Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier - Beginners Guide to Game Story, Characters Customization, Attack, and Using Magic

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After its anticipation, developers Square Enix have launched its very own Battle Royale game in the actual Final Fantasy universe. Players can play with some of the famous characters from the franchise and use some of the franchise’s exciting features such as weapons, vehicles, armor, and, even more exciting, magic. 


There are many features to explore in Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier, many of which will give players a whole new battle royale experience in an entirely new and different universe from Call of Duty: Mobile and PUBG Mobile. 


In this beginner’s guide article, we’ll be detailing some of the game’s must-know features and concepts that you need to understand to get the hang of the gameplay in no time. So without further ado, let’s dive into it.


Final Fantasy VII: The Future Soldier Mobile Game


Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier Storyline

Being a battle royale game, there isn’t exactly a playable storyline attached to the game. Still, it starts with a prologue that takes us to the past as far back as 30 years before the events of Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier, in 1977. The prologue shows an experiment being done on unidentified individuals from 1977 to 1984.


It turns out the experiment wasn’t as successful as they hoped, and in 1988 a war broke out between humans and powerful monsters that seemed like Kaijus. The battle went on for years, and we see a team of fighters battling human enemies, and one of the fighters was able to conjure a giant monster that looked like the ones they were battling in 1988. 


Final Fantasy VII: The Future Soldier Soryline


The story ends when you and your team are about to jump out of a plane and into the battle royale vicinity, where the second phase of the game’s tutorial kicks off. 


Tutorial Phase 1

At the start of the game, you’ll be introduced to Project 0, a virtual training system that’s made to get you through the first basic tutorial of the game. The first thing you need to do is register yourself into the system by choosing your gender, either male or female. 


Afterward, you’ll be required to set up more appearance preferences by choosing you to want your character to look by customizing their hair, face color, hair color, eye color, lips, nose, and even sound of the voice. Yes, you can change how you want your character to sound when auto-communicating with teammates in battle. 


Customizing your Character


The customization feature early on is pretty cool is because not only does it let you set everything up before the fight commences, but many of its features are free. You get to customize your character however you want. After you’ve chosen your preferred appearance, click the end button and save appearance. You’ll receive a prompt from the Project 0 virtual training system that your appearance has been registered, and next is your name. 


Unlike your character customizations that can be changed later in the game, you cannot change your name later once you set it from the start of the game. So choose carefully the name you want to use moving forward. Once you’ve chosen your name, the game’s tutorial Phase 1 will now commence. 


Final Fantasy VII: The Future Soldier Character Customization


Crouch, Roll, and Crawl


The basic tutorial Phase 1 involves understanding the basic controls that pretty much every battle royale game offers, such as moving with the Joystick. The Joystick is placed on the left while the camera movement is placed on the left.


At the start of the tutorial, you can also choose the position of your virtual pad. The crouch button on the lower left of the screen lets you crouch, and if you tap it twice, you’ll roll on the floor, which lets you dodge enemy attacks. And you can crawl by holding down the button, which makes it a triple-action button. 


Final Fantasy VII: The Future Soldier Gameplay




Since swords are like the primary weapons in the Final Fantasy universe, players can use swords and guns. You can attack enemies using your sword by tapping the button placed at both the left and right sides of the screen. For guns, you’ll need the armor, of course, and to fire a weapon, you simply need to tap on the fire button placed on the lower right of the screen. Similar to other battle royale titles, this game lets you choose between three shooting options:


  • Auto Fire: This option automatically lets you fire at enemies or objects whenever your weapon’s crosshair is on a target. 
  • Floating Fire: With this option, the fire button will continuously float on the screen and follow the camera. 
  • Fixed Fire: This is the most preferred fire button placement option for most players as it places the fire button to your preferred fixed location on the screen and lets you manually fire at enemies with or without crosshair. You can also aim with a scope by tapping the scope button on the far right side of the screen. 


Final Fantasy VII: The Future Soldier Fire


However, whatever shooting option you decide to finish the tutorial with, you can switch to a different option later on in the game. 


Using Magic 

One of the first magic tricks or abilities you’ll use is a fireball attack known as Materia. It lets you charge up and fire a blazing fireball at enemies that is deadly to them. And if you use it at a close range, it can also cause damage to you and decrease your health substantially. 


So, you can use magic in Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier by collecting Materia. When used, this is an item that will consume a certain amount of your MP and will activate a cool-down timer that prevents you from using it again until the timer ends. The rarity of Materia can be increased by obtaining the same Materia items again because as the rarity increases, so does the strength of the Materia.

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