The Legends of Neverland Classes Skills Guide


The Legends of Neverland is an MMORPG game published last year; it contains numerous unique gameplay elements in addition to sharing gameplay and visual elements with Gunshine. Here, players can swap between their characters whenever they want and can mix their skills and attacks.






Character creation is the first step for adventurers in The Legend of Neverland. You may select from various styles and traits to create the character you prefer. Test out the many armors and outfits included in the game to discover how amazing your character will appear in the future. Now that we are more familiar with the game let's discuss the subject we are here to discuss.


The Legends of Neverland Classes


The Legends of Neverland has four classes for its players to choose from. Each class has access to four distinct types of weaponry. They are known as Archer, Craftsman, Gladiator, and Scholar.


The Legends of Neverland classes are more intriguing because each of these classes may equip three different sorts of weaponry, and you can swap between them in the middle of combat. The class and players' abilities will also change when you change the weapon.


Pick three interchangeable weapons that players can use at any time. It will be advantageous to the player during combat. Using passive skills with other types of equipment yields superior results to active skills. To increase the effectiveness of the original skills, you can use skill awakening to activate the current skill. To enhance the character's attributes, use a passive skill.

  • Passive skill – Every class has a unique passive skill that can raise your character's stats. Once engaged, passive skills are usable by all classes.


  • Skill awakening – Active skills can be awakened after achieving the necessary level. The initial skill will awaken to a more potent skill after finishing the awakening quest.



How LDPlayer Can Improve the Legends of Neverland


With LDPlayer, Create a Record a Macro command to anything you do in the game; for example, changing characters or weapons in the middle of the match is not even a problem; you can do it with just one press of a key. 


Combat of the game is the most loved part even though you can auto-battle; where is the fun in that? With the Keyboard Mapping feature, you can assign keys to every attack and get the actual fighting game experience set up one, two, three, and E, F, G, and Q as the skills activating keys; we guarantee this would make playing the game much more fun and engaging.


If you desire to advance yet feel unmotivated? The game has auto traveling; you can exploit it with the Mini-Mode And Operation Recorder. The first thing you do is Recode an operation to click on skip and to click on quests, then edit the setting of the record to Run until close, then press Ctrl + F1 and have it pinned. 


The Legends of Neverland Classes Skills


You will encounter a lot of different skills in The Legends of Neverland classes, and to use them effectively, you must understand them all thoroughly. We provide explanations of each class's skill points to assist you in making the finest character possible.


Class Gladiator



The young Gladiator is using her sword to illuminate the battlefield. These Legends of Neverland classes are skilled in close-quarters fighting and display the most remarkable abilities to demolish anything they come across. Gladiator employs the sword as its primary weapon in this game, and it has access to five different talents.


Gladiators each attack has a termination effect which does 15 percent greater damage to enemies when their health is below 35 percent.




Punitive Chop

This ability unleashes an energy sword that strikes the units in front, knocking them back and doing damage. 


This skill damages and stuns the enemies around for 5 seconds.

Corrupted Land

Corrupted Land deals 5x damage to all the enemies around it. 

Combo Hit

Attack the adversaries in front.

Air Raid

Charge at enemies dealing severe damage instantly to the enemies. When the character gets close to their targets, they can do 3X damage.


Class Ranger



Ranger is a flying falcon to the battle, and their arrows towards the prey strategically. They are good with mobility and agility, and Rangers find the exact weakness of enemies to kill them with a one-shot. Ranger uses a sword as their weapon, and they have five skills.




Hunters Mark

Each assault by the Ranger Deals 30% of the attack's damage every 5 seconds for more than 20 seconds due to the Hunters mark.

Vortex Arrow

We are dealing damage to targets and adding Hunter's mark effect to the skill that will affect the targets. 

Shattering Arrow

This skill damages the enemies in the front area, and there is an added Hunter's Mark effect with this. 

Roundhouse Kick,

This is dealing damage to the in-front opponents and knocking them back.

Shifting Bolt

We are dealing three times the damage on opponents around. And also, this skill immobilizes the enemies for over 5 seconds. 

Multi Arrows

Cause damage to increase by 5X and apply Hunter's Mark.


Class Scholar



In The Legends of Neverland classes, skilled wizards are scholars. They carry magic, and they contain a lot of secrets that may do a lot of harm. This class excels at casting a spell from a distance to beat the opposition. The scholar's talents are as follows: they utilize a book as a weapon.





Fireball is firing big balls at the area target, damaging the enemies within that area.

Freezing Spell

It was freezing the surrounding area with ice and inflicting damage and freezing enemies for over one second.

Thunder Sacrifice

Releasing a light around you will deal with six-time damage to enemies within that area.

Pious Light

It takes care of itself and encircles the friends who can counter the attack.


The Legends of Neverland Classes Craftsman



His primary alchemies are based on the gun's basic operating principles because this class employs guns as weapons. He can activate four different elemental qualities, and Craftsman may quickly wipe off foes by unleashing a barrage of weapons. And these are their skills: 


When the adversary is subject to a Weakness debuff, Craftsman's damage is increased by 4 to 20% for each opponent with a stack of debuffs.




Blasting Sparkle

Blast the opponents before you, rendering them vulnerable for more than 5 seconds. Additionally, weakness negatively influences an enemy's healing abilities.

Flamy Charge

This power shifts the opponents' locations while doing double damage. The targets may also become more susceptible as a result. 

Scorching Blast

It is causing vulnerability effects on the enemy up front and dealing damage to them.

Blazing Fire

To prevent the healing effects, summon a hydra that deals damage all around it.

Blood Restraint 

Restore HP equivalent to the damage dealt while dealing damage to the nearby opponents for five seconds. A vulnerability effect should also be applied to enemies.  


Best Classes to Choose from


The Gladiator class would be the greatest if we were to compare The Legends of Neverland classes for fighting. This class will be better at fighting in the game, and they have the best abilities to decimate their foes on a large scale. Additionally, gladiators are capable of massive destruction, making them invaluable in PVE and crucial stages of battles.


The second choice is the Ranger class, which is more suited for combat in the middle of the field. Due to their superior fighting skills, Rangers are often utilized in place of Gladiators since they are adept at identifying the enemy's weak spots.


The third group is the scholar class. Scholars are more qualified for covert attacks on adversaries. They can trap the adversaries, which lets you organize your attack from a distance. These are the healers in the game, and they use magic to deliver harm to the opposition.


The craftsman class excels in crowd management in the game because they can quickly dispose of their enemies. Additionally, this class is suitable for striking the front opponent because they can vaporize enemies outside the zone.


Each of The Legends of Neverland classes is appropriate for particular situations and serves a distinct function inside the game. But if you're seeking a class that can handle the game the best, we suggest either the Gladiator or the Craftsman.




For now, we will conclude our The Legends of Neverland classes skills guide; we will meet you with another guide; until then, we wish you farewell.

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