Ragnarok Origin Global Classes Tier List for All the Jobs - September 2023


Hello to all MMORPG lovers. Do you want to keep up with a brand new MMORPG game? This is the best fantasy world you will take into your hand, and here comes Ragnarok Origin Global. With an adventure filled with many dangers and more dungeons and monsters, it will make things harder for every action combat you deal with, but if you have the best idea on Ragnarok Origin Global classes, things won’t be that much harder.

Ragnarok Origin Global Classes Tier List

So, it is time to get to know about all these job classes because, from one class to another, they all are unique. When we talk about uniqueness, you are more likely to have a different outcome and performance with every class. If you are a Ragnarok Origin Global beginner, we know that finding a better class is always tough, and that will make your research more and more.

Today, we bring you this guide for it as it will help you to become better at your gameplay, as we are providing a complete Ragnarok Origin Global classes tier list here. We will show you who will make better gameplay and who will be showing the least performance. Let’s start by playing Ragnarok Origin Global on PC through LDPlayer 9 to enhance the entire gaming experience, and here is your Ragnarok Origin Global tier list.

Ragnarok Origin Global Classes – Ranking

All these Ragnarok Origin Global classes are ranked into four units depending on their strength levels.

  • Tier S – the most powerful yet skilled heroes are featured from this rank, and you can’t get any wrong with these heroes. They have the best outcome in the game.

  • Tier A – the next powerful skills after tier S are distributed through these ranked heroes, and they are also making it good gameplay for you.

  • Tier B – this rank makes the heroes some moderate-level skills, and they are more likely suitable for beginners.

  • Tier C – we have some below-average skills with these heroes. When it comes to tier C, they don’t have the expected skill sets, and they don’t even have the strength to make you proceed through harder phases at all.

Ragnarok Origin Global – All Classes

And now, we are going to look into each hero class of this game, and please note that we have made this tier list based on several criteria as F2P friendly as well as per early game. So you will know who the most suitable hero for that specific situation is and let’s get to know about it one by one as follows.

Ragnarok Origin Global Early Game Tier List

So here is the tier list that suits you as an early game player.

Rank Hero Name  











Ragnarok Origin Global F2P Tier List

Here is the tier list that can work very best for you as a free-to-play player.

Rank Hero Name      

High Priest

White Smith



Lord Knight


B Gypsy and Minstrel Creator    
C Assassin





Please note that the heroes that we have ranked under tier C here are not for free-to-play players. So you can use this list only as a reference.

Regarding the mid-game and the end game, choosing a hero from the Ragnarok Origin Global classes depends on you. Depending on what type of skill set you are looking for, be wise to choose a hero for these two situations.

And another thing is that all the heroes from this guide can be moved better and handled better with the best Android emulator: LDPlayer 9, because you are literally going to be assisted there by the Keyboard Mapping feature. This means that you are making it easier for all your gameplay movements by setting a customized control scheme; that way, you will be able to make out the most from your heroes.

One of the best Ragnarok Origin Global tips that we can give you to become better at the gameplay is to use an S hero all the time because it can allow you to become better and do better for your entire gameplay with the best progress made. They have the best power to make yourself shined through the game.


So, that is it for the Ragnarok Origin Global classes tier list, and rather than just using Ragnarok Origin Global codes to advance your gameplay, picking up the best hero can also work well for you. So, please learn about all the heroes we have mentioned and ensure you are doing your best in the game.

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