Mythic Heroes: Idle RPG Beginner's Guide for Getting Started


Mythic Heroes: Idle RPG is the latest Role-Playing Game from The game features various legendary characters from distinct cultures and Mythology. A player will have to use these characters and challenge the Villains. The task is to assemble a group of elite Heroes to fight and get rid of dark powers from different continents. As the game progresses, you have to upgrade your hero’s abilities with new skills and iconic weapons. The game also features PvE and PvP battles, large-scale fights, high graphics, and an expedient Character Levelling system.


The game allows you to decide if you want to involve in exploration and battle or not. You can set up your team in idle mode and let them battle and explore. If you want, then you can participate in every battle too.


Mythic Heroes feature several Heroes, so it’s best to obtain some good characters. This will help you to complete the Story missions with ease. With a powerful team, you can advance through the early levels much more quickly than other players with an underpowered team. The best way to do this is by Rerolling. It might be time-consuming, but it’s worth it.



The bottom menu of the game features all the activities. You will find several options there such as (mentioned from left to right):


  • Astrolabe – shows passive earnings of upgrade resources
  • Kingdom – this tab features non-combat activities and the functionality of the Arena
  • Campaign – contains campaign battles
  • Heroes – menu for characters 
  • Bag – a collection of items obtained while playing the games. The items are divided into tabs such as – Items, Heroes, Equipment, All. 
  • Journal – Menu of Tasks and Achievements 



The amount of all types of currencies is available to check at the top of the screen. The game features two types of Currencies.


  • Diamond – these are premium currencies required for summoning heroes. You can also buy items from the market and various other things. You can earn diamonds by completing tasks and by leveling up. You can also exchange diamonds for real money.
  • Gold – These currencies are used to upgrade heroes and buy items. You can earn gold from different game activities.



The game has several characters, all of which are divided into different levels. We have mentioned some powerful heroes who can be used to build a powerful team. Each Character has a class such as – Fighters, Magicians, Supports, and Tanks.


Mythic Heroes: Idle RPG Heroes




  • S Level– Contains best heroes of the game. With them, the chances of victory are increased significantly. 
  • A Level– Good Heroes but not best. You can Upgrade them to make them powerful and use them unless you unlock an S-Level +Character
  • B Level– This contains heroes who are less powerful than the other two-level. Good enough for the early stages of the game. 




  • Lucifer (S Level) – best in fighter class. Lucifer can cause a lot of DMG on the opponents. In fighter class, Lucifer has 3 skills – an enchanting sword with flame and aiming at the target to cause 2x DMG (passive skill), increasing ATK energy restoration (passive skill), and leaping into the air to attack the enemies (active skill).
  • Susanoo (S Level) – best fighter against the bosses. Can actively cause DMG and Stun. Passive skill- increase in CRIT.
  • Artemis (A-Level) – she can Stun and cause DMG on the enemies, resulting in Defense reduction. Her weapon increases her ATK SPD for a brief moment. 
  • Medusa (B Level) - is known for her auto ATK skills. With her weapon, she can steal the enemy target’s removed energy and use it to increase her ATK SPD for a moment. 




  • Tomano No Mae (S Level) – with her agility, she can avoid DMG and inflict DMG on enemies.
  • Ganjiang& Mine (S Level) – they both are very good together. Can use magic twice
  • Izanami (A-Level) – can reduce the damage she takes. She has some of the most dangerous skills.
  • Persephone (A-Level) – excellent against the boss. She can reduce the enemy’s healing abilities and inflict DMG simultaneously. 


Mythic Heroes: Idle RPG Fighters




  • Nuwa (S Level) – best support in the game. She can heal, deal DMG, can also help with many of their buffs.
  • Idun (S Level) – can quickly restore the health and energy of the allies. 
  • Nagakayna (A-Level) – with her weapon, she can protect and remove de-buffs




  • Athena (S Level) – she can protect the team with her healing abilities. She can also use beam attacks to DMG and stun enemies. 
  • Hades (A-Level) – It is an attacking Tank that can take a lot of DMG from enemies. Gaia (A-Level) – she can take DMG and at the same time gain health when dealing with ATK from the enemies
  • Hercules (B Level) – can attack enemies with a good amount of DMG


These are some of the best characters. But in the beginning, you will have to start with some weak characters. So, upgrade them and replace them when you unlock a better character. 


Apart from these, Mythic Heroes also features different Quests such as – Folk Tales, Heroic deeds, Legends of the Gods. These are with basic, medium, and highest difficulty, respectively. Each quest rewards you after completion.


This will be all for now. We will be sure to update you with more information soon. We recommend you give this game a try. If you have a tight schedule, you can go with idle mode. 

Download Mythic Heroes: Idle RPG on PC