Everything you need to know about Tank Itemization - LOL: Wild Rift


LOL: Wild Rift is one of those games which don't need any introduction whatsoever. The game is developed by the famous RIOT GAMES, famous for PC Games like Valorant, League of Legends, etc.


Everything you need to know about Tank Itemization - LOL: Wild Rift


The game itself brings a whole new level of fun and graphics to the table with new features and much more. One of the many reasons for it to be so famous is because of free-to-play favor.


LOL: Wild Rift specifically targets free-to-play players and gives them the importance they require by offering multiple chances to win different items in the game, including Skins. Today, we will share every piece of information we have regarding Tank Itemization. So, without wasting time. Let's dive right into it.


Basics about Tanks:


There are not a lot of Tanks available in LOL: Wild Rift for now, but developers at RIOT are working hard to introduce every League of Legends champion in LOL: Wild Rift too.


Tanks are the most difficult to build in LOL: Wild Rift and the reason is that it depends on the situation, and if you don't have the knowledge of items, you will be using the same items, which is the first reason for losing a lot.


There are two types of tanks in the game: Beefy and Squishy:


⦁    Beefy (More HP) tanks are your front-line champions, and they can take a lot of damage in team fights. A fine example of Beefy Tank is Dr. Mundo.


⦁    Squishy (More Damage but Low HP) tanks are not your front-line champions and can die faster than Beefy Tanks, but they tend to deal more damage. However, these are not your DPS champions. A fine example of Squishy Tank is Amumu. If played correctly, this little smurf can take down all five players.


Everything you need to know about Tank Itemization - LOL: Wild Rift


Tanks Available in LOL: Wild Rift:


The following are the Tank available in LOL: Wild Rift:


⦁    Alistar

⦁    Amumu

⦁    Blitzcrank

⦁    Barum

⦁    Dr. Mundo

⦁    Garen

⦁    Gargas

⦁    Malphite

⦁    Nasus

⦁    Shyvana

⦁    Singed

⦁    Xin Zhao


Boots and Enchant:


First in our Tank Itemization List is Boots. Boots are of the utmost importance when it comes to Tanks. The extra damage reduction and tenacity you get from Boots is quite important in early and late games.


  • Ninja Tabi provides a 10% damage reduction from basic attacks. It might seem like nothing but imagine this reduction at level 9 or 10 when you have a lot of Health. You must pick these Boots if the enemy team doesn't have champions with good CC ability.


  • Mercury Treads provides Tenacity, which reduces the duration of fears, taunts, stuns, slows, blinds, immobilize, and silence by 30%. You can pick these Boots if the enemy lineup has two to three good CC ability champions.


Everything you need to know about Tank Itemization - LOL: Wild Rift


Boot Enchantment:


Boot Enchantment is not preferred in the early game as they are most useful in team fights, which usually happens in the late game.


  • Locket Enchant provides you and all nearby allied champions a shield for 2.5 seconds from140-420 damage. After that, you can use the enchant for the next 60 seconds cooldown. This enchant is for the situation when the enemy team has too many AoE attacks, or you want to provide a shield to your carry.


  • Glorious Enchant provides enhanced movement speed by 15% for 4 seconds. It also increases your movement speed by 60% towards turrets and enemy champions. The best part about Glorious enchant is that it emits a shockwave, which slows down nearby enemies by 50% for 2 seconds; however, it happens after 4 seconds or upon reaching near enemies. You can use this enchant on Amumu and Malphite.


  • Quicksilver Enchant provides you with crowd control and gives you 50% increased movement speed for 1.5 seconds. This enchant is useful in the late game and during team fights. Ninja Tabi, along with Quicksilver Enchant, is the way to go against heavy attackers and one CC ability champion.


  • Gargoyle Enchant is the way to go if you are a solo tank in your team or you can't seem to stay alive to help your team. It increases your health by 40%, reduces damage dealt by 60% for 4 seconds, and increases maximum health by 100% if there are three or more enemy champions nearby. This is the best enchant for late game team fights, and the best part is you can use it on any tank you are playing.


  • Teleport Enchant allows you to teleport your champions to an ally's champion, ward, or structure. Teleport enchant quite useful against solo pushers or in helping your team or a lane.


Everything you need to know about Tank Itemization - LOL: Wild Rift


Itemization Against Physical Damage:


Let's talk about itemization against physical damage. Physical damage is when three or more than three opponents have Physical Damage ability.


⦁   Sunfire Cape is top on the list in most situations when fighting against Physical Damage Champions or laner. It provides you 400 max health, 40 armor, and Immolate passive. Immolate passive deals magic damage to nearby enemies between 25-40/sec, depending on your level. It also deals 50% extra damage to bonus and monsters, making it a lot easier to push minion waves and farming jungle. Sunfire Cape is one of the best items you should buy against physical damage champions.


⦁  Randuin's Omen is the best pick for DR. Mundo and Malphite as it increases their level of threat, and that's what you need in team fights. It provides you 50 Armor and 400 health and 15% damage from critical strikes, and 15% attack speed.


Itemization Against Magical Damage:


Itemization against Magical Damage is when three or more than three opponents have Magical Damage ability, which is commonly known as AP (Ability Power).


⦁    Abyssal Mask is the best pick in most situations as it provides you everything you need against an AP opponent or lineup. Abyssal Mask also provides you 10% Cooldown reduction, 300 health, 300 mana, and 40 magic resistance. The best part about this item is its passive, which restores 15% mana of damage taken and restores 20% health of mana spent. Abyssal Mask is considered to be the best first item against an AP laner.


⦁    Spirit Visage is quite beneficial for tanks like Malphite, Dr. Mundo, Zac, etc. This item alone provides you Cooldown reduction, health, health regeneration, magic resistance, and Blessed passive; it increases drain effect on yourself, healing, and regen by 30%.


⦁    Adaptive Helm's is famous for its Adaptive passive; Taking magic damage reduces all subsequent magic damage from that same ability by 15% for 4seconds, which is great for reducing damage in team fights, especially if there is Aurelion Sol in the opponent's team.


Late game Best Item for Tanks:


Everything you need to know about Tank Itemization - LOL: Wild Rift


It usually depends on the situation, but Warmog's Armor has been proven to be the best tank item for the late game, and the reason is it's passive Warmog's Heart.


It regenerates 5% of your hp if you have at least 2500 max health and you haven't taken damage within the last 6 seconds. It provides the chance to fight multiple times without going back to your base. You can engage in fights, and they stay back to regenerate your health while your opponent will have to go back or stay in the lane with low hp.


A tank jungler really benefits from this ability as he has to fight monsters and opponents more often than any other laner.




LOL: Wild Rift provides you multiple options with the build; you can build any items of your liking on any champion you want. Some champions are versatile in LOL: Wild Rift, meaning you can build AP Damage or Physical Damage, but League of Legends PC pro players have shown some unbelievable builds like Physical Damage on AP Champion and vice versa.


But they have the experience to make it worth it. You can also try crazy builds and runes on your champions and combine them with your strategy to show your skills.

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