Tales of Grimm Tips and Tricks with Best Strategies


Have you heard of Tales of Grimm? It’s a narrative game that comes with the genre of Role-Playing Gacha. As this game depends more on strategies, the possibility of having trouble when playing this game is a common issue. To solve this, you need something that eases your gameplay and we thought having some Tales of Grimm tips will be the solution for this. 






Here, you play the role of Dreamer, and as a dreamer, you must build your own story in the Land of Oz. You have to go to explore this land not alone but with your heroes. Many hidden mysteries are waiting for you to be unveiled by you, and this is where the game gets pretty tricky. This will be the point you will feel the need for Tales of Grimm tips. 


Another eye-catching thing here is the characters. Players can collect fairies with unique abilities and through this guide, we will share many tips that will help everyone to choose the best one among these characters and you will surely understand what are the vitals to win this game because now you have our Tales of Grimm tips, there’s nothing to worry about losing any more. Let’s go further.


Focusing on Hero Roles

There are many hero roles in the Tales of Grimm and these heroes are classified into four prominent roles. As we promised to give you the best Tales of Grimm tips, we will tell more about these hero roles.


  • Guardian: they are the heroes with more enduring and defending abilities and they will be playing as the tank in battles.


  • Mage: these heroes are specialized in attacking enemies within a more extended range.


  • Warrior: they are the ones who excel in attacking, as their name says.



  • Support: these are the backbone of the team that supports the team from the backstage and help to heal or act as a shield. 


All the characters you find in this game have been categorized into different tiers by considering their overall performance. And they can be known by a separate tier list created for Tales of Grim from here.  


Taking the Best Performance from Every Class

So if you wonder how you can have the best performance from your respective hero classes, we recommend the LDPlayer. Here if you use them in fights, you need to go with the Keyboard Macros as it helps them to restrain from repeating actions. And every repeating action will be done with one key. 


Go with the Keyboard Mapping feature for better moving and control for each game element. It doesn't care about the default game controls, and you can also put some shortcuts for all your controls and the movements. So the maximum output from a player can be taken by utilizing these two features. 


Line-up Arrangements


Choosing the best line-up arrangement formation is one of the best Tales of Grimm tips we will share with you because this directly affects your gameplay's success. The players cannot use the same appearance and the same heroes in every squad, and there are six formations in total.


The player must select one Guardian for the front-line battling and two support heroes for the main line-up. When you progress in the game, you can unlock many line-up arrangements, and the second form will be opened when you surpass level 20. In the second formation, you can put two guardians in the front row with only one support role and the other formations will be unlocked when you reach levels 30, 40, 50, and 60. 


Upgrading and Training Your Heroes

Upgrading and Training heroes are also among the Tales of Grimm tips players should keep following. We all know that the more stats the hero has, the more probability of winning the battle. Do not miss to upgrade the heroes whenever you get the chance to do it because it can increase your hero stats.


We will tell you another thing that you should add to the must-do list. It is, do not forget to train your heroes. Even though the hero is powerful, that doesn't mean the hero doesn't belong to training sessions. Players must train players to sharpen their skills no matter how strong the hero is. 



Learn Heroic Elements

Learning about the elements heroes possess is very important, like upgrading the heroes, and this is also among the best Tales of Grimm tips players must focus on. 


There are six elements,

  • Air
  • Fire
  • Light
  • Water
  • Darkness
  • Earth


Players must pay attention to these elements when arranging the heroic teams for battles, combining the elements in the correct portion to have the best team play. 



Each element has its unique strengths and abilities that make them unique and to conquer bosses in every stage, consideration of these elements is a must. 


Upgrading the Dreamer

One of the best Tales of Grimm tips is, upgrading the dreamer. As mentioned above, the player is called the Dreamer in Tales of Grimm, and spending considerable time on this game to complete different tasks will help to level up. You will start the game in the rank of "Wanderer." But leveling up in this game gives you dream medals that increase the rank of Dreamer.


You will be given many rewards like free heroes when ranking up and another thing is that leveling up in the game means unlocking many new modes as;


  • Six line-up formations.


  • Magic Tower: this is the place where players can upgrade and remove heroes.


  • The Wonder Crystal: the player can summon heroes here.


  • Wonder Stalk: this is a tower challenge. As the player, all you need to do here is challenge all the monsters in this tower.


  • Crystal Lake: defeating monsters here will reward you with many valuable resources. 



Joining a Guild

The next one of the Tales of Grimm tips we share with you is about guilds. Joining a guild gives the player many rewards. These are the benefits coming from it.


  • Exchange: when you join a guild, you can ask for any resource you need from your guild friends, and you can help other guild members too. 


  • Guild War: in the Tales of Grimm, there are competitions among guilds, called guild wars. Until the given period finishes, all the members in the guild should work hard to up their ranks against other guilds and the rewards will be shown after a specific time according to the ranks of the guilds. 


  • Dungeons: this is an essential thing to the players and the guild. Challenging dungeons will give you guild points to upgrade the guild's skills and coins to buy necessities from the shop. 



Commonly Used Tales of Grimm Tips

  • Explore more in the land of Oz because there are many hidden secrets in this land and there are many modes in the game you have to unlock by exploring.


  • There is a ranking system in this game and when you rank up in the game, you will gain many rewards. So try to rank up in the game for the best.


  • In the idle reward system of this game, rewards can be earned when you are offline. All you need to do is log in to the game twice daily. 


  • Always check the power of your team. The player can decide whether they will win or lose the battle by comparing the team's power with the opponent's team power. 



Let’s say this is the end of the guide, but before that, We'll tell you one more amazing trick. Your heroes will fight until they win battles even though you don't control them. Exclusive features like this cannot be found anywhere but only in Tales of Grimm.  

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