How to Play Words with Friends on Computer – Beginner Tips

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Word with Friends is a game that has been renewed for its massive popularity as a word game. Rather than playing some games with usual themes like fighting, actions and battling, this holds a unique theme, and it is about words. So today, let's see how we can play Words with Friends on the computer along with its beginner tips.






Before playing the game, it is a must to know that Words with Friends is not just about handling words, it is strategy fame, and for winning, it has to maximize the bonus multipliers which a player holds. And they have to plan carefully for keeping their tiles, and those allow them to score continuously throughout the game.


So how do this Words with Friends on Computer gameplay come about?


Words with Friends on Computer


You can just use LDPlayer to play this amazing strategy game on a computer. It only requires an installation on your computer, and then you can go to the LD Store. You can download the game there.



What makes you more pushed towards playing this unique Words with Friends on the computer is that it gives you a more advanced gaming experience rather than playing on a mobile. It is not just only about having a keyboard or a mouse. The gaming will be more advanced with many added features than usual game-playing.


As an example, we can take the Keyboard Mapping feature. It will create its own keyboard for the players with their personal preference controls, and it does not require to depend on the default key settings. Instead, you can create your own.


Words with Friends on Computer – Beginner Tips


Playing Words with Friends on the computer using LDPlayer is not the only answer for a victory. You need to be aware of what to perform and what time it asks you to do it. 



So it is a must to know some tips, and here are some of the strategy tips to follow. These will help you to improve your entire gameplay with Words with Friends.


Learn Your Functional Words


It is a must to learn some word amounts like 2 and 3 letter words as a player. Those are helping players pass a long way towards improving their scores from the game, 3 and 3 letter words are not only the ones that give this feature as short vowel heavy words, and the JQXZ words are also helping them improve their scores more.


Use Some Bonus Multipliers


Bonus multipliers can be identified as the best ways of increasing scores, and those are capable of improving players' scores most speedily. Players need to make sure that they take the maximum benefits from multi-coloured multiplier squares whenever they can.


Using More of Bonus Multipliers


You need to use bonus multipliers more than once. It makes the situation better whenever you use several bonus multipliers within a tandem. When a player combines their word multiplier with a letter multiplier, they will be able to score more points with only a few tiles.


Parallel Plays


Note that it becomes favourable for you if there is a parallel play. If a player plays words parallel to the existing plays and forms multiple letter words by two or three amounts, it becomes a great strategy. 



Those are really helpful for a player to rack up their points speedily, and it will be a great way to use many words you have already learned on step one.


Hooks with Massive Dividends


Sometimes, hooks are paying so many dividends on the game. If you hook to an existing word, it will be the most effective scoring method. Players can hook by adding one tile to the start or for the end of a word, and then they can try to create the newest word. 


And also, they can do it by creating a perpendicular play. Players can use this new technique to access the highest score bonus multipliers to earn big scores from the game.


Focus on your Rack Balance


When there is a chance, you need to try to have a good balance between consonants and vowels. And then you need to try to not keep duplicate files with you. It is OK to have a few from the high point files, but it is not identified as a great tactic if you decide to have more than two high point tiles.




As a player, you should never be afraid of swapping. There are some terrible tiles, and they can limit your scores within one turn, and they can affect multiple turns. 


So you need to swap. But when you are swapping, just make sure to keep some strongest tiles like X, Z and S with the blank tiles. And also have to keep the tiles that fit great with the board when swapping, as they are helpful for parallel plays and hooks.




Look at your game board for bingos. Bingos are the greatest way to score with blanks and lower consonants' scoring. These tiles are somewhat challenging to achieve, but they help make a bingo. And it can be done by using all the tiles and claiming 35 point bonuses.


Don't Give Big Scores for your Opponents with Bonus Square.


You should never give a chance for your opponents to use some bonus multipliers to earn big points. The same type of bonus multiplier combinations with parallel plays that you have to use on scoring should never give away the opponents. You need to avoid it unless you hold an excellent option for huge scoring.


Hunt for your Words


Most of the players are looking for the words in this game way too fast. But you need to try for words that are unsure of you. If a player wants to know if a short word or hook is valid in the game, they have to type that hook in and create a gibberish play. The word checker will tell them whether the play is valid or not.


If you can see an immediate game, it may mean that there are multiple good plays for you to enjoy. And there will often be some good plays which are better than any other thing. Those will be single-handedly swinging games.




With those details, it ends our beginner tips with the guide for playing Words with Friends on the computer. Make sure to utilize these all tips in a maximum way to progress more on your game, and don't forget to play Words with Friends on the computer to have a whole gaming experience from it.

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