PUBG: New State - A guide to vehicle system of the game

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PUBG: New State, the latest version of PUBG for Android and iOS, is now available. It is set in the year 2051 and is the first-ever futuristic battle royale from Krafton, the designers of PUBG. The game takes place in the future, with all-new vehicles and mechanisms.


PUBG: New State has a new map named Troi and the first-ever map from the PUBG series, Erangel, renovated for the future. Vehicles are one of the most critical parts of any battle royale. Erangel 2051 and Troi are both 8x8km maps. It's tough to cross a large distance, especially when the blue zone is closing in, or you're on the verge of encountering foes. 


Vehicles in the PUBG: New State

The futuristic combat royale includes a variety of new vehicles. These new vehicles are only available on the new Troi map. On the Erangel 2051, players may also experience the classic cars from the original PUBG. Six new cars have been added to the New State fleet, including four new electric vehicles and two new gasoline vehicles.


PUBG New State Vehicles


Electric Vehicles

Every day, fossil fuels are depleted. As a result, we may run out of fossil fuels in the future. The majority of cars on the planet operate on fossil fuels. These vehicles have the potential to be extremely damaging to the environment. Electric cars, on the other hand, are now being employed as a substitute for these vehicles.


As a result, in New State, the majority of cars are powered by electricity. There are several gasoline-powered cars as well. Electric vehicles are powered by battery packs that may be found all across the map. Here are some things to consider before getting behind the wheel of an electric car.


  • Batteries are used to power electric cars. On electrified automobiles, players cannot utilize a regular gas can. The map is littered with battery packs. If you intend to use electric cars, you need to bring a battery pack with you.
  • The battery charge is depleted when you play in Bluezone. There is a magnetic field in the blue zone; as a result, the charge is reduced when an electric car is driven outside of the zone. If you are stranded outside the zone, it is important to avoid electricity or get within the zone before the blue zone reaches you.
  • Electric vehicles are far quieter than gasoline-powered counterparts. However, only the gasoline ones are heard in terms of range.


There are a tidal of four new electric vehicles in PUBG: New State.


1. The Volta


The Volta is a brand-new four-seater electric vehicle. Volta boasts a quick electric gearbox and a quieter engine than the competition. In terms of speed and durability, the Volta is extremely comparable to the Dacia. Volta's top speed with boost is 128 km/h.


PUBG New State Volta


2. EV-AX


The EV-AX is a two-seater electric off-road open-top buggy. In terms of construction and design, it's extremely similar to the PUBG buggy. On-road control is simpler with this vehicle. With the boost, the buggy can achieve up to 150 km/h, making it one of the game's fastest vehicles.


PUBG New State EV-AX


3. Lightning


Lightning is a bike that runs on electricity. Up to two people can ride on Lightning. The Lightning cruises through Troi at speeds of up to 140 km/h with no problems. In comparison to fuel cars, the engine is substantially quieter. The acceleration is also fairly high.


PUBG New State Lightening


4. The Nova


The Nova is a supercar that runs on electricity. Up to two players can travel in Nova. This is one of the quickest cars in the game, reaching 150 km/h with a boost. This vehicle is uncommon since it doesn't spawn very often on the map, except for the Exhibit Hall, where it always appears.


PUBG New State Nova


Gasoline Vehicles

Gasoline cars have been present in PUBG since the beginning. These vehicles are quite important in the game. Each map featured its own set of vehicles for getting about the area. Similarly, the Troi has two gasoline cars. Unlike electric cars, fuel has advantages and disadvantages.


  • Refuels the car with a gas can: If you decide to utilize it, be sure to have gas cans with you. It is not possible to utilize battery packs to run them.
  • The blue zone doesn't affect gasoline vehicles: The magnetic field of the blue zone doesn't affect these cars since they operate on gas.


1. Vulture


A vulture is a gas-powered motorcycle, but only one player can only ride it. Vulture can attain a peak speed of 140km/h despite its poor acceleration. In comparison to the other motorcycles in the game, the vulture is also considerably easier to operate. Because this is the vehicle utilized by the Troi lore's motorcycle gang, these are generally generated in the Trailer Park.


PUBG New State Vulture


2. Vrion


The Vrion is an electric four-seater vehicle. This is comparable to the PUBG's UAZ. The UAZ Vrion features both an open and a closed roof. The car can achieve 120 km/h with the boost. If you're playing with your squad, this is the vehicle for you.


PUBG New State Vrion


Trunk and Door system in PUBG New State

The game's vehicle mechanics have been completely overhauled in PUBG: New State. In the game, there are primarily two new mechanics.


Trunk system


In New State, vehicles include a trunk where players may keep their belongings. A new trunk icon appears when the player gets close to the car. Players can reach the trunk by hitting that button. To move stuff, players merely need to access their inventory and trunk. They merely have to drag the thing they want into and out of the trunk. Every car has its own trunk space.


PUBG New State Trunk System


Vrion, for example, has 250. It differs from one car to the next. Players must be cautious since if the vehicle is damaged, the stuff inside will be destroyed. Players must be cautious since even adversaries can get entry to the vehicle trunk.


New Door system


PUBG New State Door System


Earlier, players in PUBG could only go by automobile. However, in New State, there is a new button that opens the car's specific doors. If they can't locate cover, players can take advantage of this. After a certain amount of damage, the door will shatter. However, this has no bearing on the vehicle's overall health.

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