Tales of Luminaria - Guide to Characters and Gameplay Tips

2021-11-14 Content Collaboration

Tales of Luminaria is a brand new Tales anime RPG game from Bandai Namco Entertainment launched in a limited number of areas on Android and iOS while players wait for a global release. There are up to 21 protagonists to pick from in this high-quality anime RPG.


Although the Tales series of games has not captured the interest of many mobile users, it has piqued the curiosity of many over the years. Tales of Luminaria has 21 protagonists, each of them will have its episode.


Tales of Luminaria is still not available for the global audience, and while the game is currently available for select regions, there have been numerous reports on the game being beset by bugs and connectivity issues from certain players. Regardless, fans of the highly acclaimed Tales of Crestoriawill welcome this new installment with open arms as it adds another Tale series title to the Tale genre in mobile gaming. 


So if you’re seeking a new adventure and have been waiting for this game for months after its announcement, this article is a beginner’s guide to help you know which character to choose and give you helpful battle and equipment summoning tips. So without wasting any more time, let’s dive into it. 


Tales of Luminaria Mobile Game


The Primary Characters

In Tales of Luminaria, you can’t summon characters because there’s nothing to summon. All the characters are entirely free to use at any time in the game. The game offers characters or protagonists with all kinds of battle styles, but you must first figure out which character to use that’ll make playing the game an enjoyable experience. 


There are many characters to choose from in Tales of Luminaria, and while they’re all free to use right off the bat, it can be difficult picking a character you want to stick with throughout the game. Ultimately, every character in this game is considered viable and special at their unique skill at the very least, but you’ll have to check their stats carefully to determine your primary protagonist. 


Since each of the characters possesses their unique skills and gameplay, you can decide to use each of them separately and decide who to stick with. Eventually, you’ll reach a point in the game where you must’ve played with each character, so why not start early on. So the best way to go with choosing your preferred character is to check their respective stats and decide for yourself. But if you can’t, then below are the list of primary characters that you can choose from:


Leo Fourcade


Leo is a promising fighter that attacks his enemies with his simple yet deadly katana. His normal attack is a mere slash, but he can charge towards enemies with a devastating thrust, especially if he possesses the Mystical Arte. 


Tales of Luminaria Leo Fourcade


Celia Arvier


Celia attacks with her bow and arrows. You can attack enemies with her by clicking on the screen swipes when the bow is in her hands. After the circle above your target enemy has enclosed, you will then release the now. Note that accurate timing is vital if you want to deal great damage towards enemies with Celia. And a good thing about her abilities is that once her blue bar fills up, then there’s no longer a need to charge her attacks.


Tales of Luminaria Celia Arvier


Michelle Bouquet


If you’re playing as a caster, you’ll want to play the game using Michelle. By holding the screen, you can increase her blue bar therapy, which can also be done to unlock the next tier of her unique abilities, allowing her to deal more damage to enemies. 


Tales of Luminaria Michelle Bouquet


Rerolling: Is it Necessary?

As mentioned, you can’t summon characters in Tales of Luminaria. The game’s gacha element includes all kinds of gear and accessories like weapons and costumes. Rerolling, on the other hand, isn’t for everyone. In fact, some players detest the act and label it unfair as they believe it’s best to stick with whatever equipment or character you get after the summons and enjoy the game with such. 


But on the other hand, many players also prefer to reroll and get new preferable equipment. So if you do decide to Reroll, What you should be aiming for is a 5-star costume(s). These costumes make a character more powerful and activate the Mystic Arte ability, increasing their damage in attacks and special attacks.


If you decide not to reroll and stick to the equipment you are given, let’s say you get 2-star or 3-star equipment, you should be fine as time goes by. You will eventually have many opportunities to get either 4-star or 5-star equipment as you play. Many of these opportunities will be in your control as you can decide to spend your in-game currencies on summons. 


If you decide to Reroll, note that Leo and Celia are the two characters, you’ll kick off the game’s first mission with, so we suggest you aim and try to get a 4-5 star rarity costume for them. The same should be done for Alexandra and August since the two of them are the first playable characters that you’ll use from the Gilldlan Empire, so you should prepare them to be as powerful as possible to save EXP. 


Gameplay / Battle Tips

Tales of Luminaria offers two aspects; Exploration and combat. You can explore by simply pressing and holding it anywhere on the screen. Combat, on the other hand, is a little more complicated compared to exploration. Since each character has their unique skill set, we’ll focus on the game’s primary protagonist Leo Fourcade and use him to give you the battle tips. 


Tales of Luminaria Gameplay


Using Charged Attack: To use this, all you need to do is hold down the button to perform a charge attack. If you perform it into a tap, it will become a high-damage basic attack. 


Counter: To perform an attack, all you need to do is click on a reactionary command button to initiate a counter. 


Dodge: To evade incoming attacks, simply flicking to any direction will allow your character to evade any telegraphed enemy attacks quickly. 

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