Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team - Beginner's Guide and Must Know Tips and Tricks

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The acclaimed football comic, Captain Tsubasa, revolves around the epic sport and has impacted football talents over the globe, including several Japanese players! Released under the KLab business label, the mobile game of the same manga, Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team, features many of the original comic's Special Skills, such as Tsubasa's Drive Shot. Hyuga's Tiger Shot faithfully recreated in a stunning 3D experience! 


Are you new to this game? Worry not, this Captain Tsubasa (Flash Kicker): Dream Team beginners guide will teach you all the tricks you need to know to strike all goals and win. 


Leveling up your Heroes 


Heroes' rarities 


More than a dozen built-in heroes are available within the game, each with different abilities and techniques. The game categorizes them according to their rarity: R, N, SR, SSR, and UR. A hero's rarity is determined by their number of talents and levelling limit. 


(Note– It is worthwhile to use R-type heroes at the start for pumping leveling) 


Captain Tsubasa Heroes Rarity




Each hero has a unique set of skills and characteristics. These characteristics are dependent on the following: 


  • Dribbling– The hero's ball-handling skill. Therefore, the more your expertise, the more specialized you are in this sector. 
  • Hit – The penetration ability of the hero. 
  • Block – The hero's ability to block the opponent. 
  • Speed – This refers to how quickly a player dribbles, blocks, and hits the football. 
  • Techniques – It improves the intercepting and playing abilities of the player. 
  • Capture – The hero's ball grip strength. It is the possibility of keeping the ball with oneself for a longer period. 


Increase in ability limit 


When a certain hero, along with his characteristics, reaches the maximum level, his ability limit increases. That player's unique abilities are also increased to their maximum level following this. Additionally, there is a maximum increasing boundary for each hero, which varies according to their qualities. As a result, there are several limitations. 


Forming a Strong 


Team Skills 


Team skills are necessary for enhancing a team's player attributes, unique to each hero that set them apart from others. By parameters of nationality, position, and type of the player, we can determine the team skills. So, get ready to utilize the greatest choices and assemble your team! The edit command button allows you to select your players. 


Automatic team selection 


To automatically accelerate the command, click the Auto-pick button. This selection option has two probabilities: 


  • Automatic selection of the full team will automatically add the best team skills and strategies present in your inventory for a particular match. 
  • Automatic selection of Participants- This will generate an automatic selection of your whole team with the best players in your inventory being picked first. 


Team uniform 


You have the option of customizing your team's uniform. In addition, as a reward for completing daily tasks or objectives, you will receive many more customized designs. The Team menu contains all of the information and choices for team jerseys. 


Captain Tsubasa Dream Team – Match Guide and Tips 


Study your opponents 


Any match can be won with exceptional dribbling skill. Play with quick and clever pass actions. But before showcasing your expertise, it is always essential to analyze your opponent's games. Examine their flaws and adjust your strategy accordingly, and no doubt, you will win any match this way. 


Types of players


The game consists of three types of players: 


• Agility players (A) - They find it tough to compete with talented players but are effective against resilient players. 

• Fortitude players (F) - They are not so powerful against the Agility players but can easily defeat the skill players. 

• Skill player (S) - They put up a good fight against Agility players but fall short against Fortitude players. 




Applying your ultimate abilities or actions against your opponents will deplete your stamina, and it is an essential fact in any match. Hitting the minimal stamina limit will prevent you from producing powerful offensive abilities, alongside the pace of your typical motions gradually getting slow. This is where Endurance comes into play. 


Team benefits 


Some of the examples of team benefits are:


  • Block is strong in front of Shoot. 
  • Intercept is strong in front of Pass. 
  • Tackle is strong in front of Dribble. 
  • Clear is strong against Reception. 


Goalkeeper's stand 


Take note that if your goalkeeper loses its stance when striking or stopping hard consecutive strikes, his or her performance will suffer. The goalkeeper's perform consecutive hards the most there slips unintentionally or by his actions. Moreover, if the ball crosses the boundary, the stats are restored. These are some of the regulations you must follow. 


Captain Tsubasa Goalkeeper's Stand


Football full strength bonus 


Every time your team achieves a goal, the stats or bar of the football strength bonus grows. The speed of your player increases as you approach the outline, and your player uses less stamina. The only thing you need to do after the scale is full is activate the bonus option.




If you fail to intercept the ball or dribble it, you will be called for a foul. As a result, you will receive either a yellow or a red card. Furthermore, this is determined by the number of fouls you receive. The red card implies that you will no longer be able to compete in that match, and there will be no one to take your place. So, avoid getting any fouls. 


Extra time and Penalty shootout 


Extra time is offered if the score reaches a tie. But the draw score can sometimes be carried over until the completion of extra time -- leaving no way to designate a winner. This results in an additional penalty shootout. However, several of the gameplays lack a penalty shootout or overtime. 


Captain Tsubasa Gameplay




Ranked match players are divided into distinct classes based on their physical strength. Depending on the number of victories and points obtained, these classes can both degrade and improve. Each of the classes has its own set of regulations as well. You can click at the top of the Ranked match menu to view the rules. 




In ranked matches, there are three categories of awards:


  • Class– This award is based on how high your class rank has been by the end of the season. 
  • Victory awards– You can restock your dream balls here to help you win matches. You can recharge it every 24 hours. But the number of pieces is restricted to 7. 
  • Promotion rewards– This award can be earned only once after upgrading to the next class. 


Reset class 


Every ranked match in the season resets the player classes. 


Captain Tsubasa Class Reset


Winning the Dream Cup 


Important features of the tournament 


All of the rounds of the championship are played in manual mode. Both professional and standard modes are strongly restricted. The use of ultimate skills in a match is limited. 


Qualifying rounds 


Players can advance to division 10 through the qualifying rounds. Online points determine the players' ratings, and the participants in the top five spots are qualified to compete in the final rounds. Thus, this concludes all of the positions or points gained during the qualifying rounds. 


Final rounds 


You receive dream points based on your performance at the end of each match in the final rounds. There will be random opponents. As usual extra time will be allotted. In the event of a tie, a penalty shootout will not be granted. 


Hopefully, this Captain Tsubasa (Flash Kicker): Dream Team beginners guide will help you along your journey. Don't miss your chance to enter the thrilling field of thrills and excitement. Just keep this guide handy, and you'll be the star in no time!

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