Lineage W pre-registrations started: Global release on November 4, 2021

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Similar but not so similar to its sibling Lineage 2M, this game is also an upcoming MMORPG title from NCSOFT with substantial potential. The South Korean Developers NCSOFT developed the game, and they have never disappointed their player base when it comes to the original Lineage series.


The game is now being planned to launch in certain regions. Various information on the game was recently revealed during a live stream, which featured the second showcase of the game. The player base had some crucial doubts and questions that were cleared during this live stream. For more information, the players can visit the official website.


Features and Gameplay insights

The lineage series has been very famous among the player base. The game was originally launched for PCs, but the mobile version has also coped up quite well. It has been two decades since the game is being admired a lot among the players. This game is among the other titles released by NCSOFT, like Lineage 2M, but both games are very different in terms of gameplay experience. Lineage W is based only on the original series of lineage games with better graphics and overall gameplay experience. Even the story has received an overhaul. Players can be a part of clans that exist in their own country and also have the privilege to join international clans and play together in synergy.


Lineage W Android  pre-registrations


These games have gained massive popularity in their home country, South Korea. Hence it’s a big step forward for the South Korean developers NCSOFT as the Lineage series is getting recognized globally. The game already has a huge fan base in the home country, and a global launch will ensure more and more players join the community. This is a great step forward for the developers in terms of gaining new players.


The game has already received a massive amount of pre-registrations, and the count has crossed 10 million. Players can still reserve a position of their choice on the servers by pre-registering for the game. And, of course, the pre-registered players will receive bonuses and rare gifts. These gifts include 100K Adrena, Red Knights Ring I, Red Knights Support chest, and an Enchant Scroll Chest. These items can be obtained once the game launches officially.


Lineage W will be available in two different region

The game will be released in two regions so that the players can enjoy a real-time gameplay experience. The regions will be divided into two subparts - Region 1 and Region 2. The first region will include South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Russia, the Middle East, and other South-Eastern countries. And the second region will include countries of North America, South America, and Europe. There might be the third region added very soon in the game.


So that is it for a quick insight on the pre-registration news of the game. Go ahead and pre-register as soon as possible on the Google Play Store for Android devices and on the App Store for iOS devices.

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