Tips on Becoming the Best Fighter in MORTAL KOMBAT: The Ultimate Fighting Game


Tips on Becoming the Best Fighter in MORTAL KOMBAT: The Ultimate Fighting Game


Mortal Kombat Mobile is based on the famous Mortal Kombat series of the PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. The game tries to stay true to the original by featuring the same characters, story, and general art. Moreover, it incorporates the same competitive fighting style that fans used to love with a healthy tinge of violence and gore, the Mortal Kombat Series' signature trademark.


On mobile, the game features almost every character from the Mortal Kombat Universe alongside several unique events and skirmishes that differentiate the game from others.


Stick to Iconic Characters:


Mortal Kombat 11 characters are extremely versatile and are jam-packed with many different heroes with different unique abilities that differentiate them from one another. The new MK 11 collection recently added to the game now has a collection of much better characters like Scorpion, Raid, Mileena, and Sub-Zero.


Most players make the mistake of trying out all the characters or going for the niche one, assuming they must be there for a reason. However, the meta has been established by pros over many years and has done their research accordingly.


Therefore, going away from the meta or not picking the characters that the pros are playing at that very moment can put you up at a severe disadvantage in many cases.


One of the better characters, especially for beginners, is Scorpion. He has really quick attacks and gruesome combos.


Do not Open Kombat Packs. Save up!


Tips on Becoming the Best Fighter in MORTAL KOMBAT: The Ultimate Fighting Game


The primary currency of the game opens combats Packs. Their main issue the fact that they usually tend not to have a lot of fruitful results. Therefore, we recommend that you save up for the Challenger or the Elite Pack instead. While they are much more expensive, they yield much better results with a chance of you getting cards with extremely high rarity.


If you have saved up for the card by now, do not put the cards up for fusion. You should aim for Contender 2 as it gets you a free gold character.


Learn Effective Combos:


Mortal Kombat Mobile is different from its PC cousin in some regards. For example, while you get complete control over your character in the PC versions of the game, you are bound by your touchscreen and the device's capabilities on mobile. So, the combat system has been designed quite differently, with a few key differences.


Firstly, combining combos in this game is relatively much easier than using your controller or keyboard to find all of them out and perfect timings. In fact, on mobile, you are allowed to have your timings with a small AI box telling you if you have missed your combo for that part. You can use this box to your advantage and hit sick combos as well, but the game does not feel as punishing.


So, learning effective combos should not prove to be so difficult. Try to pick a character from the Lin Que clan like Scorpion. They generally help clear the game faster due to the numerous buffs they get against specific units and their general combat reliability.


Keep Practicing your Moves and Character Sets:


Tips on Becoming the Best Fighter in MORTAL KOMBAT: The Ultimate Fighting Game


If you are a player that has come from the Xbox or PS4 / PS4, chances are you might not appreciate the game to its fullest pleasures due to its drawbacks that you inherently get from trying to learn and memorize hard combos. However, on the mobile version of Mortal Kombat, since learning combos is much easier, it feels much more fun and straightforward to play, which raked in many players.


Generally, after completing all of your tutorials, you should start your practicing session with a recording of each particular move you might have done right or wrong, according to you. Watch these videos thoroughly and try to identify your mistakes and improve on them on the next match. This will always help you grow as a popular and develop an important habit of self-reflection.


Play your Part in Faction Challenges:


After some period, you are invited to join a faction as you get more experienced with the land, map, gameplay, and the players around you. Lending your expertise or helping with the challenge presents you with amazing rewards that you should claim and get the moment you win a faction challenges.


Since it is a collective effort, everyone must contribute. Therefore, you get a percentage of the profit from the entire raid or challenge, dependent on the work that you have put in. There are also faction challenges based on individual performances that tend to be much harder. Completing these challenges should present you with a very substantial lead over other players.


Focus on Card Collecting:


Tips on Becoming the Best Fighter in MORTAL KOMBAT: The Ultimate Fighting Game


Collecting Cards is an important part of Mortal Kombat. It allows you to gain access to characters who have better stats and, subsequently, much better rarities. It is an integral part of the game and should not be taken lightly. When it comes to opening new cards and collecting them, your best friend will always be the Elite Kombat Packs you get from the store.


You can use these packs to gain access to good characters instantly and, with a hint of luck, get an ultra-rare or rare that can be solved for a respectable amount as well. Trying to get better at card collecting and guessing odds will turn you into a good Mortal Kombat Mobile player in no time.




Nether Realm and Warner Brother's iconic team-up has been hyped to oblivion. The game's visual fidelity has taken everyone by surprise. It might incorporate one of the best mobile video game franchises to date in terms of quality and overall material consistency. The game has turned into a sensation for fighting games' fans and led to competitiveness developing.


Mortal Kombat will always remain a game for those who wish to reminisce4about the old times and nostalgia. However, the game has now slowly modernized itself to suit a much broader audience.

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