Frostborn Coop Survival Raiding Guide

2022-01-24 Content Collaboration

Frostborn Coop Survival is the game where you will be arranging your own base and hardness, the god's power. Players will be fighting with the dead in this mythology-based MMORPG and trying to regain the glory once it had for the Viking lands. We are going to raid, and this is the Frostborn Coop Survival Raiding guide.






Raiding is essential for the game Frostborn Coop Survival, and it makes players as they are doing actual Viking stuffs. It is not the only experience this gives to them, as raiding can also offer them rewards. So let's see how a player can raid other families with this amazing Viking game.


How to Start Frostborn Coop Survival Raid?


First of all, you need to know that raids will be unlocked by level 10. So if you are a beginner, you must go through all the stages and then come to level 10 to enjoy the raiding phase. For starters, the best tips can be viewed from here.



Players will need four members in their family for a raid. If you decide to do it solo, it comes against a four-member enemy family who is heavily armed within them. So there is no need to say that since your failure is prominent there.


To start the raid, you can press the raid button, which appears like an axe and a shield. After you tap it, it will show you all the mechanics for raiding with a window. 


As your first step, you have to search other families looking just like you for raids. Raids will be started once all of the participants are found, and this remaining time can be used to trade, declare war or offer peace.


The entire time for a raid will be around 30 minutes for the maximum, and the Scout's table can be used for declaring war against someone.


How to Offer Peace for an Enemy Family?


If you want to offer peace for an enemy family, you can just use Scout's table. When you are interacting with this Scout's table, it will show you two options declaring peace and declaring a raid. If players want to declare peace for a family, they can press that peace button. If they have a raid, they can press the button raid.


Steer Clearing of Raiders


In this world of Frostborn Coop Survival, no one will offer you guaranteed security. You need to improve the settlement of your game and do things to grow. Try to change your simple walls for a more fortified one to be so hard to break.


Don't ever try to keep your valuable things from one chest. It will always be better to keep those with several located chests within multiple places on your base. When you have the highest quality chest, it will require a more expensive lock pick for the opening. So keep that in your mind.


But if you are still a victim of raiders, your settlements will be protected from all repeated raids for a specific period. So you will have a chance to estimate from raid consequences and have a rebuild or upgrade on your base.



What to Do When Not Opening Chest on Enemy Base?


These situations happen when a player has forgotten their lock picks. When the players are entering into another territory settlement while they are still on the raid mode, all the chests located in this place are locked. 


If you want to open them, it is a must to hold lock picks with you. When the chest is being higher with its quality, you will need a more expensive lock pick for an opening.


Finding Nord Bomb


Nord Bombs are such powerful and exclusive items in the Frostborn Coop Survival, and they are so hard to find as well. Players have to be lucky to find one since they are very rare from the gameplay. 


So if you are one lucky player like that, you will find it within the most complex locations. You may find it in places like sanctums.


What If You Don't Take a Raid Again?


Remember that all the players from Frostborn Coop Survival are not ready for having an act of revenge after you have to raid them all in the game. There are some places and occasions where there is no chance to get back a raid. So please keep it on your mind since you will not have a raid back every time at the game.


Is Raiding Worthy?


As the last step, we recommend you not have raids on other players. Remember that your base protection will not be on forever as it will be off for an hour every day. So this time is an excellent time for another who has a personal grudge against another.


If you consider getting through other's defences, spending so many resources for keeping up with the attack and using some valuable items for crafting lock picks, it is not such a great effort. You only have too little for exchanging these all at the end. 


These all can only make sense for raiding other's home bases if you are capable of affording a 75 coin pack. Otherwise, it is not so necessary to raiding onto others.


If you still want to raid, you can take side support by using the Keyboard Macro Command from LDPlayer. 



It will set one key to perform many different actions at once, so instead of performing actions one by one, you can make your mind free by setting one key to perform many. This way, it will be easy for the gameplay and make a lot of progress for your game within just minutes.




So it ends our Frostborn Coop Survival raiding guide and makes sure to go through all these mentioned steps to perform better raiding. 


It may not be worth doing so many things for a bit of exchange, but raids will be a reason to add more interest and excitement for the gameplay. So try it and make it perfect with these tips.

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