Garena Free Fire Tips to Survive as a Beginner


Hey, battle royale lovers. It is time to be a part of the most engaging battle royale game: Garena Free Fire which has millions of users actively playing it around the world. Garena Free Fire is not just a game for some players because it has everything they want to have entertainment for their lives. We think there is no gamer who doesn't know a bit about this game, and today we are here to give them backup support with Garena Free Fire tips.






As a multiplayer game, Garena Free Fire will take you along with the most thrilling experience you've ever experienced, and you need to give your best efforts to survive here. But surviving is not as easy as it seems because this gameplay will put you into the most desperate situation at any minute. Since the game has a highly competitive mode, it doesn't seem very easy to proceed by not being dead, and that is why we keep you with this guide.


So, if you are a player whose intention is to survive as long as you can, here are your tips to make it happen, and remember the one who managed to go through all the challenging phases and be alive until the end marks his victory from Garena Free Fire. At the end of this guide, you will have the best guidance to make this successful, and let's start our Garena Free Fire tips guide to survive.


Don't be Aggressive At All

Don't be aggressive if you want to be alive as long as you want. That is the number one thing to talk about in this Garena Free Fire tips guide. Nothing can be done by being aggressive, and you need to make your gameplay into a more passive style. So even if you are a beginner or a veteran, you both can be benefitted from this method.


But playing with a passive playing style doesn't come with all the advantages at all. It may have some failures, but it would not be as bad as following up with aggressive gameplay. We can ensure that you will have the longest survival from the game through this method.



Open Areas are Not for Looting

This is something that every Garena Free Fire should remember from their gameplay, and that will be our second thing to talk about under the Garena Free Fire tips guide. You should not try to loot in the open because it gives the best chance for your enemies to eliminate you. Because you are extremely busy looting your crates and automatically, you are an easy target for your opponents.


So, don't make things happen like this and try to move the analog while you are still doing your looting stuff. This method will make it harder for your enemies to shoot you or get you at all.



Safe Zones are the Best

Our second tip is making our way to the third tip like this: it is about the safe zones. If you decide to stay in a safe zone, you will benefit from the gameplay for sure. That is our next thing from the Garena Free Fire tips guide.


Although you need to rotate from your game area, please don't do it by escaping this place. Just do it by still staying in the safe zone. Being in a safe zone during your matches will give you the chance to escape the enemies, and rotating will distance you from enemies.



Jump Shoot Should be Done in Care

It is unnecessary to use jump shot at all times in the game, and most of the Garena Free Fire players tend to use this movement more and more with an overusing aspect. But doing a continuous jump shoot doesn't make you any good for the gameplay. That is the next thing on this Garena Free Fire tips guide.



If you want to be a top player with the use of this jump shot, you need to have a proper calculation for your jumps, and a player has to remember one important thing with this jump shot. Although jump shoots feel very interesting, they can wreck your aims. So try to practice it within the custom rooms before you decide to apply it in a ranked mode. Then you will get better at this.


Have a Full EP throughout your Gameplay

EP has a very important role to play in this gameplay, and that is our next tip listed from the Garena Free Fire tips guide. Eating more and more mushrooms can lead the EP bar to be filled at all times, and then it will generally become a help for the players to recover their HP in a passive manner. So players will not face many troubles whenever they are using the med kits through this fully maintained EP.


Practice Your Aim with Sniping

As you all know up to now, Garena Free Fire is all about keeping yourself alive, and it needs to kill your enemies. So having a correct aim is a must for your gameplay, and aiming cannot be done for a beginner without having practice from his gameplay. And that becomes a tip for our Garena Free Fire tips guide.


You can better aim your enemies with proper learning to snipe and try to be more familiar with what a sniper does. Usually, snipers take down their enemies without even being close to them, and they will be placed at a distance from their enemies. But still, they do the eliminating job perfectly and remove the risk for the team successfully. So sniping is the best way to improve your skills for aiming at this Garena Free Fire gameplay.



If you decide to go with a one-shot kill gun, know that it doesn't make you easy to handle and may require so much effort from you to master it too. So try to play solo mode in this game and get used to a sniper. Give this sniper his needed attachments and use him to practice your aiming day by day.


You can now make your sensitivities for these aiming at enemies by taking Free Fire onto your PC through the best android emulator: LDPlayer. The settings it has to adjust the sensitivity of your gaming will give you the access to doing a proper aiming and no more stuck-ins to move your crosshair in the game. The best emulator: LDPlayer will take care of it.


Gunfights Need to Avoid Low Grounds

Garena Free Fire comes with a lot of combats that are happening against enemies, and whenever there is a combat, it is wise for a player to be away from the low grounds. You need to choose a high ground to stay on because a high ground makes it very hard for enemies to attack you.


Usually, the high grounds make it very challenging to have a proper angle for shooting, and that is why a high ground benefits you against the opponents. And on the other hand, you get the chance of having a perfect shot with perfect angles because you are placed on higher land than the enemies. If you manage to point them out properly, you can successfully eliminate your enemies without facing harder efforts.



Don't Ignore the Red Signs

If you are a regular player of Garena Free Fire, you might have seen that your sight becomes red from time to time, and it will last several seconds in the game. This doesn't happen for no reason, and it hides a very important message behind it. And the Red sign is our next tip in the Garena Free Fire tips guide.


If the sight becomes red, know that there is an enemy placed in front of you, and you get the time to eliminate him with your every effort. Try to pull the trigger in this situation without any hesitation, and it will directly go for him and will hit him. Both in regular and aim mode, players can do this. It is a must to shoot whenever the sight turns red because it is generally a sign for you to hit at your enemies.



Hitting whenever there is a red sign doesn't actually make you a score in the game at all, but it will surely damage them. So even if you do not take scores, at least you damage him.



And that makes us to the end of our Garena Free Fire tips guide, and it is our hope for you to make every use of this guide to ensure your survival. Victory can only be earned with survival, and to be survived, you need to use your proper tactics. This guide will clear you the path for it, and don't forget to go through these tips to mark your winning from Garena Free Fire.

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