Tower of Fantasy Pre-Registration is Out for Global


We know you have been waiting for so long until there is proper news for the Tower of Fantasy release, and here is a good piece of news for you. Tower of Fantasy pre-registration finally comes to android and iOS, and now it is going live on their official website. It is not a surprise if this game comes out with fascinating features because this will be the second successful project made by the huge Genshin Impact developers.





To the players who want to know a bit about the Tower of Fantasy game, let us introduce a little bit of the game. This is an open-world RPG game set to be a huge challenge for the Genshin Impact, and there will be a lot of adventurous experiences to grab in this world. It comes with a gacha system, and huge attention will be given to the multiplayer aspect. We, as the players, have to defeat domains as well as clear the domains with our best characters. And we are going to have the help from people to make this a success.

This Tower of Fantasy game is coming to the global android and iOS users, and rewards will be offered for every pre-registration. Now there is a prediction for the game to have an official launch for the global market as well. So here we have described everything we gathered for this huge release, and let's get an idea of the pre-registration details, the pre-registering method, and the offers we would get from it as follows.

Tower of Fantasy Pre-Registration

Tower of Fantasy pre-registration can be done by visiting the official web page of the Tower of Fantasy and from its pre-registration page. There you can see a blank text box where you can find your email address. And then, the pre-registration process will be verified through a link that has been sent to your email. When the game officially comes out, pre-registered players will be informed with a reminder email.



You can confirm your registration by typing the email address you used before and by submitting it. So you can see a message like "Email has been registered" after submitting the mail.

You can also use three different methods for the pre-registration of Tower of Fantasy from the Steam Page, Google Play Store, and from Epic Games.

Once the game has been released, please take it to your best free emulator: LDPlayer, as it comes with all the features, you need to optimize and advance an RPG gameplay with the best features.

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Tower of Fantasy Pre-Registration Rewards

As a celebration of this release, the game will release several rewards levels, which will be based on the number of users who have been registered to the game. When there are more pre-registrations, the game will launch many valuable items when it is launched. So the rewards are as follows.


  • 500,000 pre-registrations – 2x Black Nucleus, an Astra Frame, 2888x Gold, and 10x Wholegrain Bread


  • 1 million pre-registrations – 3x Black Nucleus, a Limited Title, 4x Weapon Battery III, 10x Fried Chicken


  • 1.5 million pre-registrations – an Avatar Zeke, 3888x Gold, 3x Gold Nucleus, and 10x Sizzling Meat


  • 2 million pre-registrations – 10x Crispy Grilled Fish, a Jetpack Paint Orion, 4x Weapon Battery III, and 3x Gold Nucleus


  • 2.5 million pre-registrations – 4x Gold Nucleus, a Star Sand outfit, 6888x Gold, and 10x Net Tea

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When is Tower of Fantasy Released to the Global?

The game's developers are promising to release a launch in quarter 3 of 2022, and there is a high expectation for the game to release an early mobile version. Since the second closed beta test for Tower of Fantasy has ended recently on the 26th of June, we don't think that it will take so long to release the game to the world. It should be coming soon.

If you would love to see and learn about the gameplay and have a walkthrough of the game, we can recommend to you our beginner guide of Tower of Fantasy from here, as it includes everything you want to know.


So get ready. Tower of Fantasy pre-registration is going live now and take your part there to have some amazing rewards from the game's launch. The hype is so big, and we know you were waiting for a global launch to happen. This time is dedicated to that. Here is your chance to grab the game.

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