RPG Dice: Heroes of Whitestone Tier List March Update


RPG Dice Heroes Of Whitestone is a Role-Playing game developed and published by WIMO games. It is a tabletop–inspired character fighting game. The game is available for both Android and iOS devices. You can download it for free from Play Store and App Store, though it has in-game purchases.






The wicked Twilight Empire has oppressed the people of Whitestone by regularly deploying its army of dark orcs, goblins, and elves to destroy this once peaceful region. Whitestone severely needs help, and everyone, whether a paid mercenary, a noble knight, a human, or an orc, must work together to defend their town.

Players must assemble a squad of five fearsome heroes to engage in turn-based battle in which the role of the dice is crucial. Each roll of the dice will determine the effect of the assault and the abilities available to employ. With over 60 characters to choose from, players may form different teams of stalwart paladins and powerful minotaurs.

Players may participate in PvP fights to put their crew to the test and advance through the rank position system to earn a variety of gifts. Warriors can also create guilds and confront raid monsters at the Ziggurat, a location teeming with the fiercest foes.

This article will go through the tier ranking of most of the strongest characters in the RPG Dice Heroes of Whitestone. We shall organize these heroes into different tiers, decreasing from the strongest to the weakest. We should also highlight that the game's heroes are divided into three factions: Warrior, Caster, and Rogue, and each has one of the six elements: fire, water, wind, light, dark, and nature.

So, let's get started with the tier list for the game's finest and worst characters without furthermore.



Tier List for RPG Dice: Heroes of Whitestone

Tier Heroes
S Dread Queen, Lothar Goldenhart, Doomfrond, Branwyn, Siglind
A Balorn, Shrieker, Zheltan, Glaivan, Rorlok, Vorrgh, Binda
B Hakka, Ethyryl, Hellestral, Urgbuk, Reynard, Blood Thistle, Makaroth, Plaguetooth, Bluebark, Koth
C Glinnthal, Hollow Bloom, Twitch, Stika, Ironwood, Gerrick Ironstar, Abella, Moldar, Pavel, Wicked Willow, Old Stonebark, Mandatta
D Amaranth, Cpt. Torgh, Witherweed, Vok, Daanu



RPG Dice: Heroes of Whitestone Tier List S 

Sigiland, as a caster, is identified as an epic hero from RPG Dice: Heroes of Whitestone tier list, and he holds a dark element from the game. This hero becomes a powerful one because of his healing abilities in the game, and there is also a Block Buff with him to debuff on all his opponents. He becomes great support for you in the game and will always be a great addition to the team.


Lothar Goldenhart 



Lothar is also holding an epic rarity from RPG Dice: Heroes of Whitestone tier list, and he is a warrior. Since this hero is a warrior, the damage is the greatest power it holds, and whenever opponents reveal themselves to Lothar, he is going to give him the greatest damage. And if there is a dying victim, Lothar will come with a shield. A lesser shield will be given to the teammates of this hero, and he can also increase the damage resistance from the entire team. 
Lothar is an absolutely top tier hero, and he will be identified as the most fabulous tanky unit for RPG Dice: Heroes of Whitestone tier list.





Doomfrond, as an epic unit, is a caster for RPG Dice: Heroes of Whitestone tier list and this Queen is applying a poison effect for her opponents. She can block the buffs, bomb at them and even remove buffs. She will be able to reset the CD and buff one of her team members to make the highest attack with the highest accuracy.

Dread Queen 



Dread Queen is also an epic hero RPG Dice: Heroes of Whitestone tier list, and she is a warrior to the game. She will deal with the defence and attack to increase those rates for her allies, and she is also doing the healing and increasing the duration of buffs. If you are searching for a great power on your boost, Dread Queen will always be your perfect hero, and she is more suitable for a team to act as a buffer. Dread Queen is obviously a great healer for your gaming in RPG Dice: Heroes of Whitestone. 




Branwyn is a Rogue character as an epic hero, and he can remove a single buff whenever there is a basic attack with a crit. When he is on the ground, Branwyn can decrease about 50% of the amount of defence on all the enemies and even will take one buff from them all. Without a doubt, Brandwyn will be the greatest hero you will encounter from the game, and he is specialized in removing the buffs. 

RPG Dice: Heroes of Whitestone Tier List A 

Binda is a rare hero for RPG Dice: Heroes of Whitestone tier list, and she is a caster. She is capable of reducing the amount we have exposed on enemy buffs, and she is also increasing the boost period. Binda is capable of providing a shield on her allies, and there is a reverse effect associated with her.


Zhetlan is an epic hero from A tier, and this hero is a rogue. He is identified as the speediest hero from the game, and Zhetlan will be able to take some initiatives from the remaining enemies on the ground. Stealing is his mastery, and his speed will aid it. 



Balorn is also an epic hero as a rogue, and when he is in the ground, Balorn is going to increase the damage resistance with the critical chance from his allies. If there is an enemy who has an HP below 40% and is exposed to the Balorn, he will deal with double damage.


Vorrgh as an epic hero is a warrior to the RPG Dice: Heroes of Whitestone tier list, and he can shield. All the teammates who are vulnerable towards the enemies are going to be shielded by Vorrgh, and if there is an exposed ally, he will increase their attack and the defence. Vorrgh can also block his enemy debuffs.


Shireker is a dark caster from epic rarity, and he can decrease the rate of healing for the enemies who have been exposed to an attack. Shrieker can increase the attack and speed for his allies. His maximum potential can be taken when he is faced with an enemy specialized in healing skills. 


Glaivan is a warrior, and he becomes significant to the game because he can literally steal lives. When the enemies are exposed, he is going to apply a greater leech, and Glaivan is super powerful at this life-stealing ability. All the skills with this hero are synergized well with the game.

Rorlok as an epic hero will be a warrior, and he has some basic attacks which can increase the duration of the debuffs. He will take the bonuses from his exposed enemies. He is able to put a random debuff against all his targets, and enemies will always be frightened of him because of his skills. Rorlok is a great debuffer and will be fit with any team he meets. 

Heroes after the RPG Dice: Heroes of Whitestone tier list A will not that impact a great deal with the gameplay, so the heroes coming after this will not be discussed thoroughly as the S and A tier lists. 

RPG Dice: Heroes of Whitestone Tier List B 

  • Hellestral – Hero based on Critical Hits who can debuff all foes with Greater Decrease Healing. It necessitates a significant commitment in terms of resources


  • Hakka – With a basic strike, you can stun a random adversary. Put all enemies to sleep. Sleep is only beneficial if your squad concentrates on a single target attack. If you have a lot of AoE heroes, you should switch to another hero. There are a few unique and mind-blowing heroes in this tier list of RPG Dice Heroes of Whitestone.



  • Ethryl - Apply Greater Bomb to all exposed foes and provoke them. This talent works well when combined with Twitch's ability, which has a similar effect.


  • Urghuk - All exposed foes will lose 20% of their initiative. Apply Shield and Counter to yourself before provoking all foes. Tanker hero with one of the most powerful debuffing abilities in RPG Dice Heroes of Whitestone.


  • Blood Thistle - In the tier list, DPS has many initiative benefits to self. Do you want to see a hero that can attack twice or more? Without a doubt, Blood Thistle is capable of performing this function.


  • Makaroth - Using a basic attack, you have a chance to deal with Greater Poison. If the victim is poisoned, there is a chance that all friends will be healed. Remove all poison to deliver massive harm. In RPG Dice Heroes of Whitestone, combine him with Stika and Plaguetooth to unleash a massive epidemic on your opponents.


  • Plaguetooth - Apply Greater Poison to all opponents who are exposed. Remove all poison and boost friends' resistance. Infecting enemies and removing the poison from allies This tier list of RPG Dice Heroes of Whitestone contains a complete bundle for an anti-poison squad party.


  • Bluebark - Support with a large shield for vulnerable teammates. The tank's defender. He makes them stronger and more capable as a tank.  He is an excellent ally for any defender hero.


  • Reynard - Heal, boost initiative, and speed to allies. Support the hero with a comprehensive buff package. You may still count on him to provide party members for your RPG Dice Heroes Whitestone RPG.

RPG Dice: Heroes of Whitestone Tier List C 



  • Twitch - Apply Bomb and Greater Bomb, then blast them all to deliver massive damage. In the RPG Dice Heroes of Whitestone, the damage dealer for the bomb-focused team. If you create all the exploding heroes, you can only rely on his damage.


  • Glinnthal - Remove up to 5 buffs from a single vulnerable adversary. Glinnthal excels when confronted with an adversary that has a multi buff. However, he finds it difficult to realize his full ability in most situations.


  • Hollow Bloom - All skills apply stun to themselves. Remove any buffs that have been applied to the exposed target. A one-of-a-kind physical hero with one-of-a-kind powers. All of his abilities will additionally have a negative effect on him.


  • Ironwood - Tank with a self-attack bonus. Use him as a second tank or fighter if you already have a stronger tank.


  • Gerrick Ironstar - To all exposed foes, apply Greater Decrease Resistance and Reduce speed. You must destroy the exposed opponents before reaching their primary damage dealer, which he can do.


  • Stika - Use a more potent poison. 2 basic attacks in 2 turns. Poison all adversaries, then activate it to do massive damage and shorten its length. Twitch-style, but with a poison debuff.


  • Abella - All foes have a chance to be poisoned with Greater Poison. Combine your assaults with others.


  • Moldar - You have a 50% chance of stealing a random bonus using a basic attack. All exposed targets are bombed. Detonate the bomb to shock one adversary. To stun your adversaries, use a bomb with stun ability.


  • Pavel - Shield all vulnerable friends and apply Thorn to self. If he has Thorn, steal a buff.


  • Wicked Willow - Using a basic strike, heal the ally with the lowest HP. Many healing talents for one ally, with surplus healing, converted to Shield and shared to all teammates.


  • Mandatta - The basic double attack has a 50% chance of lowering DEF. Shield friends and increase their ATK and Crit Chance. Possibility of poisoning all foes. Many buffs are available with this hero for your team.


  • Old Stonebark - Applies to Provoking all foes who have been revealed. Give yourself Shield, and you will be revived when you die.


RPG Dice: Heroes of Whitestone Tier List D 

  • Cpt. Torgh - All exposed foes have a 50% chance of being provoked. Apply Counter on yourself to boost your DEF.


  • Amaranth - Damage is calculated and depends on the enemy's shield. Employ Greater Decrease Shielding to all the enemies.


  • Daanu - Support oneself with a lot of boosts. Daanu is really not bad for an uncommon hero. However, it is not enough to be compared to higher rarity heroes in the RPG Dice Heroes of Whitestone tier ranking.


  • Vok - Drains 50% of an enemy's initiative.


The Best Heroes from RPG Dice: Heroes of Whitestone Tier List 
For a better hero synergy in RPG Dice: Heroes of Whitestone tier list, you should be very effective throughout the game and has to manage with your every effort to maximize the damaging capabilities. So for your lineup in the first phases, we suggest you go for the casters. 
If you take the Reynard from RPG Dice: Heroes of Whitestone tier list, he as a cater will aid you greatly by lining up your squad, and he will directly attack all his enemies. And because of his abilities to buff and heal, Reynard becomes one of the best heroes that you can utilize through your battles. 

And then we come to Siglind. Siglind is a hero who will support your entire team to be alive, and his single attacks are going to debuff the accuracy as well. For your single attack purposes, try to go with Branwyn, and her attacks expose her enemies for two turns. So eventually, Branwyn will become your most versatile rogue for the game, 



Gerriick and the Thorgrim are the best heroes survivability, and for the DPS performing and the defence warriors, try to go for the Grimroot and the Vorrgh. The reason is they are mainly aiming to stack their defence and will manage to cleanse and heal the team. 

For the rerolling purposes with these heroes, step on the best android emulator: LDPlayer, as it features the quickest way for your all reroll purposes. It has this feature called the Multi-Instance Sync, and it can literally create several instances from the same game at one time. All those instances can be used for your rerolling, and this way, you are going to save your time and summon the best hero you ever wanted. 

So, this will be the tier list for the strongest heroes of the RPG Dice Heroes of Whitestone game. Many more heroes are not strong enough to be on the list. You should focus on these heroes to progress faster into the game. Stay Tuned with us for more updates.

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