Rush Royale: Tower Defense TD Beginner's Guide for Getting Started

2022-01-19 Content Collaboration

Rush Royale: Tower Defence TD is a mobile TD game developed by Russian Dev Firm IT Territory and published by My.Games. It's a fantasy Tower Defense game that includes the elements of fantasy, strategy & deckbuilding. It is made by the developers of mobile hits like Evolution: Battle for Utopia & HAWK: Freedom Squadron.




Today in this beginner's guide, we will discuss getting started with game, rewards, gameplay, characters, etc. So let's start right away.


Rush Royale: Tower Defence TD Mobile Game


Getting started with the game

Rush Royale offers you a Tower Defense game like no other, and the towers are replaced by mighty warriors & wizards. Compared to previous TD's, this is a competitive twist, where you will rush against your best friends or worst foes. The first one to complete the castle defense wins the game. In a way, it's a real-time PvP defense which you will see in a few TD games only. The game is a unique combination of a turret defense and a collectible card game.


In the game, you have to protect your castle from powerful enemies using a small army of mages, archers & warriors. The battle consists of two real-time modes of PvP & Co-op. In PvP, you will compete against another player & defend your gate. In co-op, you will be united with another player to face the waves of the most powerful enemy forces to defend your shared gate. The game offers you to play in single-player mode & multiplayer mode to compete with your friends and opponents.



After installing the game, you can log in from Facebook, VK, or any of your social media accounts, or you can enter the game without login too. After login, you will immediately head to the battle deck, with four tutorial rounds. The tutorial rounds will help you by directing features and getting you familiar with the game. There are two decks, where the first deck will be yours and the second will be for another player. You have to stop the monsters by shooting before they reach the gate. You have to use mana as a power-up to place your mages on the deck. You will get extra manas by defeating the enemies. 


However, there are chances that you need power-ups to stop powerful enemies. For that, you can use your hero when his morale is full or use manas by tapping on cards for upgrading your mages. The hero you get in the beginning is "trainer." When you tap on a hero, it will summon a dummy on the field and block monster movement for a while. 


Rush Royale: Tower Defence TD Gameplay


The cards will help you upgrade your mages and make them stronger enough to defeat monsters faster. The enemies defeated by you will head towards the next deck and will be hit by another player. Surprisingly, you don't have to do anything; but your mages will do the job. You have to upgrade and place as many as you can. Make sure to keep on upgrading your mages because if monsters break out, then there are chances that you might lose the damage. 


In this game, the damage is said to be your life. The normal monsters will deal with single damage, while bosses & mini-bosses will deal with double damage. You are given three lives, so it's important to place more mages and keep on upgrading them. There's also a thing called Merging, where you can mix up your mages to get stronger in your defense. When two mages merge, they attack monsters fiercely. After the tutorial rounds end, the game will give you results for both you & another player. You can tap on "i" to learn about your power-ups and character's skills & equipment or tap on continue to move further. 


Tap on the book symbol and "collect reward" to earn rewards. After completing each game, you will receive rewards like Coins, Crystals, Tokens, Cards, and Victory Chest. Tokens are the additional price you get, but they depend on seasons. When you tap on the card, they will ask you for an upgrade, starting from 5 coins. You can check out "Store" to earn extra rewards from Daily offers & Rhandum Roulette by watching Ads. 


To earn more rewards, you can check out "Knowledge Base," where you will get info about the game's features, and also, you can earn as many rewards as you can. To improve your gaming experience, you can take a look at how your opponent is playing, decide when to merge your mages, and create your strategy to stop enemies before they reach the gate.


Rush Royale: Tower Defence TD Gold



There's nothing specific about characters in the game. However, the characters are in the disguise of mages. So the mages you see; are the defenders who help you stop the monsters from reaching the gate. When you get rewards, you might see that the cards are named on the characters. These cards are for upgrading your character's strength. There are three slots in the deck where your defenders will take their positions. So the players are offered starting deck of five heroes:


  1. Archer: Archer is the core beginning source of damage & increases its attack speed with each Mana Power-up.
  2. Mage of Cold: This character slows down the speed of the target's movements. The Cold Mage's attack has a 50% slowing effect, and once that number reaches, he shifts to the next target.
  3. Fire Mage: The Fire Mage attacks the first target on the path. Its every attack results in a fiery explosion that causes damage to all the monsters around the target.
  4. Lightning Mage: This character's attack can alternatively catch three targets. However, the damage ebbs with each upcoming hit. His every attack summons chain lightning that causes additional damage to the target & the other two monsters behind it.
  5. Poisoner: The character is the first target that Venom has not affected. The Poisoner applies the Venom effect to the target, which causes periodic damage. He deals with damage over time but possesses the slowest attack speed.


Rush Royale: Tower Defence TD Characters


Not all defenders are designed for direct combat. Some units are only specialized in improving the player's strengths or moving them around the board. Here are a couple of standard heroes who help in strengthening the mages:


  1. Priestess – Generates mana when merging or destroying the monster.
  2. Reaper – has a small chance to hit the monster instantly but is ineffective on bosses.
  3. Bombardier – has a chance to stun the enemies. However, stunning the same target has a lower chance.
  4. Banner – doesn't attack enemies but enhances all units' speed near it.
  5. Chemist -applies the Armor Destruction effect and highly damages the enemy with each shot.
  6. Engineer – One of the most useful standard heroes increases its damage when he's near other vertically and horizontally engineers.
  7. Alchemist – doesn't attack monsters directly but leaves acid puddles in random spots around the battlefield.
  8. Magic Cauldron – doesn't attack monsters but grants extra mana at a set interval depending on the unit's level & merge rank.



That is it from our side for beginner's guide for Rush Royale. The gameplay is fun and offers simple controls to play with full flexibility. We have almost covered everything you need to know about the game. The game is challenging and requires a lot of smart strategies to win every time. As we had talked about in the gameplay, the game probably has many ways to earn rewards as much as you can. However, we missed letting you know the most important thing if you want to earn rewards every day. 


You can complete daily quests and join the Rush Royale community on Facebook & Discord to earn more rewards. While joining their community, you will get 30 crystals. You will have an opportunity to receive daily updates related to the game, compete & win prizes, find secret promo codes and get gifts. You can look out for more events and new season launches by the game. We hope that our comprehensive guide will be helpful for your gaming experience and faster progress in the game.

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