Rise of Cultures Beginner's Guide for Getting Started

2022-01-09 Content Collaboration

Rise of Cultures lets you build a city, unlock old civilizations and fight the battles with thrilling and dangerous enemies with mind-blowing strategies. So players, with reaching a milestone of 500k+ downloads, the game is moving fast towards immense popularity. The game is getting love from the audience with some cool reviews and high ratings on the app stores. 


This InnoGames GmbH title features the various civilization ages, is an experience about building cities or eventually empire, unlocking the different cultures, writing your history, researching to progress faster, exploring new areas. Additionally, it offers the opportunity to fight battles with strategies and even does trading of goods and other stuff. This free-to-download and play game is super fun and engaging game that you must try.


Thinking of playing this game? Are you also a beginner? Then you must require some guidance to kickstart your journey, right! So no worries, players, we will help you and be your guide. This article will let you know all about the game, what strategies you can use, how you can progress faster, how you can improve your rank, and much more. Let's get started!


The games' basic aim is to allow players to move forward by clearing a series of quests, getting through challenges, securing victory in the battles, be it the person vs. environment battles or any other. In the end, what matters is just to keep progressing in the game with maintaining a high rank. 


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Beginners Guide to Rise Of Cultures

So we shall begin with the basics of the game. As you enter the game, you first encounter the various ages like the stone age, the bronze age, the Minoan age, classic Greece, the early Hime, the roman empire, and the list keeps on growing with the new releases. You would begin with the stone age. 


The player must remember the motto "Build and Expand." The journey deals with exploring and executing the plan to unlock the small homes, cultivation, farms, food sources, etc. Beginning with the stone age, starting to clear the various tasks and quests, and eventually, you will be promoted to the next era after the series completes. You will be notified, and you need to tao on the options as per your choice. Along with this, you will gain upgrades in the facilities for your workers, who are the backbone in crafting the empire. The ultimate plan is to progress.


Learn About The Master Tricks

The game follows a procedure, but the players who use tricks are the ultimate rank holders. So if you want to be in those shoes, try to learn things like:


  • Try to place the facilities for your workers near the cultural sites. This will help you claim the happiness bonus. A score of X90 of happiness will give you a 25% bonus, X180 - 50%, X360- 100% bonus.
  • Learn to value the gems as they are rare. Make use of gems only when it is necessary. (Pro Tip: use them on permanent amenities)
  •  One of the unknown facts to beginners is that they are not aware of the research points. Do you know that every hour you can win research points? Completing tasks, solving tasks, etc., do provide points, but also the points can be claimed every hour.
  • Free stuff collection must be a priority; it's never wrong to get resources for free. That would keep you fulfilled as well as save your gems too.
  • Strategize the use of resources. It will turn into a difficult situation if you run out of resources. Also, keep a check on how you utilize them.
  • The events that occur from time to time can be an advantage, as it offers amazing rewards to the winners. So never miss out on these.


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Progress Like A Pro


  • How to keep a check on happiness bonus: click on facility> click on info tab> select the bonus status option.
  • How to move the sites: Tap on the site>the editing menu pops up>select the site> tap on the required place>select confirm. 
  • How to access the minor tasks: click on the icon (i) present on the screen> it will show the available activites>follow the instructions to reach> solve the task> win rewards.
  • How to check the research points: click on research menu> keep a check on research points. 


Plan A Perfect Strategy

A good strategy enhances your game style, so you need to focus on your strategies and how you implement them. Talking in the context of the game rise of culture, the player must make decisions wisely. They should try assembling the resources sites close to the cultural sites. This strategy would help in saving time by training the troops quickly.


Moreover, try to solve minor tasks to earn rewards to help you gain resources for your workers easily. And it could also prove a benefit to claim rare gems.


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Upgrading Is The Key To Progress

Along with the construction, building, and expansion, you also need to focus on the earned facilities' upgrades. The better the facilities, the more progress will be made by workers.


Learn To Win In Battles

The Rise of Cultures is also a game that provides various battles making the games interesting. But now, the thing is always aiming to win. For that, keep the following in your mind: 


  • Keep researching about exquisite and new troops
  • Keep the troops well trained
  • Use DMG dealers as your backup plan
  • Give priority to the tanky units in the battles due to high resistance to damage
  • Keep your view very clear to win using all your strengths.


So, players, this was all for the beginner's guide of Rise of Cultures.

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