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Moonlight Sculptor is a mobile MMORPG which is created by Arche Age and based upon the Moonlight Sculptor Light Novel. The game features many different characters to choose from and has an enormous library of weapons, armors, and other equip able items. This guide will thoroughly explain everything you need to know to have mastery over your equipment. So, give it a full read to be better at the game, and if you are a new player who's trying to get better at the game, check out our Beginner Guide on Moonlight Sculptor.


What is Equipment Specialization?




Moonlight Sculptor is a game that heavily revolves around crafting and upgrading your weapon. The game will allow the players to choose from many different weapons which they can upgrade according to their own preferred style. These equipment specializations will allow your hero to be even deadlier than before by increasing its damage output.


Using Equipment Specialization:


You can use Equipment Specialization to improve your unique abilities in exchange for the gear you don't use. Equipment Specialization can be selected from the main menu. After clicking on Equipment Specialization, a new tab will open here. All of your equipment will be listed on the right side, and on the left side, there will be nine different symbols, each one representing certain stat buffs. By selecting an item that matches the symbol on the left side of the screen, you will be able to enhance your character's unique Ability.


Each symbol will represent a different stat, so you need to learn which symbol represents which buff before enchanting your equipment. The buffs required by Equipment Specialization stay even if the player switches the item for a different item. There are two ways to get a higher degree of enchantment by using Equipment Specialization. One is to use more gear, and the second one is to use higher quality gear. Although there is no failure rate for Equipment Specialization, the quantity required for these enchantments grows exponentially.


Auto Selecting Equipment’s to Enchant:


You can select equipment manually, but it can be really time-consuming. To save yourself some time, you should use auto-select. You can auto-select a certain batch of weapons by just clicking the auto-select option. After selecting all the weapons, just select the symbols of the buff you want and choose the grade of items you want to upgrade. After ticking all the write boxes, you will be able to Enchant your character's unique abilities without wasting time. Remember only to use gear that you don't use already to get the best value out of your gear.


Sculpture Pieces:


moonlight sculptor sculpture piece


Sculpture Pieces are equipable items that can be used to increase your character's performance. Each Sculpture piece is imbued with different kinds of special stats. You can get your hand on these sculpture pieces by reaching level 80. After reaching level 80, the sculpture option in your bag will be accessible. Sculpture pieces can be put in three different categories, which are Sunlight Pieces (Attack), Starlight Pieces (support), and Moonlight Pieces (Defense).

Sculpture pieces have five different rarities starting from 1, which is common, and going up to 5, which stands for legendary.


Equipping Sculpture Pieces:


You can equip Sculpture Pieces by accessing them through the Sculpture pieces tab. Once you are in the equip tab here, you will be able to see all the Sculpture pieces you can choose from. There is a total of six Sculpture pieces a player can choose. Two of these Sculpture piece slots represent one type of Sculpture piece, meaning you can only equip two of each Sculpture pieces. However, you can't equip Sculpture pieces with equal stats and abilities together. After you equip a Sculpture piece, you will see the stat buff each Sculpture piece is giving. If you want to switch Sculpture pieces, you can always do that without any restrictions.


Sculpture Growth:



moonlight sculptor Sculpture Growth


Sculpture growth can be accessed from the Sculpture Pieces option in the game. This option allows you to increase your piece's unique stats making it more efficient. The max a player can increase their Sculpture Piece level is 30. Every time you try to upgrade your piece, you will be able to see the increased stats that the upgrade has to offer, so you won't have any problem deciding on the upgrade's worth. To upgrade the Sculpture Piece, you will need other Sculpture Pieces and a good amount of gold. Depending on what rarity of pieces you will use, the grade and the stats of resultant items will be affected.


Enchanting Sculpture Pieces:


Sculpture Pieces can be enchanted in the game, and depending on the enchantment, the item will be given buffs. Sculpture pieces can be enhanced to a max level of 10, and to increase the enchantment level, and a player needs some gold and the same grade of Sculpture piece. Apart from these two things, a player also needs Enchant Protectant to keep the piece safe. If the enchant is failed, the items that are being used to enchant will be lost, and the items that are being enchanted will also lose their enchantment level. However, the protectants will save the enchant level of the Sculpture Piece if used.


Fusing Sculpture Pieces:


moonlight sculptor fusion sculpture pieces


The game also allows the user to fuse different Sculpture Pieces to form a better one. You can do it by choosing the fusion option in the growth tab. Here you have to choose five different Sculpture Pieces with the same grade. These Sculpture Pieces can be fused now and will have a chance of making a higher-grade Sculpture piece. Each fusion will cost a small amount of gold depending on the grade of pieces that you are using. The Pieces that you used to fuse items will also be used, and you won't get them back.


Equipment Modification:




Unlike Equipment Specialization, Equipment Modification focuses more on enchanting your gear. These enchants will grant your gear upgrades that will boost their strength by a lot in Moonlight Sculptor. Modifying your equipment is an essential part of Moonlight Sculptor Gameplay, so everything you need to know about modifying your gear is below.


Enchanting Equipment:


You can use different scrolls to enchant your equipment. Each upgrade will enchant your equipment in stages resulting in increased stats. To enhance your item, you need to find the piece of gear you want to upgrade and press modify on it. After you press modify, a tab will open where you will have a lot of choices to choose from. Look for enchant in these options and click on it to enchant your items.


Select the gear from the right window and then select a scroll to increase the unique stats to enchant an item. After selecting both of them, you will be able to enchant the item with the help of some gold. The predicted stats after the item is enchanted will also be shown below to let the player know what they will be getting. The normal scrolls will only give one level upgrade each time they are used. On the other hand, the blessed scroll gives two levels but is rarer than the normal ones.


For the first three enchants a person will get in-game on their item, there will be a 100 percent. After the three enchants are done, the rate of success starts dropping. The more you enchant your items, the lower the enchantment success rate will be. When an enhancement fails, a player will either retain his older enchant level or get a lower one. To protect your level from falling down, a player can use Enchant Protectants to help the player retain their level even if the enchant fails. If players increase their enchant level above 10, they won't be able to go below it even if the enchant won't be successful.


Best Way to Enchant:


moonlight sculptor best way to enchant


The most important thing for you to get your hands on to enchant items in-game is Enchant Scrolls. The best way to get Enchant Scrolls is by buying the Enchant Scroll Chest. This chest usually drops normal Enchant Scrolls but also has a chance of dropping Blessed Enchant Scrolls. There is a limit of 10 purchases per day on these scrolls, so getting them every day should be your first priority if you are looking to increase your enchantment levels.


The best way to increase your enchantment level is by using normal scrolls and trying to enchant your item up to level eight. After you reach level eight, players should start using Protectants to keep their level and also start using blessed scrolls. This is because a player can't fall below level ten, making it a checkpoint for every player who is looking to upgrade. After hitting level 10, each next enchant will start taking double the number of scrolls. The best solution is to use protectants and blessed scrolls for items you are really invested in to deal with this problem.


Enchant Transfer:


Enchant Transfer is an option in Moonlight Sculptor, which allows the player to transfer certain equipment enchantments to a piece of different equipment. You can Enchant Transfer by choosing it from the enchant option in-game. Items that are enchanted and are higher than +10 are the only ones that can give their enchants to other items. However, there are a few conditions that you should know before using an enchant transfer.


Enchant Transfer can only take place on equipment that is not Enchanted before and are at level 0. The grade of the item which is being enchanted should be higher than the grade of the previous enchanted item. To perform an enchantment transfer, a player needs both of the gear pieces to be of the same type. For example, a bow can only transfer enchantments to another bow.


During the Enchant Transfer, the consumed amount of Burning Water, Gold, and White Lunarium entirely depends on the Min Enchant Transfer. The Higher the Min Enchant Transfer will be, the more resources it will consume to do it. After the Enchant Transfer is done, the item that previously carried all those buffs will also be destroyed, so be careful while doing it.




Dismantling allows players to use equipment that they don't use in-game and convert it into other resources. The materials which are obtained by dismantling gear can be used to upgrade or craft other equipment in-game. You can either choose manually what items you want to dismantle or choose a batch by clicking on a type of gear and then choosing the grade you want the batch to be of. This will allow you to save your time. The fragments that can be acquired from dismantling gear can be used to create complete resources by using the Crafting Table in each village.


Option Stone Fusion:


A player can use fusion to fuse three different options into one. These option stones have different stats depending on their type and grade. A player can only use Option stones of the same grade to fuse, and it requires gold for each time a player fuses the stone. Fusion will award players with higher bonus stats for the option stone that's created, and it will also consume all the other three fusion stones. If the fusion is successful, there will be a chance for the player to have an Option Stone that is higher grade than the ones being used.


Option Transmutation:


Transmutation allows the player to change the stats of their equipment by spending some amount of gold. There are two types of Transmutation in the game one is Common Transmutation, and the other one is Quality Transmutation. In both of these Transmutations, all the stats of the item will be changed randomly. The quality option will allow users to get a better set of stats, but they will also be random. Transmutation isn't really the best way to spend gold on your item, but if you feel lucky or want to experiment, it's an excellent option.


Granting Options:


Options are stones in-game that players collect as they progress through the game. Each stone is unique and has different buffs to them. To grant these Option Stones, you need to go to modify and select the Options tab here open the Grant Option Tab. Now from here, you need to choose the gear you need to grant those and options to.


You can tap on any available slot or choose one of the existing stats of the Equipment you want to grant an option to. After which, you just need to select the option stone you want to give the stats of to your equipment. Granting Options will cost a good amount of gold and a Lunarium of the same grade as the item you are Enhancing. To get your hands on some Lunarium, you can dismantle other gear pieces.




Customization allows you to upgrade an item in such a way that it becomes unique to your character. Customizing an item will grant 20 percent bonus stats to your hero, but it will demand two things in return. The first thing will be selling, exchanging, or even equipping this item on a different character. The second thing will be a little harder for free to play, and that will be using butterflies. As butterflies are very expensive in-game, be careful when spending them on item customization.




Moonlight Sculptor is an MMORPG, and like other MMORPG, the game is very reliant on its Enchantment system. For any player who is looking to get better at the game, having mastery at the game's Enchantment system is a must. This guide will help you have complete control over what resources to enchant, fuse and dismantle. If you are someone who is struggling at the game, this guide will surely help you be the player you truly want to be. To start your epic journey in Moonlight Sculptor Pc, click here today.

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