MORTAL KOMBAT: A Fighting Game Guide to the Best Characters


MORTAL KOMBAT: A Fighting Game is a well-known fighting game created by NetherRealm Studios and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. MORTAL KOMBAT: A Fighting Game is available for both Android and iOS. The next development of the franchise includes lots of new fighters in the game, giving players a greater degree of control over a fighter. Nevertheless, if you're new to the recent MK game, you might be blown away by the large set of characters currently offered by the game. The game also features high-quality graphics and animation to enhance your experience.




Certain fighters are usually better and much more efficient and effective than others, so you must be familiar with the best fighters. If you know about Mortal Kombat games, you are aware that the game features a plethora of characters, which might not be unique as some characters are different versions of themselves. But even so, with 100+ characters, you might find it hard to decide which one is best. So, here in this article, we have created a list of 7 of the best Mortal Kombat characters. This article will help beginners to get to know the powerful characters. Without wasting much of your time, let's begin with the list.


**The list of powerful characters is not in any particular order.


1. MK11 Scorpion

Mk11 Scorpion is arguably one of the best characters of the game. With abilities such as Devouring Flames and Hell's Spear, this character is a force to be reckoned with. His attack level increases due to his inherent capacity for himself and other MK11 teammates to land deadly blows on fundamental attacks, dramatically increasing their damage output compared to other characters.


His passive attack Devouring flames sets enemies on fire for 5-9 seconds at the beginning of the game, and when this character is tagged in. his teammates also get a 25% chance of dealing a lethal blow on basic attacks. "Get Over Here," the infamous attack, deals a fatal blow to the enemies.


MK11 Scorpion


2. Mileena

Mileena is another powerful character with a strong passive attack. She is a commendable nemesis based solely on her talent, but her vulnerable mental state and indulgence in bloodthirsty desires make her even more dangerous. She has a base attack of 1250, base health of 950, and toughness of 1090.


Any attack can heal this outworld character's wound if the enemy is bleeding. The Razor Sai is ideal for her because it tends to increase the amount of damage dealt with bleeding opponents. It allows her to heal for even more health and provides a static life drain on Special 2 that can still trigger even if the enemy isn't bleeding. Her equipment's life drain and passive can stack.


Mileena MK11


3. MK11 Sub-Zero

One could argue that Sub-Zero is the face of the Mortal Kombat franchise as a whole. Even those who haven't heard of the show are acquainted with the character and his move set. He needs to do with his iceball to freeze someone and tip them over, breaking them into innumerable parts to send them to the great beyond. Although this is effective, Sub-Zero is constantly inventing novel approaches to dispatch foes with ice creatively.


Using Polar Vortex, any opponent fighting against MK11 Sub-Zero for 12-8 seconds gets frostbite. When performing combo enders against frostbitten opponents, MK11 Sub-Zero has a 30-50% chance of freezing them. Sub-Zero would save each MK11 squad member once by replacing them with Ice Clones, which in turn explodes, causing bleeding and damage to opponents.


MK11 Sub-Zero


4. Leatherface/Nightmare

Leatherface is a powerful character who works better with other nightmare characters. His passive attack is – Dog Will Hunt. After performing or being attacked with a combo ender, Leatherface has a 30% chance to become enraged: 200-300% damage boost for 4-6% seconds. Whenever a teammate stuns an opponent, there is a 30-50% chance Leatherface will come running from behind to attack. So, he works much better with layers that can stun an enemy.


Leatherface MK11


5. Freddy Krueger/Nightmare

Freddy has a 30% chance of dealing fatal damage to that enemy. +300% damage is considered lethal. Freddy Kreuger can trap an additional opponent in the Nightmare if he has two Nightmare teammates. Nightmare teammates have a 10% chance of landing a critical hit on basic attacks. One of his enemies is trapped in a nightmare. Using equipment Freddy's glove, he has a 20-100% chance of trapping a 2nd opponent into a nightmare. This equipment also increases his critical hit chance by 15-25%.


Freddy Krueger MK11


6. Assassin Kitana

Kitana's strong attack and faster recovery but poor health and strength, combined with her passive, make her a walking wreck for attack tactics. She can generate power more quickly than most characters, offering her an advantage on offense. Kitana could very well conduct an unblockable strike that damages the opponent in small hits while also applying bleed that slowly drains a small portion of their maximum health and can KO an opponent if their health is low enough.


Her passive ability – Assassin – allows her to ambush an opponent on tag-in with vicious stabs, causing bleeding for 5-15 seconds. Assassin Characters generate 10-30% more power. Assassin Kitana is immune to critical hits. Assassins do 10% more Damage versus Circle of Shadow.


Assassin Kitana MK11


7. Erron Black

Despite his low stats, Gunslinger Erron Black is a compelling hero with basic high-speed attacks and a destructive unblockable, critical SP2. It is advised to concentrate on his SP2 to take advantage of his passive. Unblockable basic attack and power gen boost equipment are also beneficial to him, allowing him to produce power by quickly combining his fast basic attacks with two multi-hit combo enders.


Erron Black can deal an increased 35% damage against Spec Ops and 30% Basic Attack Boost with the Executioner Axe, for a total of 95% damage on basic attacks against Spec Ops at Fusion X.


Erron Black MK11



These characters are powerful and effective in a fight based on their stats. But, others with similar stats can perform better with the right tactics and combination. The list could go on as there are many more powerful characters. So, we advise you to play the game and decide for yourself which character is the most powerful among them. This will be all from us for now. Stay tuned for more updates.

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