6 Ways to Stay Healthy As a Gamer

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To become a successful gamer, you should take proper care of your mental and physical health. Poor posture while gaming may lower your lung capacity, cause pain in your back and shoulders, affecting your performance. If you don't take precautions, you may experience hand injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome. However, it’s your responsibility as a gamer to ensure you stay healthy and in good shape. In this article, you’ll find ways to stay healthy as a gamer.


1.Ensure a perfect gaming setup

A proper gaming setup not only improves your gaming experience but also enhances good health. Consider getting a good gaming desk and a comfortable chair to improve your posture and accessibility, eliminating chances of low lung capacity and body pain. Consider donating any furniture that isn't ideal for gaming to charitable organizations such as the Salvation Army Donation Pickup. You may also equip your game room with things like a gaming keyboard, quality headsets, and an appropriate monitor for overall proper physical health and improved performance.


2.Take breaks

The excitement to play new games can be overwhelming, prompting you to play for long hours without breaks. Staring at the screen for long hours can strain your eyes, cause headaches, and affect your posture. Consider taking breaks between your gaming sessions and seek medical attention if you begin to experience any health issues.


3.Stay hydrated

Water is essential for crucial body functions. Experiencing headaches, dizziness, body pain, and sore eyes and joints can be side effects of dehydration. Consider replacing your favorite coffee, juices, and other sugary drinks for better health and more energy.


4.Engage in regular physical activity

Exercise is generally good for your health and fitness. Since gamers spend most of their time sitting, performing regular home workouts, or signing up in a gym can be great for your mental and physical health. This will help improve your posture, lung capacity and counter the effects associated with prolonged gaming sessions.


5.Perform hand exercises

Prolonged gaming leads to the repetitive thumb and hand injuries that may keep you out of gaming forever. Consider doing exercises like prayer position stretch to loosen your wrists and forearms.

To perform this stretch, put your fingers and arms together with the fingers pointed upwards and elbows pointing upward as if you're praying. Hold for 30 seconds or more and increase the intensity by slowly lowering your hands while keeping them together. Other hand exercises to consider are reverse prayer position stretch, supine flexors stretch, pronated extensions stretch, joint distraction stretch, wrist joint circles, and thumb extensor stretch. Regularly perform these exercises for pain-free fingers and wrists.


6.Don’t forget to rest and have a social life

Some gamers become so addicted to gaming that they don’t have a social life, enough time to eat or sleep. Spending prolonged time alone may make you feel isolated, making you prone to stress. Having a social network of family and friends helps you deal with stress while taking a break from gaming. Consider giving yourself time to enjoy healthy meals with friends and family and get enough sleep.



As a gamer, it’s your responsibility to ensure your health and wellbeing. Use these tips to stay healthy as a gamer.  

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