Obey Me Beginner Guide and Tips


Obey me? This latest gaming experience is all under your control, as the name expresses. So this Obey Me game is a simulation game which lets you make relationships with your gaming characters and get their messages and calls even in your real life. So stay tuned with this Obey Me beginner guide and tips to get an idea of this fantastic gaming concept from the beginning. 






In this game, you can have gameplay with multiple characters and enjoy your life with them. Here, you can add the seven demon brothers and let them bend under you from their knees and enjoy the moment at the Devil Dom's Academy. In this school of demons, you can become a student of the RAD and go through the gaming levels. The Obey Me is just about one ruler, so become the ruler in this amazing game and play confidently. 

When you are a successful gamer, it is always better to have an understanding of the game and its settings. So we are ready to bring you the best Obey Me beginner guide and tips to enhance your tactical gaming knowledge. 

The Best Obey Me Guide and Tips

This Obey Me game is almost unique and lets you become the ruler. So you can choose how you will select the best team, get to know each character and make a relationship with whom you can share your happy and sad moments. It would help if you obeyed our Obey Me guide and tips to become the undefeated ruler. 



The Foremost Goal in Obey Me

As a new player, your primary goal is to form a strong bond with your characters and acquire all of their features and new Devilgram storylines. Also, you need to team up with the best demon brothers and collect memory cards. Then no matter how strong your opponents are, you can fight against them and move forward in the game. 

In the Obey Me gameplay, you can find two main currencies that help you unlock new stories and settings. 


  • Grim: This type of currency can earn more easily while playing gaming. Also, the currency grim would be required to help reinforce the cards.


  • Devil Points: The devil point is the most essential and expensive currency in the Obey me the game. To summon the cards from the nightmare, you will need devil points. The shops, markets and the daily quests are also good sources of devil points.


The Characters in Obey Me

The Obey Me game consists of powerful and unique characters that you have already heard about. Lucifer, Satan, Belphegor, Leviathan, Asmodeus, and Mammon. So you can play with these demon brothers and defeat the opponents. 
The main point is that all the characters' stories are on their Devilgram, and you can find them out on the home screen. 



  • First, go to the "Devilgram" tab on the screen. 


  • Select the particular character on the screen


  • Find out the new stories and unlock the new features of the characters.

You can go back and chat with each character and make firm your bonds with these powerful characters. Here you will get many messages from the characters and try to reply to them all to build up your relationship. 

Also, in this Obey Me beginner tip, the game gives you many options for messages to send to these characters while you reply to each message. To monitor the intimacy counts of the characters, select the "intimacy" option in the top-right area of the main chat screen.



The Best Obey Me Beginner Tips to Progress in the Game

You can advance further in the game by completing tasks in the Obey Me game. The button “your tasks” will take you into the lessons.


This mode is available in two difficulty levels. They are normal and challenging levels. Also, the game contains over 20 levels in the game. So in this Obey Me beginner guide and tips, we recommend you to go through both standard and challenging levels to understand the gaming process in an advanced manner. 

Also, it is challenging to play against the opponents in the battle of dance in these gaming stages. But keep in mind playing dancing fights costs AP. Also, by completing these stages, you can obtain valuable materials—the Grim, demon or memory cards, jewels character EXP, player EXP, and other rewards. 

So in this Obey Me beginner guide, we hope you will go through all the twenty gaming stages and experience this fantastic gaming experience for an extended period. 

Obey Me: Master the Dance Battles

When it comes to the dance battles in the Obey Me game, you need to do the battles against the other teams and win eventually. It would help if you filled the score meter until you passed the red light in the score meter. 



If you are more powerful and empowered with the more assertive characters, you can easily defeat the opponents. Also, remember to add memory cards, glow sticks and demon cards before the dance battle. Because if you seem to be less powerful, you can strengthen the memory cards to do a blast in the battle.

Not only that, gluttony, pride, wrath, envy, sloth, greed, and lust are the seven qualities represented by the cards. You can go to the "edit team" option on the screen, select a lesson stage, and look at the particular stage attribute. As we suppose in this Obey Me tips, it is a good idea to include the cards that correspond to the stage attribute.

All these cards consist of unique skills and abilities that you can enhance your powers and get more points as rewards. Also, your gaming characters will lift during the dance battle, and after their energy is spent, you can touch them to use their unique abilities. This Obey Me beginner guide will tell you a secret; if you see the hearts on your screen, do not be late and select those options to add more points and empower your squad. 



Go with the best android emulator LDPlayer to the battles as it can literally advance them all with the most excellent features. Significantly, the Keyboard Macro Commands will come to your help here by setting one key to all your repeating actions within the battles. So no more suffering and no more overwhelming at all.

Obey Me: Getting Cards

In the Obey Me game, you can find five-tier list cards. As N tier, R tier, SR tier, SSR tier and MR tier list cards. Here, the MR tier cards are the most potent, while the N tier list cards are the minor tier cards in the game. 

Also, there are two types of cards in the Obey Me game. The Demon cards and memory cards help you collect more rewards and use them to defeat your opponents. The battle includes demon cards or characters. Memory cards or characters aid the main characters' talents and stats. 

You can buy demon cards or memory cards using devil points or demon vouchers as we suppose in this Obey Me beginner tip. 


To Improve Your Score, Strengthen Your Cards in Obey Me

As you move through the gaming stages in the Obey Me game, you will encounter competing teams that can outscore yours. If you keep boosting the cards to clear them all together, you can become the ultimate ruler in the game by using these Obey Me beginner guides. 


  • Increase your character's gluttony, pride, wrath, envy, sloth, greed, and lust.


  • Build the devil's tree by going to the devil's tree and spending Grimm and the appropriate goods.


  • You can rank up the demon characters at particular points in the devil's tree, and as a reward, you will receive a story key. In Devilgram, story keys are used to access characters' stories.


And that's the end. Go with these all Obey Be guides and tips, and that is how to take your best steps on blasting the battle. Go through all suggestions and do better in the game.  

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