Garuda Saga: Fantasy RPG Guide and Tips - A Beginner's Guide to the Adventure


If you are in love with fantasy action adventure RPGs, you must play the Garuda Saga: Fantasy RPG, where you are going to start a fantasy adventure going through different kinds of dungeons and slaying monsters lying there. From the beginning to the end, the battles are always there in this gameplay, including the boss battles. And in order to master the gameplay progressing faster, you have to overcome every little challenge available there. Since beginners have no experience in games like this, you must read this beginner guide to learn the tips and tricks for your adventure here. 

Garuda Saga: Fantasy RPG

In Garuda Saga: Fantasy RPG, you will become the hero Garuda, who is on a mission to save his friend and his mentor. To achieve this mission, you have to go through several dungeons, which are full of various enemies. While defeating the enemies, you have to continue your adventure in this gameplay. Also, since the challenges you face are getting harder gradually, you need to know how to upgrade the power of your character, and this beginner guide includes everything you need to succeed in this game. So go through this beginner guide and play Garuda Saga: Fantasy RPG on PC with LDPlayer 9 perfectly. 

Defeat All Enemies Avoiding Their Attacks

When you take part in the Garuda Saga: Fantasy RPG main mode stages, you have to fight against enemies defeating all of them. In each stage, you have to face several enemy waves, and once you clear all of them, you will be qualified to reach the next stage. So defeating all the enemies is a must. 

In order to defeat the enemies, you can use the skills of your hero. First, your hero can shoot arrows at enemies. But the arrows can only be shot at a time when your character stands still in a specific place. Then, later, your character will get access to lots of other skills that can be used to attack enemies. 

Defeat All Enemies Avoiding Their Attacks

While defeating enemies by attacking them using skills, you should avoid their attacks as well. If you cannot avoid their attacks, you will be damaged, and your HP will decrease. Since it is such a risk to lose HP during the fights, you should avoid the enemy attacks in this gameplay. It is easy to avoid enemy attacks, as you can see in red circles on the ground where the enemy attacks will be launched. Through the joystick or the dash option, you can quickly dodge enemy attacks while using the skills to attack enemies. 

Besides taking all these actions through the touch controls, you can try another way, which is much easier by playing this game on your PC using LDPlayer 9. The LDPlayer 9 offers you lots of functions; choose the Keyboard Mapping feature among them, and then assign key shortcuts for all the commands that you have to activate during the battles. By doing so, you get to defeat all the enemies, avoiding their attacks very quickly. 

Meet King Allu for Buffs

Once you go through stages killing enemies all on your own, you meet King Allu. If you wonder which instances you meet King Allu, it happens whenever you survive through one stage and go to the next. Every time you meet King Allu, reach him, and he gives you special blessings, which are like buffs to boost your performance during this gameplay. 

Meet King Allu for Buffs

These buffs are all about recovering HP, increasing HP and resting, which means the game will be paused, and you will be sent to the lobby here. Since these buffs give you various enhancements to your character, make sure to choose the one that you want the most. 

Claim Prizes from Garuda Saga: Fantasy RPG Quests

One of the best ways to obtain lots of prizes in this Garuda Saga: Fantasy RPG game is to complete the quests. Since the game has lots of quests for you, you need to achieve them and claim rewards. All these quests are completely bound with the gameplay progression. The more you complete quests, the easier it is for you to level up in this game. And not just that, the quests help you get used to the gameplay and its new elements. 

Claim Prizes from Garuda Saga: Fantasy RPG Quests

As a newbie who has no special understanding of this gameplay and what you are going to do here, you can follow the quests and understand what the next thing you need to do is. 

Equip Items for the Character in Garuda Saga: Fantasy RPG

By completing quests, progressing up in the game and completing more stages or opening chests, you earn lots of rewards, including different equipment items. These equipment items are always helpful for you to improve the power of your character. Here, you can add up to six equipment items for your character, each with a specific set of attributes. The attributes of the equipment items will be very powerful only if their grades are higher. 

Equip Items for the Character in Garuda Saga: Fantasy RPG

If the grade is lower, the attributes are lower; therefore, when equipping items to the character, make sure that they are of higher grades, which boosts the power of the items increasingly. You also need to enhance the level of these equipped items to make them much stronger than they were before. When enhancing the level of the equipment items, their attributes become more useful. So, it will help your hero to become more powerful. 

Bonus Stages for Bonus Rewards in Garuda Saga: Fantasy RPG

When taking part in various stages in the main game mode, you encounter the King Allu sometimes, and also you get to take part in bonus stages as well. These bonus stages are very useful for you as they give you bonus rewards. Although their main mission is to get rid of several enemy waves, you still get extra rewards such as gold or magic stones. Since both these resources are very valuable for many things during the game, ensure that you pass the bonus stages doing the best you can. 

With more bonus stages cleared, you get the chance to obtain more gold and magic stones for your gameplay as a beginner. So don't miss this valuable opportunity and obtain bonus rewards for your gameplay. 

Unlock Magic Spells and Level Them Up

During this Garuda Saga: Fantasy RPG gameplay, when you level up little by little, you unlock magic spells. These magic spells are what help you deal with the enemies, acting as powerful skills. Every time a magic spell is unlocked due to leveling up in this game, it benefits your character by enhancing its power on the battlefield. Therefore, you need to unlock magic spells by leveling up in the game more. 

Unlock Magic Spells and Level Them Up

Every time you unlock a magic spell, you can level them, and you only need soul stone and gold for that. If you don't know how to earn soul stones in the game, you can do it by defeating bosses or elite enemies. Whenever you have enough gold and soul stones, remember to enhance the level of the magic spells and help your character to be so powerful. The more you level up the magic spells you have, the more they become powerful for you during the gameplay progression. 

Get the Strongest Equipment Items in the Garuda Saga: Fantasy RPG

As we said above in this Garuda Saga: Fantasy RPG beginner guide, it is essential to equip your character with the highest grade items, and also, it is necessary to enhance their level to make them very powerful. 

Here, above, we have suggested some ways to obtain the equipment items, and we are now speaking of getting equipment through opening chests. Go to the Shop and tap the Equipment tab in the gameplay. There, you will see normal chests that you can open for free by watching ads or premium chests, which can be opened through spending gems. 

Whatever the chest you choose to open, you have to remember that the results are always random. But you can expect the lower grade equipment items all the time due to their drop rates in each chest being higher, while the higher grade equipment items get lower drop rates every time. 

In order to break this curse and get the best and the strongest equipment items belonging to the higher grades, you can reroll through many accounts at once. For that, you can play this Garuda Saga: Fantasy RPG on your PC through LDPlayer 9, as we suggested earlier and then create more accounts using the Multi-Instance Sync feature in LDPlayer 9. Once you do so, you can reroll through all of them and get the strongest items all the time. 


In this fantasy roguelike RPG, you will go through various explorations, slaying down monsters using different magic spells while taking necessary precautions to power up the character stronger. Since you have a mission of saving your friend and mentor as you play Garuda in this game, do your best to achieve it using the tips and tricks in this Garuda Saga: Fantasy RPG beginner guide. Now that you've got a good idea of the available tips and tricks which you can utilize during the Garuda Saga: Fantasy RPG gameplay, make sure to perform perfectly when going through dangerous dungeons full of monsters. 

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