Moonlight Sculptor Fishing Guide


Fishing is a very important part of Moonlight Sculptor. Not only does it provide a player with resources, but it also helps a player feel immersed in the gameplay. Fishing, however, can be tricky in this game as there are many locations to choose from and many prerequisites a player needs to fill before being able to swim. These prerequisites include getting a good fishing rod, upgrading it, and finding bait for the fish. The game also has a fishing mastery system meaning that the more you fish, the higher your level will get.


How to Get Started at Fishing:


As previously told, there are a few prerequisites you need to complete to get started at fishing. These prerequisites are explained below:


Get a Fishing Rod:



Moonlight Sculptor Fishing Guide


In this game, there are three ways for players to get their hands on a fishing rod. The first way is buying a fishing rod, the second is unlocking it by doing a quest, and the third one is by crafting it. If you are a new player in Moonlight Sculptor, the easiest way to get your hand on a fishing rod is by completing quests and opening the fishing quests.


Completing Your First Fishing Quest:


To unlock your first fishing quest in Moonlight Sculptor, you need to complete all the main story missions that you can quickly. By completing the main quest missions, your level will get higher quickly, and once you reach level 15, you will be able to unlock a fishing quest. You will be able to see this fishing quest on the map by clicking on the minimap.


When you unlock the quest, you need to go to the southern plains and here talk to an NPC called Paul. Paul is a fisherman, and he will ask you to complete a quest for him. After you successfully complete Paul's quest, he will reward you with your very first fishing rod and some fishing bait to go along with it.


Buying a Fishing Rod:


To buy a fishing rod, you need to visit a general goods merchant NPC in the game. There are many different merchants that you can choose from. Helen is a merchant that you can get access to very easily early in the game. She is located in Serrabord Castle Location and offers many different items. One of these items is a Fishing Rod. To find other merchants in the game, tap on the minimap and look for the general goods merchant location.


After clicking on one of them, the character will automatically navigate to the NPC location. When you finally reach the NPC location and interact with it, a drop box will open from where you need to choose to sell/buy items. This new screen on the side will open a list, and from the list, you will be able to choose a fishing rod. The basic fishing rod will cost 1.2k coins making it very cheap for the new player and an amazing investment as well.


Crafting a Fishing Rod:


The third and last way to get your hand on a fishing rod is by crafting it. Crafting is a very important part of the Moonlight Sculptor Universe, and most of the game just revolves around it. To craft a fishing rod, you will need to find yourself a blacksmith NPC. You can find the NPC by using your minimap and clicking on an anvil on the map. The character will automatically navigate to the NPC. Next to the NPC, you will find an anvil, and by interacting with the Anvil, you will be able to craft items.


By interacting with the Anvil, you will open a dropbox that will give you three options: Materials, Weapons, and tools. To craft a rod, you need to click on the tool tab and choose a fishing rod. To craft the fishing rod, you will need to have five light lumber pieces, which you can get from the Novice training hall. By using these ingredients, you will be able to craft your own fishing rod.


Get Some Fishing Bait:



Moonlight Sculptor Fishing Guide


Now that you have your fishing rod, you are almost halfway there. The other half is the easier part. All you need to get started at fishing now is to find fishing bait. Fishing bait is very important, and you can't really fish without them. You can get fishing bait either from completing quests or just buying it from a good general store. Each fishing bait will cost around 55 gold each making it quite cheap but don't buy a lot at the same time as it can cause you to lose a big amount of your gold. But it's always good to have some fishing bait on you all the time.


Finding a Good Fishing Spot:


Finding a good fishing spot is a very important and hard task in the game. There are many different fishing spots to choose from in Moonlight Sculptors' huge world. However, there are a few things you need to keep in mind before choosing a fishing spot. A fishing spot should be in a place that is very easily accessible and has very few mobs around you.


Auto fishing is a mechanic in the game, the player can leave the game on to auto farm some fishes, but a mob can just come in and kill your character. If the place is in a remote area where it's really hard to reach, it can be annoying as you might run out of Fishing Bait, and you will have to go back to get it. So finding a safe place with a good higher fish drop rate is a must if you want to get better at the game.


Best Fishing Spot in the Game:



Moonlight Sculptor Fishing Guide


By far, the best spot in the game to fish is in the Land of the Forgotten Kingdom. This place primarily has two different fishing spots. The one on the upper left corner on the minimap and the one surrounding the small island on the middle of the minimap. The one on the upper left is a good option but not the best as there's still a chance for you to get attacked by a mob while fishing there. However, the middle Island water body has a way to deal with it making it one of the best fishing spots in the game, which is completely safe and has a high drop rate.


However, this fishing spot is right next to the main boss of the desert, called the Desert Predator. You need to be very cautious about it, as it can easily knock out your characters if you end up in a fight with him. But you don't need to worry as the Desert Predator can't come inside the water. You need to find an opening and run towards the edge of the land from the west of the island, and here you will find a click where no mob can reach you, and you can easily farm all night. You can easily AFK farm overnight here, but remember there is a chance that you might not get fish, and your character will stop fishing for you.


Time to Fish:


Now that you have got your hand on the fishing rod and have the bait you need for fishing. You just need to go to the fishing spot and just go next to the body of water and select the fishing bait from the bottom right corner. As soon as you click on the fishing bait, the character will start an animation and throw his fishing rod in the water. There will be a small loading bar around your character that will show you how much time it will take to see results. We said results here because there is a small chance that you might not get any fish from fishing. Now you can either auto fish or leave whenever you feel like it.


Fishing Mastery Level:


The more you fish in-game, the higher your fishing mastery level will get. Every time you get a fish in a game, you will always get some fishing XP. The higher your fishing level will be in-game, the better your odds will be to catch a rare and bigger fish. If you want to get your hands on rarer fish, you can just use the fish index in-game, which will allow you to capture rarer fish by showing which region carries which particular fish. If your fishing mastery level is high enough, you will be able to get high buff granting fish.


Uses of Fish:


There are three main uses of the fish that you caught in Moonlight Sculptor. Number one is to make food out of it. Number two is to use it for alchemy, and number three is to complete Guild Missions to get some extra bonus stats.


Using Fish for Food:



Moonlight Sculptor Fishing Guide


By far, one of the most important uses of fish in this game is for making food. Having your stomach bar above a certain limit is a must if you want to have extra buffs on you in-game. The sheer quantity of fish you can get from fishing makes it a very good and efficient food source for players. A player can expect around 5 percent stomach fullness for every common fish, which is better than 3 percent a player gets from buying common food from a merchant. If a player uses fish with a higher rarity, he will be able to make food that increases his stomach bar by a lot.


You can also get different ingredients, mix them with fish, and discover new recipes in culinary research. These recipes will have different stats depending on what kind of recipe you crafted, making it easier for you to increase your stats. You can check out the internet to get your hand on some recipe lists for Moonlight Sculptor, which will include all the cooking recipes, including the fish ones. If you are a new player who is trying to get better at the game check out our beginner guide to help you with your progression.


Using Fish for Alchemy:



Moonlight Sculptor Fishing Guide


Alchemy allows a player to build different Potions. These potions are usable items that will allow the player to have some kind of extra buffs depending on the item for a period of time. After the period is over, the effects of the item will wear off. A player can use fish to craft many different items, which provides the user with some kind of buff. These buffs depend on the type of fish and the type of item that you craft. Each item costs a different amount of gold to craft. These potions help the player greatly in PVE as it provides you and your party member with additional buffs that can help you win the game.


You can also craft resources like leather, cotton cloth, and other stuff by changing your fish into Lesser Crystals and combining it with other resources. You can change your fish into Lesser Crystals in the alchemy shop. Crafting these items provides you with Crafting XP and also has a great chance of success which can give you a good amount of bonus stats.


Completing Certain Guild Missions:



Moonlight Sculptor Fishing Guide


Guilds are very important in Moonlight Sculptor as they provide you with extra stats and resources. The higher a guild level will be in Moonlight Sculptor, the more buffs he will be able to get in the game. To increase the level of your guild, you have to complete missions on the game. Some of these missions will be related to capturing fish. One example of such a mission is to gather a thousand fish in-game. In doing so, you will be rewarded with 500 Guild XP, 200 Guild Honor, and 120 Guild Coins. You will also be able to get your hand on some other resources as well. So, fishing is a very important part of your overall guild experience as well.




Without fishing, players will have to go through many hindrances in Moonlight Sculptor that will slow down their progress. To help you combat that problem, the above-mentioned things will simplify all the problems one might face during fishing. This guide helps to make fishing easier for the player by helping you utilize your fish and your time. If you want to get better at the game, this guide is a must to keep in mind. You can also download and play Moonlight Sculptor on PC.

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