Guardian Tales: A beginner's Guide


Released in early march Guardian tales developed by Kakao games is an awesome RPG goodness that hits all the nostalgia buttons with extremely tight easy gameplay with colorful characters that are close enough for any anime fan. Diving in Guardian tales is a to-down 2D single-player RPG that was initially soft-launched in Malaysia and the Philippines. At first most of the worldwide players were on to the use of playing it with VPN. But if you are not fond of playing it with VPN, sure some of you might be struggling with this out there. You can play this game during your lonely quarantine days which is upper awesome and so addictive.


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Aside from colorful 2D nostalgia Guardian tales offers a streamlined story mode that comes with a variety of perks that keeps you playing for a long time. There are dozens of character, weapons, weapon types, armor upgrades and classes or classes evolutions unlocks that keeps the game fresh and replay ability high. Gameplay-wise you have to think like an old school Zelda from the ’90s or maybe early 2000s. The controls are simple and easy to understand with a d-pad and attack button, a special button, and a really big sprint button. Now story-wise, you are totally a tiny knight trying to save a wee little princess from a series of anime villains and other character tropes. As the player, you have your pixel dungeons with all their hidden goodies, puzzles, mad loot, and all that stuff. You often find yourself running through some maps for a while trying to find every little secret and hidden feature be which might be a new weapon or a new costume or even new character. There is a lot to unlock in this game.





Characters level their base levels with exp crystals which you get from each map you run. This allows you to superficially level other characters you haven’t used yet by finding materials with your main toons. Other aspects of character development such as class evolution and awakening are done via material for dungeons farming which can be done on auto play if you see fit.



Looking at the variety of weapons and armors and character types there are a lot of things you won’t expect and namely, that’s like the type of play styles you can have. This game allows a lot of freedom doesn’t do it justice. Each weapon works differently within its class. The fireballs will necessarily be going to work the same way as another fireball right next to it. They tend to have different special attacks, also all the range weapons work a little differently both charged guns sprint and prey allow you to move and shoot, the same thing for different blades too. There are even weapons for pets. One of the most fun moments and unexpected moments remind you that you could play a brand-new pet wolf that you would be chasing throughout the map in the story mode.


Guardian Tales: A beginners Guide



We don’t want to dig in the social aspects of this game but Guardian tales do the single-player part of this game so well you may not even notice the other parts of this game. Now let’s address the elephant in the room, the free to play versus pay to win. Store wise you might not be tempted to play Gacha at all even though this game will give you the copious amount of gems while this game is stamina base game but you won’t hit the stamina stealing at all during your play periods. Your stamina by the way counting cups of coffee is replenished via watching ads and in the game with purple coins that you find in the dungeon at premium gyms. Gyms for the most part are used for costumes, gold exchange, and Gacha summons.


Tips and Tricks to Rank up fast:


How to Reroll for beginners:

Although you can complete story Mode without any Exclusive Weapon. This is a Competitive game so you can’t win other players without using Exclusive Weapon (EWP). Reroll is a must. If you happen to be a beginner then for reroll solve story stages up to 1-4 including side quests. Do rift dungeons unless you have 2700 gems. After that, head to the achievements to reroll. Pull up 10x weapon and hope for green 5* exclusive. You can rush to 1-4 and do single pulls, should have enough for around 1 hero+ 4 weapons. Rerolling is not easy in Guardian tales but after completing up to World 1-4 Forest Border, you can unlock summon only after doing this.


Don’t try to waste your gems to summon heroes because some of them are not too exciting and you can get them for free. Because you have to build a team so, weapons are more important. Try to aim always for natural 3-star weapons when rerolling.


Rerolling in the game is not easy there are two ways either by summoning the heroes or by weapons. But the most recommendable way is by summoning the weapons.


Tier List:

If higher will be the natural star rating higher or superior the hero will be. A natural 3- star hero will outperform the natural 2-star rating hero. But to obtain a natural 3-star hero is not an easy task in Guardian tales. Another important point is that weapons play a very important part to determine the hero’s tier. Some heroes and their weapons are very powerful so keep in mind all the points while investing resources into your heroes. You can easily beat story mode with any hero and weapon if you invest enough f your time and resources into them but to beat a PvP you need to have strong heroes to win. This tier list is created with the weapons in the mind.


SS Tier:

You will have powerful heroes in this tier which will help to rank up fast in PvP. If you want to be a top-ranked player you need to aim for these players.

  • Bari with Mayreel.
  • Arabelle with Genocide.
  • Marina with Armada


S Tier:

Every natural 3- star hero should be in this tier but if you get a unique weapon from the gacha system these natural 3-star heroes should be in this tier.


A Tier: 

The unique natural 2-star heroes should be in this tier having unique weapons but they are not as good as natural 3-star heroes.



B Tier:

Any natural 2-star hero with no unique weapon should be placed in this tier.

This whole tier list is designed by keeping weapons in the mind because weapons are very important in Guardian tales and also to win PvP if you have strong heroes with unique weapons.


Get exclusive rewards:

You can clear world 3 so you can join arena 8 pm pst for easy gems weekly. For you getting rewards to rank up arena tickets are used. With purple coins, you can buy coffee grinder from worlds to maximize your stamina. From event achievement, you can get 60 mileage coupons that if you complete you can save for your gems for the next event. If you are out of stamina you can go back to solve the puzzles that were permanently unlocked after the first entry.


Guardian Tales: A beginners Guide




Guardian tales is criminally underrated mobile RPG that any anime loving RPG fan will love. There are dozens of characters to unlock that you can use. A little dose of humor and other video game references here and there also keep the mood light and fun. The control skills also allow you to dive in pretty fast without worrying about any overwhelming or you know penalizing technical mechanics and things like that its simple and straight to the point. This combined with the character and weapon variety allows for multiple ways for you to play to suit your needs. This keeps replay ability ridiculously high it's kind of hard for you to get this game. This game is playable and highly recommended for you to try at least once. The game is still new so it will take some time to grow.

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