Last Cloudia: Tier List Updated May 2021 Best Characters

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To rank higher in the Last Cloudia Chart, you pick playable units called characters or heroes that you unlock via the Gacha mechanics. Every single Hero in this game displays particular attributes and skillsets, but you have to pick the ones that could slip through any battle and match with the present Meta of the game. We make your choice easy by providing the Last Cloudia Updated Tier List of heroes with their specific skills and powers.


If you have not downloaded the game yet, then read our guide on how to play Last Cloudia on PC with the help of LDPlayer.

Last Cloudia Tier List May Update 2021


S Tier


The heroes in S Tier are the most skillful and powerful characters that can change the game at any stage. The type of heroes in the S tier includes soldiers and snipers. Each character has a specific role and element. Believe me; you are lucky enough if you can grab any hero of S Tier.


Thunderbolt Sevia

  • A powerful soldier hero that uses the lightning element for the attack.
  • Sevia has high firing power and is also a very good healer.
  • The Hero can move quickly during the attack. It plays the role of Breaker and Melee DPS.
  • This is the strongest Hero that we believe should be in your team.



  • Luger is a sniper hero and is also called destruction king due to the highest damage power.
  • Lugar uses dark elements while attacking the enemy.
  • Lugar is one of the best physical ranged DPS units.
  • This Hero has great tracking capability skills, so it can track enemies.


Hero Davan

  • A soldier hero that uses the Earth element for the attack.
  • Davan is a powerful physical fighter.
  • Role: Tank and Melee DPS.
  • Davan can damage the enemy badly.


A Tier

Tier list A heroes are also very popular, and they have the ability to challenge the power and skills of the S Tier heroes. Overall, we can say that they have the strength to defeat the opponent.


Killer Ice Princess Sevia

  • This soldier-type Hero has a high physical DPS ability and uses Ice element while attacking.
  • The Hero can recover quickly due to high HP power.
  • Princess Sevia has a very powerful hidden ability known as Dual Wield and is also plays a role in damage reduction.


Godhunter Shin

  • Another high-performing soldier hero specifically designed for fighting with big God-type bosses.
  • It can quickly get out of danger due to its flanking ability.
  • Auto Brave is the hidden skill of Shin through which it can save up to 7 SC.
  • Shin has the strong power to damage the single target perfectly.


Dyne of the Three Sages

  • The abilities of this Sorcerer hero are excellent for keeping him safe. Phoenix and Efreet will act accordingly as the enemy get close.
  • Hidden skill: Immovable Object (Casting can no more be disrupted, conserves 11 SC while this isn't generally viewed on mage builds).
  • He uses Fire and Dark elements for attacking the enemy and is considered perfect for farming because the enemy has to effectively withstand both elements to lower the damage.
  • Dyne can cause powerful fire damage to enemies.


Ice General Zekus

  • A sorcerer-type hero that uses ice element for an attack on the enemy.
  • Due to his high-level break value, it helps break the boss.
  • This Hero can reduce the casting time.
  • Due to his hidden Ice High Boost ability, it can save 11 SC and also increase ice spell damage up to 30%.
  • Provide strong INT and STR buff to allies.



  • Type; Knight Hero
  • Element: Lightning
  • Role; Tank
  • This Hero has high healing power.



  • Zouglas is also a knight hero that uses earth element for the attack on the enemy.
  • Role: Tank and Melee DPS.
  • Zouglas is a good and powerful hero with strong skills that you should choose.



  • Zaix is a soldier hero that uses a Neutral element.
  • Role: Thief, Breaker, and Melee DPS.
  • The hidden abilities of Zaix are helpful in many ways.

Last Cloudia Top Heroes


B Tier

They can make a great unit. Their progress is satisfactory, but you have to train these heroes for optimal results as they are not as powerful as S and A tier heroes.



  • A God-type hero that uses light elements for attacking.
  • Due to her melee DPS skills, she can attack the enemy from quite a long distance.
  • Archangels Blessing is the hidden skill that helps her in restoring MP up to 30%.
  • Good healing power.


Master Thief Robin

  • Soldier-type Hero that uses dark elements for the attack.
  • Robin can cause powerful damage to the enemy.
  • He is considered a top-class farmer because of his unique ability to drop rare items on the enemy.
  • His hidden skill Combo Master is helpful in increasing damage on the enemy.


Prince Gorm

  • Top tier Tank/support and DPS soldier hero that use Neutral element.
  • He has Heal Guard that keeps him alive.
  • Ability to increase the amount of gold earned after every fight.
  • Good healing power.


Soul Reaper Melza

  • Melza is a top-tier Magical/physical DPS God-type hero that uses Dark elements for the attack.
  • This Hero has the ability to steal HP from the opponent.
  • She is a stronger normal attacker.


Warlock Leena

  • A Sorcerer hero that plays the role of Healer in the unit.
  • Leena uses the Earth element.
  • Heal High Boost is the hidden ability of Leena through which it can help in boosting all heals up to 30%.
  • A big source of heal for all allies.


Princess Lilah

  • A high-tier Sorcerer hero that plays the role of healer and Magical DPS.
  • Lilah uses light elements to attack the enemy.
  • She is a very quick and powerful hero and also provides 20 MP for recovery to all team members.



  • Lily is a top-tier God-type hero.
  • Lily plays the main role as Ranged Magical DPS.
  • The good thing about this Hero is her ability to use both Light and Dark elements.


C Tier

They will not blow you away, but there is no reason to just dismiss them. You may use them; however, they aren't as much help.


Doura, the Bluebeard

  • A soldier-type hero that uses Ice element for the attack.
  • Role: Physical DPS
  • Pirates Feast is his hidden skill that can be used after every single wave.
  • Doura can cause a good amount of damage to the enemy.


Goroth, the Giant

  • Goroth is a creature-type hero and uses a Neutral element.
  • Role: Tank and Physical DPS.
  • Can survive with only one HP.
  • The Hero causes powerful dark damage to the enemy and is good against the enemy crowd.


Mysterious Girl Theria

  • A Sorcerer-type hero that plays the role of Support and Healer.
  • Theria uses Light elements and is a strong healer.
  • In some cases, it can also perform a minor role of Magical DPS.
  • The Hero can increase MP up to 20% due to its hidden MP Up MAX ability.


Beast Romel

  • A Beast hero that uses light elements.
  • Role: Melee DPS and Support.
  • Provide good support to the allies.



  • Vaughn is a soldier hero that uses the Fire element.
  • Role: Breaker and Melee DPS
  • This Hero causes serious fire damage to all the enemies.



  • Selios is a soldier hero.
  • The Hero uses Ice element for the attack.
  • Selios performs the role of Melee DPS in the unit.


D Tier

You have to put a lot of effort to use these low-tier heroes. They are below average. I suggest replacing them as soon as possible.


Rei, the Beast

  • Rei is a beast hero that uses the Thunder element to attack the enemy.
  • This Hero is a strong enemy crowd controller.
  • Play the role of Breaker and cause powerful thunder damage to the enemy due to the hidden Thunder Attack Raise ability.


Sky Hero Graevin

  • Graevin is a Spirit-type hero that uses a Neutral element.
  • This Hero is perfect for fighting enemies in the air and plays the role of Melee DPS.
  • Graevin, due to his hidden ability, can increase the critical rate of allies up to 15%.



  • Maddine is a sorcerer hero and plays the role of Support, Tank, Melee Magical, and Physical DPS.
  • The Hero uses the Earth element for the attack.
  • Provide strong support to the allies.



  • Eliza is also a sorcerer Hero that uses the Fire element.
  • The Hero plays the role of Magical DPS.
  • Eliza can cause serious fire damage to the enemy.


F Tier

The heroes in F Tier are the worse and will only play a role in your defeat. In short, don't think to win the game with the F Tier heroes. The only solution is to change these heroes.


Blood Rose

  • A sorcerer hero that uses Dark element.
  • The Hero can cause powerful damage to the enemy in the dark.
  • Role: Melee Magical DPS and Breaker.
  • There are some chances that it may recover some percentage of HP after an attack.


White Knight Melza

  • A Knight Hero that uses Light element.
  • Melza has a very small healing ability.
  • The Hero can boost normal attacks.
  • Role: Melee DPS and Support.
  • Grand Protection is the hidden ability of this Hero.


Lilebette of the Blaze

  • A sniper-hero that uses a Neutral element for the attack.
  • Role: Ranged DPS, Support.
  • Not much powerful.


Swordsman Kyle

  • A soldier-hero that uses the Fire element for an attack.
  • Kyle can cause powerful damage to God-type enemies.
  • Role: Melee DPS and Breaker.
  • The skills of this Hero regenerate quickly.



We have prepared the best and updated Last Cloudia Tier List based on the performance and skills of the heroes. According to our experience, the S Tier heroes have both skills and powers necessary to defeat the enemy, while the D and F Tier heroes are the worst performers. You have to put a lot of effort if you choose low-tier heroes.