Kingdom is a cute game with so many cookies with so many classes. But we have chosen the healer class cookies from this recommendation guide. All these are the best ones out of other cookies, and the choice is in your hands whether to choose what as the healer in your cookie team.

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